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UK Women Terrorised by Israel

06-06-2005 08:59

5 of the 6 women deported from Israel
Article about six women from Birmingham who have been deported from Israel for supporting Palestinian communities.
Please use text and images freely but do acknowledge to Adam Yosef/Urban Media if possible. Thanks.

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Direct Action Training for G8 and DSEi

06-06-2005 07:48

Sunday 19 June @ the Institute for Autonomy, 78 Gower St, London WC1 (Nearest tubes: Russell Sq, Goodge St, Warren St, Buses: Tottenham Court Rd.)

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Jackson hospitalised from court therapy

06-06-2005 03:12

Michael Jackson Innocent: Fan Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jackson's spokeswoman Raymone Bain said on Friday the back complaint had been exacerbated by the air conditioning system in the courtroom, where the pop star has been sitting through six hours a day of testimony, five days a week.

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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

06-06-2005 01:26

The bitter struggles of the past continue today on a much larger scale. Human wolves preyed on good honest workers one hundred years ago and only the superficial layers have changed. Essentially, nothing has changed.

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05-06-2005 23:04

WEDNESDAY, June 8th -
We present a brand new segment, "Online Activism - A Visit With Scott Crawford." Just how large a role do computers and the world wide web play today in educating others about the future?

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Scientists vs Environmentalits - Thursday 9th of June at the Vaults

05-06-2005 22:37


Listen, learn and join the debate!

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Fundraiser for Magonista Radio at the Plough, Bristol

05-06-2005 22:18

Thursday 9th of June at The Plough in Easton, Bristol, there will be a showing of 2 films made by the Magonistas, and performances by Spanner, Band 6 and several DJs to raise awareness and funds for a Magonista radio station in Oaxaca, Mexico..please show your support!

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Bush and Uzbekistan - The Enron connection

05-06-2005 19:38

In April 1997, Governor George Bush met with the Uzbek ambassador to the USA. The agenda? The endorsement of Enron's lucrative deal to exploit natural gas in Uzbekistan. Four years later the Uzbek dictator was miraculously transformed into a crucial partner in George Bush's "war on terror".

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Urgent - Fight the Extradition of UK Citizen to the US

05-06-2005 18:11

Please help to fight the extradition of Babar Ahmad.

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Caravan for Palestine : Call for the organization of local comittees

05-06-2005 16:05

A caravan constituted by more than 100 vehicles will leave Strasbourg (seat of the European Parliament) on July 4, 2005 and will reach Jerusalem on July 19.
75 persons (about 20 vehicles) are already registered for the journey, whose route passes through great cities like: Geneva, Bologna, Ancona, Patras, Athens, Thessalonica, Istanbul, Ankara, Damas and Amman…

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Developing G8 Protests - G8Alternatives + Live8 - First Day of G8 Summit

05-06-2005 14:30

It's all happening!

Very quick update on recent protest news re 1st day of the G8 Summit.

Amidst the frenzy around Ure and Geldof the other protests are lacking media coverage, not least the calls by groups to blockade the G8 Summit itself.

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Iraq - the way forward post election

05-06-2005 12:20

Labour MP Harry Barnes suggest a new left approach to Iraq after the elections
“The decent left should heed the voice and the vote of Iraqis, who have now issued a powerful message by braving the gunmen and the suicide bombers and voting in huge numbers for democracy and sovereignty. We are with them or not.”

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The left's retreat from universal human rights

05-06-2005 12:18

Human rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell makes some very powerful points on how parts of the left have sold the pass on universal values.

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Advice on being approached by police to negotiate in run up to G8

05-06-2005 11:47

Article offering advice on what do to if approached by the police to negotiate protests around the G8 mobilization.

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Iran and nuclear weapons

05-06-2005 11:43

On Thursday the US allowed Iran to begin negotiations toward joining the World Trade Organization.

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Peace - Not likely

05-06-2005 11:41

At my age, I can't help but insist that people learn their history before they tell us how to "solve" the Arab-Israel conflict.

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Brazilian Carnival Party for the MST - June 11th

05-06-2005 09:20


For the eve of the Cowley Road Carnival, Brazil Solidarity presents a full-on Brazilian festa.

East Oxford Community Centre, Cowley Road and Princes St

Saturday June 11th - 8pm-1am

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May Day Versus Loyalty Day

04-06-2005 18:01

May Day versus McCarthy era like "Loyalty Day" opened a UN Conference against Nuclear Weapons that seemed doomed by ambiguities and lack of reportage from its very start… including vagueUS intentions towards peace contrasted by recent trends and “nuclearised” weapons that support pre emptive strikes. Meanwhile, Israel still vague about possessing nuclear weapons adds to its crimes against humanity in the Occupied Territories by dumping its waste on someone else’s homeland.

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Brian Haw clocks up 4 years of 24/7 in Parliament Square!

04-06-2005 17:42

This is a 1,400 word report with 6 photos of the 4th anniversary of Brian Haw's vigil for Iraq in London's Parliament Square.

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The New Inequality Machine

04-06-2005 17:42

Fromj the middle of the seventies, the interest rates exceeded the real growth rates. This made it even more attractive for owners of capital to invest their money in the financial markets rather than the real economy.