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Daily audio round up of today's events in Palestine 3rd May 2006

03-05-2006 15:01

Daily audio report from IMEMC in occupied Bethlehem of todays events in Palestine

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National march and rally to stop live exports.

03-05-2006 14:47

speakers including Wendy Turner-Webster. Charity stalls inluding the Vegan Society, Animal Aid and Viva!. Gorgeous vegan food. A coach is available from central London, cost £6.

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FOE Australia launch new website on nanotechnology risks

03-05-2006 12:53

New website focussing on the implications of nanotechnology for society and environment.

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Ernesto Leal - threatened with deportation in Home Office witch hunt

03-05-2006 12:31

In what is clearly a desperate and incompotent attempt by the Home Office to help the Home Secretary keep his job, Ernesto Leal was arrested on mayday and now faces deportation to a country he has never visited.

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Garotinho receives supports to the hunger strike against the persecutions and li

03-05-2006 11:25

Garotinho receives supports to the hunger strike against the persecutions and lies that try to make impracticable his candidacy.

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EU policy chief Solana denies American proof too: CIA's Torture Charter Flights

03-05-2006 09:14

New York Times: "When the Central Intelligence Agency wants to grab a suspected member of Al Qaeda overseas and deliver him to interrogators in another country, an Aero Contractors plane often does the job."

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Anti-war demonstration at British consulate in Nicaragua

03-05-2006 02:53

On May 1, an anti-war demonstration (including "street theatre") was held at the British Consulate in Nicaragua. The demonstrators denounced British participation in the invasion and occupation of Iraq as an active partner with the U.S. government.

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Turkish & Kurdish Community groups denounce Harmondsworth IRC

02-05-2006 23:41

Sunday 29th April, a press conference was held by representatives of the Halvelki Kurdish community center and Daymer, a Turkish community center, both based in Hackney London, together with Asli Demirel, a Respect candidate for Hackney Council. People from London Against Detentions and London NoBorders also spoke.

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More4 video report on hunger strike and beatings

02-05-2006 23:03

More4s report on the April 8 demonstration, the following hunger strike and Amos Onokare, who was beaten for talking to the Guardian newspaper.

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End Physical Punishment of Children

02-05-2006 22:20

International No Smacking Day
With the evidence we now have, we know better, in that even if force does not cause physical harm it can cause emotional injury that we may not be able to detect or which may not be apparent until much later in a child‘s life. I suggest that in the 21st century we can no longer accept that such harm caused by physical punishment is “reasonable”. Medical, psychological and criminological research (that I will refer to later), published by Margaret McCain and Fraser Mustard, in Canada, David Olds in America and David Farrington in Cambridge England, provide conclusive evidence that such negative and abusive forms of child rearing impact adversely on a child’s future life, and have adverse consequences for society too.

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sumac Centre Nottingham - Posters for May - Download and Display

02-05-2006 21:46

good things on in May - don't miss them - use your very own poster to remind you whats on.

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Mersey May Day 2006

02-05-2006 20:51

This year, Merseyside's May Day celebrations crossed the water to Liverpool.

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Don't Attack Iran - Sheffield demo

02-05-2006 20:19

Don't Attack Iran

Sheffield StWC have called a protest this Saturday, May 6, which will be
assembling at 1pm at the City Hall and is supported by Sheffiled Palestine
Solidarity Campaign, CND and the Muslim Association of Britain.

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Ribble Bloggers Launch!

02-05-2006 19:14

Save the Ribble Campaign bloggers launching their blogspot with a mass email to Councillors and a ramble by the Ribble

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'Free Screen' hosted by Liverpool Social Forum

02-05-2006 19:12

In what could be the first instance of a recurring pattern, Liverpool Social Forum ( held a 'Free Screen' night - showing radical films for absolutely zero pence - at the Casa, Hope Street on Sunday, 30th April. An audience of about thirty also enjoyed the radical discussion appropriate for such an occasion.

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Blair visit 3/5

02-05-2006 18:55

Tony Blair is to visit Mitcham tomorrow (3/5)

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Public meeting to expose Leeds as a city of asylum shame

02-05-2006 18:54

Campaigners working to support destitute asylum seekers in Leeds and fight their deportation are holding a public meeting tomorrow night at Leeds Metropolitan University (Wednesday 3 May) to expose the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers in Leeds and across the UK.

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War on Islam: A psyops affair

02-05-2006 18:17

Inventory of anti-Muslim hate in the run up to another US attack in the region.

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Skinheads & religio bigots force Moscow gay party to close ..etc

02-05-2006 16:38

Fascist skinheads forced a gay club to close in Moscow over the weekend ahead of Moscow gay Pride due end May...
Meanwhile in Krakow,Poland, a gay lib march was attacked by police...