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Ken Livingstone's Special Advisor Accuses White Anarchists of Racial Violence!

19-10-2004 03:43

Ken Livingstone's GLA Special Advisor on equality and policing, Lee Jasper, has accused the people who occupied the stage where the Mayor was due to speak at the ESF on Saturday, of being... 'white anarchists' who used violence to stop black people discussing how to fight racism and fascism!! He also claims that the intervention, or 'storming of the palace', had nothing to do with how the event was organised, despite problems in the organising process being a key point of many of the speakers who participated.

Below is the letter which has appeared in the Guardian Letters Page (19th October) and a few comments:

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IMC Solidarity Missing From ESF Assembly of Social Movements Declaration!

19-10-2004 01:52

The official ESF website: now has a copy of the call of the assembly of the social movements up on it - you can see this below. However, it has not included the important addition which was added at the final assembly on Sunday 18th October about the support for Indymedia.

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Re-Organizing Venezuelan Labor

19-10-2004 01:43

A Brief Recent History of Venezuela's Labor Movement

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PDP Couriers ditch animal Murderers Sequani Ltd

19-10-2004 00:19

Monday 11th October
* PDP Courier services vow never to do business with Sequani Limited

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Outfoxed screening 24 October in Cambridge

18-10-2004 23:59

Bouncing back from the mysterious removal and subsequent return of two of our servers by the FBI, and fresh from running a media centre in London to coincide with the European Social Forum, local couch potatoes will be showing the film "Outfoxed" this Sunday (24th) at the Geldart, 7.30 pm. This film examines how media empires, led by Rupert Murdoch's Fox News, have been running a race to the bottom in television news, and explores Murdoch's burgeoning kingdom and the impact on society when a broad swath of media is controlled by one corporation.

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ESF demonstration and actions wrap-up

18-10-2004 23:46

A quick wrap-up of the Sunday ESF events, demonstrations and actions.

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18-10-2004 23:25

Guess who said this? That's right, our friend Plod.

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ESF - Finally, Success Or Failure?

18-10-2004 23:17

OK we've had all the bullshit about the birth of the New Revolutionary Left, the struggle for ideas and praxis (whatever the fuckery that might be) and the ESF, Blar dee Blar.
Now lets get round to the serioso shiteroony, and show these sectarian turds what the fuck's fucking what.

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NATO train blocked in Valencia (Spain)

18-10-2004 23:03

Pacifists stop the train with the equipment of Valencia's NATO headquarters, which was departing to prove its capacity to lead the new NATO Response Force (NFR).

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18-10-2004 23:01

Concern has been expressed about the lack of reports of what the ESF was like and what kind of talks there were.... so there's a demand for this. That's why I put the title in capital letters so that it stands out amongst all the other articles. Hope that's ok :-)

This was my ESF, tell us about yours :-)

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'Rape' cop to get job back

18-10-2004 22:42

A sacked cop branded a “potential danger” to women after TWICE being accused of rape is to return to duty. He was fired from the West Yorkshire force but reinstated when Chief Constable Colin Cramphorn reviewed the case.

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arrest video

18-10-2004 22:22

footage of police arrestinga protstor

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The US and Russia: Democracy in Check

18-10-2004 22:20

At the end of September, 115 politicians and foreign policy experts signed a letter that was delivered to the heads of NATO and European Union States. The letter criticized Russian President, Vladimir Putin's recent moves to end Democratic process in Russia. One of the recipients of the letter was George Bush, jr. As a man who has moved to end Democratic process in his own country, it would have been very hypocritical of Bush to condemn Putin for his actions. Consequently the only rebuke was Bush stating that he hopes Putin does not abandon Democracy upheld by checks and balances within the Russian government, but even this was ironic.

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Anti-Capitalist Action! 5th-6th November 2004

18-10-2004 21:58

Anti-Capitalist Action! 5th-6th November 2004

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Sales Reps make bad Revolutionaries. Discuss.

18-10-2004 21:47

As someone who attended the demo this Sunday, but, as someone who didn't see the ensuing ruck on and in front of the stage afterwards (due to the fact it was sheeting down with rain and I was very tired, wet and hungry), I wasn't in the slightest bit surprised by the events that unfolded as I read about them afterwards.

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Hard drive seizure - photographing the photographers

18-10-2004 20:55

A suggestion to the authorities

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O17 London: A protestor's eye view

18-10-2004 20:53

Green block from Belgium
Sunday 17th October, the closing day of the European Social Forum. We marched from Russell Square to Trafalgar Square, listened to speeches and danced to the sambatistas. Here are some photos and a report.

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[picture report] Samba against war in london

18-10-2004 20:52

[picture report] Samba against war in london
[picture report] Samba against war in london

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A Love Declaration to the WOMBLES

18-10-2004 20:34

Thanks for organising "Beyond ESF".Thanks to Anarchist Teapot, too, who provided the food and the Chiapas Solidarity group for providing excelllent coffee.
Thanks too for the groovy student union at Middlesex University - it definitely can be recommended to study there whatsoever!

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Indymedia Seizure question in Parliament by Birmingham MP Lynne Jones

18-10-2004 19:38

A parliamentary question has just been asked by Lynne Jones MP for Selly Oak, Birmingham. I'm not sure who suggested that she ask the question or if she may have asked it spontaneously. (She's not my MP, and I don't actually vote - I'm not eligible to vote.)