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RADIO INTERVIEW: Is Honoring Mumia Abu-Jamal a Crime?

30-11-2006 02:04

Audio Pam Africa with French delegates
Telephone interviews with Peter J. Wirs (Chairman of Philadelphia's 59th Republican Ward Executive Committee) and Robert R. Bryan, (Attorney for Mumia Abu-Jamal) about the new criminal charges filed against two French cities supporting journalist and death-row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

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Democracy UK - pulled out of the coffin and slapped around once more

29-11-2006 23:56

Democracy - already dead and put to rest - pulled out of the coffin and slapped around once more! This time the state want to thoroughly eliminate the remains! How much of this can people sit back and take? It's your life. It's your world. You decide.

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Don't let JJB Sports sack Chris Riley!

29-11-2006 23:09

JJB Sports have sacked Chris Riley, the GMB rep in their Wigan warehouse where workers recently concluded successful strike action.

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call for prison related articles

29-11-2006 21:29

prison related articles, pictures and poems wanted!

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Help stop biometric controls in workplace for migrant cleaners

29-11-2006 20:09

ISS is the company that has been in the news this week for doing the nasty on the cleaners in the City of London. Now they are at it in the London Underground. Cleaners in the depots, where they clean the carriages, must now clock in and out using biometric machines that measure their unique fingers' proportions. All the cleaners are migrants, who will be the first target of biometric IDs and the like. They want to fight this but need help.

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Police use Fixed Penalty Notices At EDO

29-11-2006 18:45

Today was the weekly Noise Demo at EDO, Brighton's dealers in death...

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Gay Lesbian Bi-Sexual Animal Rights

29-11-2006 17:10

Gay Lesbian Bi-Sexual Animal Rights Group to be founded...

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British Army gets a budget rise

29-11-2006 16:30

The Ministry of Defence has today secured a £1.7bn budget increase, bringing it's total budget up to well over £33bn. But why?

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Iraq cartoons tracked by the US Central Command

29-11-2006 15:21

Tracking report
The kind of visitors who are coming to my Tales of Iraq War blog never ceases to amaze me...

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The Weight Of A Woman

29-11-2006 13:40

In the deprived world of income support a woman has the value of one third of a man.

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Glasgow Dawn Raid Stopped on Sunday

29-11-2006 13:40

At seven o’clock on Sunday 26th November, in the Plean Street tower block complex on the west of Glasgow, ten immigration ‘enforcers’ and Strathclyde Police officers tried to smash open the door of a single mother from Uganda and her three year old twins.

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Demo at RAF Brize Norton Dec 2

29-11-2006 12:44

A national anti-war demonstration will take place at RAF Brize Norton on Sat., Dec. 2nd. Assemble noon on Carterton Rd near Brize Norton village for a 1 pm march past the main gate of the base to the Carterton Rec where there will be a rally with speakers. Bring your own signs and flowers to lay at the main gate of the base in remembrance of the dead of all nationalities.

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Two new cartoons about Iraq (by Latuff)

29-11-2006 12:13

Dirty job, clean hands
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Critical Mass Bike Ride this Friday 1st December

29-11-2006 12:12

Birmingham's Critical Mass bike ride meets this Friday 1st December at 6.00pm outside St. Phil's Cathedral.

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THC4MS 3 face jail for helping Multiple Sclerosis sufferers

29-11-2006 12:10

Three medicinal cannabis activists have waited nearly two years to face trial for conspiring to supply cannabis chocolate to people with multiple sclerosis. They have been told they have no defence and yet refuse to accept they are guilty of anything other than helping seriously ill people by providing them with effective medicine for which there is still no legal alternative.

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'An inconvenient truth’

29-11-2006 12:02

Straight away we can make a contribution to improve earth with tenthingstodo

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Cleaners occupy Goldman Sachs

29-11-2006 11:23

'You cant come in, this is private prop...'
Yesterday a small but determined group of low paid cleaners and their supporters occupied city firm Goldman Sachs. The demo was expected and all entrances had been closed except one. Police and extra security were evident. However the peaceful yet determined occupiers outnumbered the guards and soon the lobby was occupied by the demonstrators. Extra Police were brought in to control the gathering and escort them outside. Details were taken but there were no arrests.

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NHS Blood Workers See Red

29-11-2006 09:20

Workers are considering a walkout to stop the government closing 14 regional blood centres around England.