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Political murder? Secret service critic gunned down

16-11-2005 10:30

In an article published two weeks ago Seveke - as a life long fighter against crime at the top and 'false flag' operations by special killing squads wrote: "If the government orchestrates terror, it should be more open about it."

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World's forgotten mothers wants UN's help.

16-11-2005 08:48

Bhutanese women in protest.
After fifteen years in exile the Bhutanese government has shown no real efforts to repatriate its citizens. We continue to remain in the refugee camps where the situation is increasingly degrading due to the prolonged waiting and the drastic cuts in the supply of the basic facilities has further worsened the condition of the people. The education sector has not been able to maintain the quality of education supposedly due to the financial constraints. The sudden halt of supplying panel roofs and green vegetables and the repeated announcement made by the funding agencies to further cut of the essential items such as kerosene and other items has frustrated us. At the same time, the sufferings of the people inside the country under the despotic rule of the present government are equally being left unheard and unnoticed by the world community.

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Stop Amir's detention - please read

16-11-2005 08:10

Dear all,

this email is being sent as an emergency measure to prevent the eviction of Brighton resident Amir-Hasam Nasabazadeh from the UK.

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Man to stand trial because police said he lied?

16-11-2005 04:56

Because authorities 'believed'?
So if the authorities believe someone you know poses a terrorist risk - then if they interview you in alleged connection to their belief - and if police believe that you lied about it - then you can follow old mate here and prove you didn't lie or go to jail? Or be refused bail anyway and go to jail until you prove otherwise - after being isolated in AAA maximum-security with no fresh air or sunlight 'indefinitely' and get drip-fed through the courts?

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American military admit to using white phosphorus in Fallujah

16-11-2005 01:58

American military admit to using white phosphorus in Fallujah as an 'incendiary weapon' on BBC Radio 4 'PM'

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Apologia of barbarity from the left intellectuals.

16-11-2005 01:53

“The state is a coldest of all monsters“
Fr. Nietzsche.
The publication on the Internet the staff of a public execution of criminals in the Peoples Republic of China has caused ambiguous comments from readers.

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Cambridge Students Disrupt Arms Company Recruitment

16-11-2005 00:40

A protestor in bloody shirt
This afternoon, about 15 students attended the University Engineering Society "meet your new employer day" at the Guildhall in Cambridge. This included such lovely folk as Rolls Royce, GKN, ExxonMobil, QinetiQ, Shell and Thales. The demonstrators went inside and screamed next to the Rolls Royce and GKN stands to protest against these companies. They were ejected by University proctors.

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US Prof's WTC Demolition Theories on MSNBC's Tucker Carlson - 9/11 Truth Hits Ma

15-11-2005 21:57

Unfortunately it appeared the Professor had never had such an interview before and was not prepared for the short time of the interview (5 min) or the fact that they wouldn't run the video he sent of the WTC collapse, or the types of questions being asked (i.e., don't you think this will be offensive to people to say that Muslims aren't to blame?). Nonetheless, he DID get some key points out there and has a great deal of courage and we should all thank him. Links at the bottom.

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India always suppressed Bhutan's Democratic Movement.

15-11-2005 20:53

India, so called the largest democratic country of the world never allowed democracy to be dawned in its immediate neighbour BHUTAN. Numerous peaceful movement launched by the Bhutanese people were brutally suppressed by India and worked to strengthened Bhutan's dictatorial regime.

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County Mayo Tour - LARC, 17.11.05, 7.30pm

15-11-2005 19:51

Activists from County Mayo will be talking about their struggle against Shell - Films, Q&A/discussion, followed by a social and bar.

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Death Film in Awards

15-11-2005 19:50

Life Before Death
A Swansea filmmaker has been shortlisted for the largest short film prize in Europe- the DM Davies Award. The Cardiff Screen Festival announced the 6 short-listed Welsh filmmakers yesterday. Helen Iles of the video group, undercurrents was told the exciting news today.

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Call for Solidarity: Repression vs. Indigenous, Colombia

15-11-2005 19:30

Indymedia UK are currently getting reports of 2000 riot police and an unspecified army presence outside of a squat held by 500 people, mostly poor indigenous families, in Cauca, Colombia. Over the past few days, 1 person has been killed and 37 people have been injured by police beatings and bullets. The situation is tense and they are calling for solidarity emails, letter-writing and publicity because they are worried that without this the police and army will attack.

Guambianos, Kokonuko and Nasa indigenous people, as well as thousands of peasants that are demanding land, have occupied haciendas (a hacienda is a huge piece of rural property) in several parts of Cauca since the 12th of October.

They are protesting because the INCODER (Colombian Institute for Rural Development) is not given funds or legal power to achieve rural reform, in Cauca or in the rest of the country.

Despite being heavily tear-gassed and losing one boy (Belisario Camayo Huetoto, 16) dead to police bullets, the families on the occupied land are calling for letters, phone calls, emails, and faxes to the Colombian Embassy to make it politically more difficult for the government to allow the police and army to attack the settlement.

Communications can be addressed to:

The Embassy of Colombia
3 Hans Crescent
Sw1x Olr

Telephone: 009 44 171 5899177
Fax: 009 44 171 5811529

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15-11-2005 19:16


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"Sweatshops, workers and international solidarity" conference

15-11-2005 18:59

The fifth No Sweat conference will take place at SOAS in central London on Saturday November 26.

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15-11-2005 18:29

CARDIFF CAMPAIGN AGAINST CLIMATE CHANGE LAUNCH Thursday 24 November at 7.30 pm. Nelson Mandela Room, 4th Floor, Student Union Building, Park Place

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"Censored Artwork"

15-11-2005 17:13

"Censored Artwork"
Local public artwork officially censored by county council officials. See previous article

Titled ”Missing Syringe artwork” George Tugwell 03.11.2005 22:01 Oxford Website.

If you would like to vocalise your opinion

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Antifascist Timur Kacharava was killed by nazis in St. Petersburg

15-11-2005 17:12

Timur Kacharava

21.08.1985 - 13.11.2005

Timur was an active member of St. Petersburg's hardcore punk and anarchist community, and our dear friend. On the evening of November 13, Timur became the victim of a nazi attack.

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Sheffield Indymedia's Pre Fest Film Night 17th Nov at Matilda FREE IN

15-11-2005 17:07

Thursday 17th November @ 8pm FREE ENTRY
Matilda Social Centre, 111 matilda street, S1 4QF
Giving a taster of the variety of films to be screened at the second Sheffield Indymedia Alt.Doc.Fest: Films from the Frontline, on 24-26th November

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Trashed towns and corrupt councils

15-11-2005 16:44

That a bunch of councillors against the wishes of the local community should choose to trash the historic heart of Bury St Edmunds comes as no surprise. It is happening in other towns too.

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Chomsky Answers the Guardian

15-11-2005 14:05

This is an open letter to a few of the people with whom I had discussed the Guardian interview of 31 October, on the basis of the electronic version, which is all that I had seen. Someone has just sent me a copy of the printed version, and I now understand why friends in England who wrote me were so outraged.