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Vale of Evesham Vegan Fair, Sat 23 March

29-01-2013 16:25

Please contact us for leaflets/posters to distribute/display
Vale of Evesham's first ever Vegan Fair!
Featuring lots of FREE food samples, 20 stalls, cookery demos, talks, vegan cafe and lots more...!
FREE admission - All welcome!

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Save Birmingham March on the Council House Don't let them vote through the cuts

29-01-2013 15:51

March on the council house - meet 5pm opposite Waterstones - the Bullring - Monday February 4th

Rally February 4th 5pm at the Bullring: Albert Bore know the score, we won’t take it anymore!

Invite your friends, colleagues, community to all come out.

The government might say the cuts have already been decided but we say it's not too late. If they won't fight it in the chambers then we'll fight it on the ground in Birmingham.

Meet at the Waterstones by the Bullring at 5pm and march on the Council House where, at 6pm, the ruling Labour councillors are planning on voting for Albert Bore's recommended cuts to our jobs and services for the 2013 budget.

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National demo for the Halesowen 4

29-01-2013 15:02

On Saturday 26th January over 200 people marched through the streets of Halesowen in solidarity with and to demand the reinstatement of four maths lectures who were fired by Halesowen College purely for their students results. However the real reason for the sackings might have more to do with the fact that all four lectures were active union members trying to improve the poor conditions they had to work in at the maths department.

Video -

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How Far in the Future is the Ban of Psychotronic Weapons

29-01-2013 13:11

Psychotronic weapons are a definitive threat to democracy. They are in the arsenals of NATO and many other states. Though there are no legislatures around the world prohibiting the governments the use of those weapons against their citizens.

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It’s Not “Corporatism,” It’s Not “Crony Capitalism,” It’s Capitalism!

29-01-2013 12:55

Chances are if you are reading this, you have spent a fair amount of time discussing the [Occupy Wall Street movement]. Anyone with a basic familiarity with the protests is aware that the demonstrators represent a broad spectrum of ideologies, beliefs and goals.

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EDL /SDL/WDL Members Join The BFF For Half Price With Discount Code #edl #sdl

29-01-2013 12:48

Things are getting desperate at the unregistered British Fascist Party (BFP). Unkle Kev Karroll (KKK) recently took over the rains of this piss-poor shambles of a nazi party when King Rat Weston jumped from the sinking ship and went all literary, but unbeknown to almost all the population, since last summer, an extra-special money-saving offer has been available to EDL / SDL and even "WDL Members"......

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International Students Movement (UK): Online meeting

29-01-2013 02:12

There will be an online meeting this week for anyone interested in being part of an 'admin collective' to set up and manage a network of independent student groups/individuals in the UK, based on the model of the International Students Movement

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28 Jan: Eviction of Decoy Pond Camp begins (but doesn’t end)!

28-01-2013 22:17

28 Jan: Eviction of Decoy Pond Camp begins (but doesn’t end)!

January 28, 2013 by combehavendefenders
photo 5

An activist locked-onto the base of a tree at Decoy Pond Camp is removed by security. 28-01-2013. Photo: Adrian Arbib

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Greek anarchist Hip-Hop

28-01-2013 21:37

In Greece anarchist Hip-Hop is actually very popular.

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Treetop protesters’ lives endangered by Sussex Council

28-01-2013 21:26

Press Information Note
Combe Haven Defenders [1]
28 January 2013

Chrissie Hynde’s daughter ( Natalie Hynde - Ed) denied painkillers whilst 40 feet up tree in “strong winds”.

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Councillor Peter Jones CBE, Combe Haven Destruction Facilitator!

28-01-2013 20:51

Cllr Peter Jones, CBE (a Comander of the British Empire)
This guy is the Pusher of the Hastings-Bexhill Link Road,
he is against Combe Haven and the Combe Haven Defenders.
He obviouysly doesn't habve any care for the animals and trees or the local people,
he may even have a kick back cash gift, (who knows,) for his role in getting the road done.

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Greek revolutionary songs

28-01-2013 20:40

Greek revolutionary songs

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UG#611 - Money as Powerlessness(Economic Parasitism,MMT,Debt in the Middle Ages)

28-01-2013 17:35

Does money really empower people, or does it trap them in a zero-sum game in which >99% will come out as losers? A two-parter this time on money and debt. In our first hour, two speeches from the first conference on Modern Money Theory in Rimini, Italy. In the second, we continue reading from David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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We are Taxing The Bedrooms of Dead Children

28-01-2013 15:36

It was reported today that when seven year old Becky Bell died of Cancer, her council sent her family a £672 bill for her newly empty bedroom due to the new Spare Bedroom Tax on the poor.
Britain is a colder place since the passing of the Welfare Reform Act 2012, which seeks to radically change the concept of social security. The social contract is being replaced with a Victorian welfare system. Today we look at the creeping impacts of the Welfare Reform Act and how it is making the poorest in the land suffer the consequences of the crimes of the wealthiest.

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[choucha] refugee protests in tunisia

28-01-2013 11:41

Break the isolation!

About 100 rejected asylum seekers from the refugee camp in Choucha are currently protesting in the Tunisian capital.

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The cuts to come: report from an anti-cuts meeting

28-01-2013 10:55

Last week we went along to attend and support a local anti-cuts meeting organised by Edinburgh East Save Our Services.  There was a good turnout of around 30-40 people, angry about the cuts already being implemented and the many more that are planned.

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Work Is The Antithesis Of Freedom.

28-01-2013 10:55

Work less to live more. What a beautiful slogan! I wonder if the one who coined it understood the unintended truth it contains, that work is the negation of life. “Eight hours of obligation is enough to exhaust a person’s energy. What he gives at work is his life, the better part of her strength. Even if the work has not degraded her, even if she has not felt himself overcome by boredom and fatigue, he leaves exhausted, diminished, with the imagination withered.” So a worker wrote several decades ago. Anyone who has worked even for just one day understands the meaning of these words. This is why the reduction of work hours has always been one of the primary demands of those who don’t commission the work, but who carry it out, and so bear its entire burden.

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first protest on london shard viewing platform

27-01-2013 19:50

the shard
in what was probably the first protest to be held 72 floors above london on the newly opened viewing floor of the shard, local housing activists and occupy protestors were questioned by security after holding up small placards and donning an anonymous mask.