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More images of "March for Free Expression" Protest

27-03-2006 09:23

I covered the "March for Free Expression" in London on (25.03.06).

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1 April 06 - STOP KILLING US

27-03-2006 09:18


1st APRIL 2006


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NUJ ADM "No to police harassment!"

27-03-2006 08:44

If you type in the words “Police” and “NUJ” on BBC News Online you get these 3 hits back straight away. “Police seize G8 disorder tapes”, “Freedom of press under attack?” and “Indymedia server seized in raid”. These 3 headlines are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Police and the wider British state stopping us doing our job.

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Queer love and the commonwealth

27-03-2006 04:03

In at least 32 commonwealth nations, being gay can still get you a hefty prison sentence.

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ALF Strike Fife Deer Farm

26-03-2006 22:45

Grafitti on the Road Sign
A deer farm praised for its animal welfare standards was attacked by animal rights activists late on the night of Wednesday 22nd March. Hundreds of metres of fencing were cut down and slogans painted on the road leading to family-run Reediehill Farm near Auchtermuchty.

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B&K Demo Venue Change!

26-03-2006 22:32

See for more info on B&K Universal.

What and why we've done it:

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Cross Border Beats: A Social for Asylum Seekers and Refugees

26-03-2006 22:01

On Saturday, 25 March, 2006, the Birmingham Anti-Racist Campaign (ARC) organised a social in support of refugees and asylum seekers at the Oaklands Centre in Birmingham. It was the 3rd event of its kind, and the biggest so far.

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26-03-2006 21:13

Details of next Block the Builders blockade

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Thames Path dispute (Part 2).

26-03-2006 18:20

Path to be closed again for 3 more years.

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Brutality in imperialist gaols - from Belmarsh to Guantanamo

26-03-2006 18:10

Wednesday 29 March 7pm in Room S50, St Clement’s Building,London School of Economics
Houghton Street WC2 (nearest tube Holborn)
Speakers include Eric Allison - Prisons correspondent for The Guardian

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Talk and discussion in Leeds on the current French CPE uprising.

26-03-2006 16:35

The Common Place presents

Precari RIOT

The French are at it again...

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Liverpool: The Yuppie Takeover

26-03-2006 16:18

Lord, in a bourgeois town
It's a bourgeois town
I got the bourgeois blues
Gonna spread the news all around
- Leadbelly

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No To Nuclear Power Protest - Derby

26-03-2006 15:54

A letter for Mrs Beckett head of DEFRA and some pictures of the protest outside Derby City Council

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Letter from Ignasi, detained anarchist in Barcelona

26-03-2006 12:35

Letter recieved from Ignasi, arrested anarchist of 9th February, Barcelona. Ignasi was arrested in an anti-terror operation by the Catalan State investigating a number of direct actions against banks and prison institutions in the city.

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Whistle Blower leaks UK (War) Plans for Iran

26-03-2006 10:47

John Sawers is the Political Director of the British Foreign Office, and one of their most senior civil servants. He served as Tony Blair’s envoy to Baghdad. A letter he wrote to Tony Blair days after the occupation of Iraq was leaked. In it, he appears intelligent, insightful, and well informed.

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An Interview with Kim Petersen, Co-editor of Dissident Voice

26-03-2006 07:20

"The UN should be scrapped and reconstituted along egalitarian and democratic lines. There must be no permanent power allotted to any one state or group of states” - Kim Petersen

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Byelorussians Appeal for Indymedia & commercial media support

26-03-2006 01:01

Things are happening in Byelorussia. The anarchist camp got brutally evicted on friday. Their crime wasn't so special, the pitched tents on a square which is usually used to sell children to whomever wants to buy them at $50. Maybe they put off the punters. But thats politics. Translators and Horizontal solidarity and support is being asked for by our peers in Minsk. Give it to them.

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Photos from March for Free Expression, Sat March 25

26-03-2006 00:20

These pix were taken at the march for free expression in Trafalgar Square

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25-03-2006 20:39

Free to rebroadcast
A review of news, opinion, and photography recorded, from the Indymedia Newswire. With times and freqs for tuning in anywhere you can, at your leisure. Free to rebroadcast. The world & recorded for the community archive! World Peace!

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UK Pensions Mass Strike, 28th March 'Red Tuesday!' More Rallies announced.

25-03-2006 20:15

Red Tuesday - 28th March will see mass strikes against capitalist attacks in both Britain and France.
In Britain, the strike will be to defend workers pension rights, and will involve 1.5 million workers. It could be the largest strike here since the 1926 general strike.