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Child Victims of War - new charity sets up

20-07-2003 17:42

Child Victims of War, is a new charity being set up to deal with the aftermath of the recent gulf war (as well as the effects of the previous 12 years), with a number of grass-roots projects initiated to reach the victims directly.

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Contemporary Art of (Anti) war

20-07-2003 17:36

Contemporary Art of (Anti) war
Anti War Protest!!

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Fairford Tattoo: making the connection

20-07-2003 17:14

Leaflets with a smile
Do you think there is a connection between bombers and fighters? Do you care? The answer to one or both of these questions at USAF Fairford seemed to be no. campaigners from Oxford tried to help visitors to the tattoo make this jump.

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ATUN Discussion Group - UK

20-07-2003 15:51

The ATUN Discussion Group is a temporary resource set up to discuss the relaunching of what was the ATUN - Anarchist Trade Union Network. It's purpose is to reach practical and concrete ideas/proposals which can then be taken to a relaunch meeting at the 2003 Bookfair.

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Does Esau Hate Jacob and Why?

20-07-2003 15:04

It is very difficult to measure antisemitism and understand its origins or the reasons for its breaking out in a certain place at a certain time. Israel and the Jewish People are an essential part of the West, which struggled against Nazism and Communism and is now struggling against Islam. Thus, the attack against Israel and the Jewish People is like the opening salvo in a world struggle and the condemnation of antisemitism is part of the struggle against evil.

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Mark Dankof on General Abizaid's "I Won't Hesitate to Ask for More"

20-07-2003 14:54

Mark Dankof notes the continuing quagmire for the United States in occupying Iraq, especially with General Abizaid's admission that the latter is now a full-blown guerrilla war.

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unFairford: A talk by Damacio Lopez on Depleted Uranium

20-07-2003 14:33

A talk by DU expert Damacio Lopez in Fairford Community centre on 20th July 2003 to coincide with the arms-fair.

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ISM Reports: "We Are All Palestinians" + News Of The ISM 8.

20-07-2003 13:24

1) Legal Appeal
2) \"We Are All Palestinians\" - Avi Zer-Aviv
3) Controlling the Gate on the Road Towards Peace - JohnP
4) Violence at the Gate: Israeli civilians and terrorizing of
Palestinian Farmers - JohnP
5) Where\'s the Peace? - John Heaney
60 Deportations, Detention, and the ISM 8

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Accessibility Matters

20-07-2003 12:34

The people doing the Indymedia web site _do_ care about accessibility and the site will be improved.

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Tesco and Data Protection

20-07-2003 08:21

Tesco install cameras and 'smart chips' in Cambridge store.

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How Did Our Oil Get Under Their Sand?

20-07-2003 08:08

Are the hawks in the Bush-Cheney Oilygarchy and Blair the only ones to blame for the Iraq war?

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GM Debate? Exclusive Indymedia Video

20-07-2003 02:23

During the six weeks worth of public debates, our roving reports attended almost a dozen sperate events and interviewed people leaving the debates to find out what they thought.
This 25 minute video gives you an insight into public opinion about the government consultation exercise and the state of our democracy...

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Tensions rise in Cochabamba as a 'Guerra de Gas' looks iminent.

19-07-2003 21:24

Recent events in Cochabamba have escalated in the last couple of days, people have taken to the streets to protest against another proposed privatisation. This time the government wants to sell their gas to Chile.

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19-07-2003 20:34

Thursday 17/7/03 saw heavy action at the greek border check point near Florina when 700 roma from Kosovo tried to enter into Greece, breaking through police lines, getting stopped and beaten up by greek military and border police. This hasn't been their first attempt to cross the border although macedonian and greek authorities triy constantly to break their resistance and chase them away.

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Body found in wood matches UK weapons inspector

19-07-2003 18:09

Kelly, a microbiologist at the Defence Ministry who had worked for U.N. inspectors in Iraq, had been grilled by parliamentarians on Tuesday after admitting he spoke to a reporter for Britain's BBC radio.

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Will whistleblowing doctors be gagged?

19-07-2003 15:19

On 5th June, it was claimed that NHS consultants could be prevented from exposing waiting list fiddles under the terms of a draft national contract. When, on 18 July, the British Medical Association and the Department of Health announced an agreement on the contract, there was no mention of the whistleblowing concerns.

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ISM Reports: Day Of Direct Action In Jenin

19-07-2003 15:06

The Latest ISM Reports.

1)Day of direct action in Jenin
2)Dismantling roadblocks in Nablus
3)The Nation: Freedom Summer by Adam Shapiro


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Indymedia is discriminating against the people with less than 20-20 vision

19-07-2003 14:08

Indymedia is discriminating against the people with less than 20-20 vision.

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Leeds/Bradford Mobilise to Disarm DSEi

19-07-2003 13:20

Disarm DSEi regional meeting at the 1in12 Club, Albion Street Bradford.

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STWC Members confront Jack Straw on Guantanamo Issue

19-07-2003 12:42

Jack studies the petition
Jack Straw's constituents met with the Foreign Secretary outside one of his surgeries at Audley Community Centre, Blackburn on Friday 18th July 2003.