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First Hearing of the Diaz Trial.

27-06-2004 18:05

Yesterday saw the preliminary opening of The Diaz/Bolzaneto Trial at the main Genoa Tribunal. The first Group of 29 police officers from the diaz raid, are to be tried first. The 44 police plus three doctors from bolzaneto are to be tried as the Diaz case finishes.

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Fahrenheit 9/11 victims the Carlyle Group buy cinema chain

27-06-2004 17:59

The Carlyle Group whose ties include members of the Bush family and until recently the Saudi bin Laden family have bought the Loews Cineplex chain.

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Annulling Debts as a Great Step

27-06-2004 17:18

"The goal must be redefined beyond goods production and abstract labor, beyond the market and the state.. The great step of debt cancellation occurs when the burden can no longer be endured.. The absolute limit is reached when the whole public and social life collapses as in countries like Argentina, when German communes close their libraries.. The new finance capitalism is a speculative bubble and debt capitalism.."

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united against torture

27-06-2004 17:16

international contest

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genoa justice court cases start

27-06-2004 13:51

brief run down of activities so far in genoa in realtion to trial against cops who beat protestors (most natobly in the diaz)

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genoa G8 more photos

27-06-2004 13:45

cop boot
genoa diaz victims return to genoa

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Fairford Anti War Protestors to uphold international law at Court of Appeal

27-06-2004 12:51

Fairford Anti War Protestors to uphold international law
at The Court of Appeal, The Strand, London, 10am 29th June - 1st July

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Fury at Blunkett's secret links to animal rights campaign

27-06-2004 11:21

Sunday Telegraph
Fury at Blunkett's secret links to animal rights campaign
By Andrew Alderson, Chief Reporter (Filed: 27/06/2004)

David Blunkett, who has been widely criticised as Home Secretary for refusing to take tough action against violent animal rights activists, is revealed today as a supporter of a leading anti-vivisection charity.

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{Znet} Stateless and Deported - Palestinian Refugees in Montreal

27-06-2004 04:14

An Interview with the Coalition Against the Deportation of Palestinian Refugees

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Bush, Nato, Turkey = BOOM + Kidnappings

26-06-2004 23:34

Coincidence? Bush visits Turkey ...Turkish kidnapped, Bombs explode?

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Action against Caterkiller

26-06-2004 22:35

Action against Caterkiller in Solihell

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U.S. should face court, Annan says

26-06-2004 21:54

"UN Secretary General Kofi Annan is leading the charge against Washington's call for the UN Security Council to renew its special exemption for U.S. forces from prosecution by the United Nations war crimes court."

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Solidarity demo Monday 28 June at Mexican embassy for Guadalajar protestors

26-06-2004 20:15

There will be a demo in solidarity with the protestors detained and tortured after the EU and Latin American countries summit last month in Guadalajara, Mexico, this Monday 28th of June 2004 at 4pm at the Mexican Embassy, 42 Hertford St., London W1J 7JR, England . Please come and show your solidarity and support.

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Genoa Diaz Court Case - Quick Update - Saturday

26-06-2004 19:03

Quick update from on the ground in Genoa, Italy:

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Warning to careless parents

26-06-2004 18:18

following the recent incident in Manchester City Centre

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TRAVELLER Night @ Grand Banks, London

26-06-2004 17:52

Traveller Night with Film
Monday, 28 June 2004 at 7:30PM
Grand Banks Occupied Social Centre
158 Fortess Rd, Tufnell Park Tube

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Fascist Mercenaries Come to Iraq

26-06-2004 17:43

Previously, I posted an article about fascist mass murderers and torturers from Latin America's "dirty wars" against leftists being employed by Blackwater. Now, it seems that former members of South Africa's secret police, who tortured and murdered black activists during apartheid, are also mercenaries in Iraq.

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Fahrenheit 9/11 - The New Pearl Harbor - audio interview

26-06-2004 17:01

Interview with Professor David Ray Griffin - author of The New Pearl Harbor

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Mosque ban in Rotterdam

26-06-2004 12:38

Increasing hostility in Belgium and Netherlands, attack on Jewish school in Antwerp

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Geneva anti-rep weekend. Day 1, morning session.

26-06-2004 12:22

Brief summary....