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A real Palestinian state?

19-01-2004 10:59

On the 31st July 1988 Jordan revoked the Jordanian citizenship of all the Arabs
living in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. As a Palestinian state, Jordan-Palestine will return this citizenship.

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Workers Co-op for Office Temps

19-01-2004 10:54

A new discussion list for people interested in creating a workers co-op for office temps.

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Libertarian Parents Network UK

19-01-2004 10:39

A network for anarchist and libertarian parents in the UK

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Video Of EU Protests In Galway Ireland

19-01-2004 08:56

Video of the the galway protests against the EU ministerial meeting

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Iraqi Civilians Increasingly Killed by Accidental U.S. Gunfire

19-01-2004 06:55

Innocent Iraqi civilians are being shot at, bombed, and killed at a quickening pace in recent weeks, but not by Saddam or "terrorist" forces. U.S. soldiers, increasingly nervous and afraid of imminent attack, have systematically followed a "shoot first, investigate later" policy.

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Coverage of the WSF Mumbai 2004

19-01-2004 06:46

civerage here of the WSF Mumbai 2004

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Venezuela Decriminalizes Drug Possession

19-01-2004 05:35

speaks for itself... viva chavez!

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The Apache Killing Video

19-01-2004 01:48

No arrest, no charges, no trial.
The US Army as judge, jury and executioner.
Welcome to the New Democratic Iraq.

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Help Needed With Project in Nablus, Palestine

19-01-2004 01:46


i have been living and volunteering (with ISM and other projects) in Nablus, Occupied Palestine for about seven months. My time has been concentrated on Nablus, particularly in Balata Refugee Camp.

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Riot Police Storm indigenous autonomous town, south of Mexico City

18-01-2004 23:06

State of Morelos, Mexico
January 15 2004

Last January 11, the inhabitants of the municipality of Tlaneplanta in the state of Morelos gathered in the public square for the setting up of the People’s Autonomous Council.

It was following several repressive acts and the violation of common law by the State authorities that the inhabitants, gathered in assembly, decided the appointment of said council.
However, and despite the fact that the State governor, Sergio Estrada Cajigal, had declared publicly that no display of public force would take place, yesterday (14 January) at least 800 operatives forced their way into Tlaneplanta to take the Town Council. In the confrontation that ensued at least 1 rebel died and another 12 people were injured.
Article extracted from “La Jornada de Morelos”.

Translation of the feature from Chiapas Indymedia Centre.

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Are we being Shafted

18-01-2004 22:30

They are Knocking down our houses and are going to build houses that we can't afford to rent, so where are they going to put us.

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Occupied Basra Electricity and Oil Workers Strike - update and report

18-01-2004 22:02

Just an update on the announcement last week of possible strike action by Electricity workers in Basra. Theyre co-operating with long time strike-threatening Oil workers and the ante is rising as the dollar is plummeting...

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ISM Reports: Palestinian Children Honour Tom Hurndall

18-01-2004 19:14

18th Jan 2004
News Of Memorials For Tom Hurndall

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Commericialisation of Bayer's GM maize

18-01-2004 18:49

Independent on Sunday article suggests UK government to give go ahead for commercial growing of Bayer's Chardon LL GM fodder maize for 2005 growing season only

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US Troops in Georgia....Forever

18-01-2004 18:40

US representative to Georgia voices his frustration at the continuing Russian military presence in the region and his desire to "secure" the route of the BTC pipeline/

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Reclaim The Bases at Northwood, 17/01/04

18-01-2004 18:23

Report from RTB event at Northwood, 17 January 2004

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Whistleblower in court tomorrow

18-01-2004 15:25

brave woman in court

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18-01-2004 15:03

The New Jacobins...
I don't know what it is about the French, but they seem to know how to annoy everyone. They aggravate the Right by not going along with wars, and the Left by circumscribing religious freedom.

Some have suggested that this is an argument to be had with religious nutters, a brave secular attack on the ancien regime. I hate to tell you this, but it ain't. Jaques Chirac and Jean-Pierre Raffarin are not operating in defense of the Republic, they are operating in a climate where the high vote for Jean Marie Le Pen has legitimised and sanctified racism and Islamophobia...

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18-01-2004 14:58

Two parts, neither optimistic. Real on the spot news. copied from indycymru.