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Urgent anti-deportation action: Bolanle and children due to be removed 3rd Nov

01-11-2008 11:21

Bolanle and her children urgently need your help. They are due to be forcibly removed on Monday 3rd November at 13:40pm. They have not had anti malaria medication.

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War Starts from Europe. Let's Stop War from Europe

01-11-2008 11:18

against militarism

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Republic of Congo;another horror?

01-11-2008 11:18

Republic of Congo
Congo:Oil,gold,coltan and civil wars.

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Brighton Bus Company ties to Gag GMB Members who speak out over dispute

01-11-2008 10:54

Brighton Bus Company has today stooped to a new low by threatening staff with the sack if they contact their local paper the Argus.

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Climate Safety : How do we get back to climate safety ?

01-11-2008 09:30

The new report from the Public Interest Research Centre, entitled "Climate Safety" will be launched with an event on 27th November 2008 at Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ at 7pm. A panel of key Climate Change speakers will present some of this year's Science and host a discussion on where we're at and where we need to be. This is the UK launch of Climate Code Red that started in Australia earlier in 2008.

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Today | Peasants from Cornwall to Revolt against Parliament | Assemble Hyde Park

01-11-2008 08:54

Assemble Hyde Park
10.30 am - 12.30pm Speeches and Discussions
12.30 pm march to Parliament

Look for Trailer with PA (presumably we will be somewhere near Speakers Corner but we ain't from around these parts, so you'll have to come find us)

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British Army Should Not March In Belfast

01-11-2008 01:28

This is a comment opposing the British Army Marching in Belfast City Centre on Sun Nov 2nd - the Government say it is so that the local people can welcome the Royal Irish Regiment back fro Iraq & Afghanistan!!

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Trick or Treat Alistair Darling

31-10-2008 21:20

Visit to Downing St

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Photos from the Canary Wharf Demo

31-10-2008 21:01

Some photos from tonight's demo, more to follow..

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Communique from CIPO-RFM. Compañeros y Compañeras, please pass on and act.

31-10-2008 20:46

Miguel Cruz Moreno
“There’s not justice for the people, precisely because is poor,
and justice only use is to humiliate and depreciate the poor. “
Ricardo Flores Magon. 1911.

To the good at heart men and women
To the Other Campaign
To the honest media
To Human Rights Organisations

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Early report on Halloween City demo

31-10-2008 20:16

Report in an individual capacity on the demo at canary wharf tonight. The demo was called by elements of Reclaim The Streets and the Socialist Workers Party, but was also backed by lots of the far left and anarchist groups, incuding our group Autonomy and Solidarity.

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Right Wing Obama Love

31-10-2008 19:48

Barack Obama's charms seem to work even on the least promising prospects.
"Right wingers who openly follow the doctrine of America's right to empire
and conquest are now endorsing Obama." William Buckley's son, Christopher,
has been won over by Obama, causing Buckley to be excommunicated from the
Church of the Hard Right. Christopher Hitchens, the former radical who has
learned to love the war on terror, has found a warm place in his heart for
Michelle's husband. It must be those things Obama says so alluringly, like,
I'm going to have a foreign policy like Ronald Reagan's.

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This Week in Palestine, Week 44

31-10-2008 19:11

This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for October 25 through 31, 2008.

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No Borders clarification

31-10-2008 18:41

Wondering about the basic principles behind the No Borders and similar movements.

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All persons in and out of uk are now logged and filed.

31-10-2008 17:01

All persons in and out of uk are now logged and filed.

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a well run council

31-10-2008 16:37

It has been claimed the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor is a very well run council, with first class officers.

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Big Brother targets the school run

31-10-2008 16:33

Parents dropping off their kids outside schools are to be tagetted by the Stasi car parking police.

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Strange Strike - Strange Timing ..

31-10-2008 14:44

With one deadly strike, the Bush administration has offered a fitting epitaph to its "might makes right" policy towards Syria — and the rest of the Middle East.
On October 26, nine days before the election, American Special Operations forces, allegedly pursuing a "top operative" of Al Qaeda in Iraq, carried out a helicopter attack on Sukkariyah, a small Syrian village six miles from the Iraqi border....>>>

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Italian Student rebellion spreading: Photos and Info

31-10-2008 14:17

The 'Wave' of struggles against Government reforms of education (the Gelmini law) has caused a mass movement to begin in Italy. For one month, students, school students and education workers have been out on the streets. Numerous University faculties are occupied and demo and blockades are a daily occurrence. Now that the Law has been passed, everyone is waiting for a possible State repression to come down hard. Numerous days of action are up and coming.