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united against torture

tkt | 27.06.2004 17:16 | Repression | Social Struggles | Liverpool

international contest


Santurtzi based group against torture Torturaren Kontrako Taldea is organising a week against torture that will take place from June 28th to July 4th under the slogan “Not here not anywhere”. Together with this week TKT launches the “1st international contest: essays and drawings against torture”.
We want to make it clear it’s neither a literary nor an artistic contest and being so no prizes will be got for the sent work. The main objectives of this “contest” is putting together our voices against this atrocity and denounce its use all around the globe giving voice to all those who can’t make themselves be heard by other ways.

Rules of the “contest”:

a) All the works must be originals and not have been published before.
b) The objective of the works must be the denounce of the use of torture.
c) The author’s name will be given together with the works, but TKT can omit them if so requested by the author himself/herself.
d) The drawings’ size will be an A4 sheet.
e) The essays will be no longer than two A4 sheets and must be sent typewritten.
f) The essays can be written in English, Basque or Spanish.
g) All the works must be sent before Friday 3rd September 2004.
h) All the works will be published in the booklet “United against Torture”.

Both the essays and the drawings must be sent to Torturaren Kontrako Taldea:
Torturaren Kontrako Taldea (Agirika) Apdo 113 – 48980 Santurtzi BIZKAIA / EH (via spain)

Or e-mailed to:

- e-mail: