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Brown rules out Iraq troop withdrawal

30-08-2007 06:48

Britain: Brown rules out Iraq troop withdrawal as top general speaks of a “generation of conflict”

As tensions continue within political and military circles over Britain’s role in Iraq, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has made clear that he will not bow to calls for a troop withdrawal.

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Bush threatens to militarily “confront” Iran

29-08-2007 23:38

In his second foreign policy speech in less than a week, President Bush Tuesday portrayed the ongoing US military occupation in Iraq as part of a broader regional struggle to defend vital US interests against “radicals and extremists.”

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Luis Posada Carriles, the White House terrorist

29-08-2007 22:14

In an article published on April 10, 2007, president Fidel Castro declared, “Orders for Kathleen Cardone’s decision could only have come from the White House. President Bush constantly avoided the issue of the criminal and terrorist character of the accused. He was protected and charged with a simple immigration violation.” ...

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cymru-imc-wales benefit gig

29-08-2007 21:29

Benefit gig to support the cymru-imc-wales indymedia project to bring indy news to wales.

Get involved. be the media!

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Charter flight to war, rape and torture goes ahead anyway.

29-08-2007 20:56

The racist Labour government is going ahead with its 'charter flight' to DRCongo depsite evidence that people deported from Britain on a similar flight in February 2007, were raped and tortured. In addition, 1,200 people are dying every day in DRC and 163,000 have fled their homes in eatsern DCC since January 2007. It has also been recently revealed that people deported from Britain to Sri Lanka have also been tortured and killed.

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NWASDG organising meeting, Saturday 8 September 2007, 12pm.

29-08-2007 20:52

There will be an organising meeting on 8 September at the Friends Meeting House (Quaker House), 6 Mount Street, Manchester, from 12pm to 2pm. All individuals and organisations are invited to this meeting to organise actions in defence of asylum seekers refugees and all immigrants. Everyone is welcome. Bring ideas and a willingness to take an active part.

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Anti-deportation protest/stall, Saturday, 1 September 2007, 12pm

29-08-2007 20:49

There will be another protest and anti-deportation campaign stall at Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, from 12pm. All campaigns and organisations are invited. Defend all asylum seekers! No to deportations!

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Global Demonstration 9-11-07

29-08-2007 20:27

General Strike 9-11-07 + march on Washington DC 9-15-07

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Screw The Law!

29-08-2007 20:02

For obvious reasons to do with their chosen occupation, prison officers aren't exactly popular amongst radical activists. Many of us have been on the receiving end of their 'justice', or know people who have, or perhaps fear that we will in the future. All this is understandable and to be expected.

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Tinsley House demo - London mobilising meeting, Monday

29-08-2007 19:52

On Sat 22nd Sept No Borders has called for a transnational day of action and is calling a demo at Tinsley "House" immigration detention centre at Gatwick. The meeting on Monday, from 6.30pm at the T&G in Holborn, is to discuss mobilising people in London for this demo.

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SOCPA - nelson mandela in parliament square

29-08-2007 19:32

brian's welcome for mandela
it is a terrible irony that the great freedom-fighting icon of the 20th century has his statue placed in parliament square where freedom has been substantially curtailed by the labour government.

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How the police estimate crowd sizes

29-08-2007 18:16

Interesting article on the BBC about how the police lie about crowd sizes on demos. Prompted by the 60,000 / 10,000 disparity between organisers and police estimates for the size of the Stop the War demo in Feb, the beeb asked the Met how they came up with their figure.

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New nuclear power plants to be announced soon!

29-08-2007 15:43

Goverment to reveal new energy plans which involve the continuation and growth of nuclear reactors as main power source.

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Stop corrupt Bechtel led £30bn Crossrail scheme

29-08-2007 15:18

The UK Government is using up assumption based propaganda so Ken Livingstone and the CBI can promote Crossrail, a rail scheme that will benefit the City and Canary Wharf by linking it to each other and Heathrow. The ostensibly highly wealthy and successful City wants taxpayers and the public to fund the cost of £30 billion plus operational costs and interest payments for a rail scheme that the city needs. Crossrail is presently going through Parliament and because the public have started to ask for proof of its supposed benefits, costs and the burden of taxpayers. Rogue media like the Financial Crimes, Guardian of the Establishment, the British Bullshit Corporation and ITN are involved in propaganda to promote it.

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War On Muslims - Racist Abuse at HMP Frankland

29-08-2007 15:05

A London based group supporting Guantanamo Bay torture camp internees has discovered serious racist abuse being carried out inside at least one UK prison. This life-threatening violence is directed against Muslims whom many believe have been wrongfully imprisoned to help justify the illegal 'War on Terror' and set up by the Metropolitan Police and MI6. There has be no coverage of these very serious racist incidents in any of the UKs National Press and no prosecution of the racists.

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Animal Rights stallholder arrested in Gloucestershire

29-08-2007 14:57

The 'Offending' Stall
More repression against animal rights activists on the streets of Gloucester..

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Leeds Puppy Superstore

29-08-2007 14:40

Dogs4us are planning on opening a new superstore in Bramley in early May.

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No deportations to DRC – Birmingham's demo

29-08-2007 14:17

West Midlands Congolese refugees and their supporters gathered in Victoria square, Birmingham city centre, yesterday (28 August) to celebrate a High Court ruling to halt all deportations to DR Congo pending a 'country guidance' hearing in September, and to protest against the Home Office attempts to 'remove' DRC nationals to the unsafe country. The demo was part of a national day of action called by the Congo Support Project before the High Court decision.