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bbc covers us protest but not our own

16-04-2002 11:14

the bbc is currently running a story on a pro-isreal, us government sponsored rally in the us, what about the rallys we have here? i pay my license fees bbc, why dont you tell me about the protests going on in my country for a change??

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Chemical Coup d'Etat -call for help

16-04-2002 11:05

The US wants to depose the diplomat who could take away its pretext for war with Iraq. What can we do to stop this?

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16-04-2002 10:16


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Jenin camp situation 'horrendous'

16-04-2002 10:04

The International Committee for the Red Cross (ICRC) has described the situation in the refugee camp in the West Bank town of Jenin as "horrendous".

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phone-/fax-/mail-day of action against MARSH Europe

16-04-2002 09:54

phone-/fax-/mail-day of action against MARSH Europe
Internationaler Aufruf zum Aktionstag gegen MARSH Europa

Am 24. April, dem internationalen Tag der Versuchstiere, findet im Rahmen der Kampagne gegen das Tierversuchsunternehmen Huntingdon Life Sciences ein
internationaler Telefon-, Fax- und E-mail-Aktionstag gegen die Europa-Zentrale von MARSH in Wien/Österreich statt.

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Sharon :: already 485.625 signatures

16-04-2002 09:48

there are needed 1.000.000

last 24h 30.000 signatures

let's put Sharon on the just started international court!!!
let's see if that court is a joke or not

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Canadian activists need your help fighting PPP's!

16-04-2002 09:46

A particularly nasty ans ultra right-wing provincial govenment is planning on introducing PPP's here in Canada. We need your help and advice to help fight the introduction of the creeping privatisation of our health, education and social service systems. Does anyone have any suggestions, tactics, strategies or tips on how to counter this terrible threat to public control of public institutions?

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New Statesman Poll on Sanctions Against Israel

16-04-2002 09:35

This weeks New Statesman poll is on whether the UK should impose sanctions on Israel.

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Manchester: solidarity for striking journalists

16-04-2002 09:24

Solidarity request forwarded from NUJ activist network:

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Boycott U.S. cigarettes (cartoon by Latuff)

16-04-2002 07:37

Boycott U.S. cigarettes (cartoon by Latuff)
Copyright-free artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle for independence.

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World War 3 Report

16-04-2002 06:36

World War 3 Report
The World War 3 report, a weekly web and e-based newsletter, is a vigilant, independant sentry of truth in the War on Terrorism by New York-based radical journalist Bill Weinberg.

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When Worse Becomes Worst

16-04-2002 06:24

The Bush cabal hoped this would slide by without comment. Thanks to Mr. Monbiot, we now have the truth of the matter. As he says, "It will take that principled stand only if we, the people from whom it draws its power, make so much noise that it must listen. We have five days in which to stop the US from bullying its way to war." Everyone on the planet must raise hell and defeat this coup.

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Palestine. A poem

16-04-2002 05:32

Poem written with verses taken from the Psalms of David. Against the violence and blasphemy of Sharon's policy. With prayer to circulate it

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Anarchists grapple with US Marines online--join discourse!!!

16-04-2002 02:39

In only the last month or so, an anarchist discussion forum has had some notable visitors: portions of the u.s. military community in the form of marines who seem to be able to allow themselves to think. The anarchists at the linked site, though, seem to be needing help from fellow anarchists (and those leaning their way); anyone with an energetic predisposition for words and speaking is highly encouraged to join us!

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Palestinian - Will these Crimes Against the Humanity be Unpunished?

16-04-2002 00:26

Palestinian - Will these Crimes Against the Humanity be Unpunished?
The questian that take places now is the following one: Will these Crimes Against the Humanity be Unpunished?
If yes, then the Barbarity completely won.

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Reports of Destruction from 6 International Human Rights Activists Now in Nablus

16-04-2002 00:21

Six international human rights observers are in Nablus. They are attempting today to enter the Balata refugee camp. Despite media reports that Nablus is open, it is still a closed military zone, according to the observers.

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Bristolian versus Wombles

15-04-2002 23:33

Self - obsession

Full article | 11 comments is no longer " open publishing. "

15-04-2002 22:57

After an unsuccessful morning on indymedia trying to get a reply - a reasonable explanation - for why indymedia no longer abides by "dont hate the media, become the media" and "we are an open publishing site, I have sadly concluded that indymedia has become just one more authoritarian censor like the rest of the media.

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India and Pakistan: Unity Peace Tour

15-04-2002 22:12

The War Against Terrorism and the crisis in South Asia
The menace of communalism: report from Gujerat