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07-09-2004 21:49

While the corporate media gives Putin a hand in his War on Terror- one Russian paper tells it how it is. In the first of 3 installments, Novaya Gazeta looks behind the "shock and awe" of previous reports to the sinister reality of what happened in Beslan, North Ossetia.

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European Meeting on Migration in London

07-09-2004 20:34

European groups working on migration are holding a meeting in London this weekend (September 10-12), to coordinate and discuss prior to the ESF in London.

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Silvia Cattori : Violence against Palestinian children: A weapon of war

07-09-2004 20:01

The Palestinians, although they do have courage and unlimited perseverance, are humans with limitations.
Oppressed by Israel and subjected to permanent violence and stress, betrayed by the international community, the Palestinians draw their main strength from our support.

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Manchester IndyMedia presents...

07-09-2004 19:40

a 'Big Noise' production

"The Fourth World War"

From the frontline of conflict in Mexico, Argentina, South Africa, Palestine, Korea, the global north from Seattle to Genoa and the 'War on Terror' in New York, Afghanistan and Iraq, "The Fourth World War" brings together the images and voices of the war on the ground and of those who resist.

+ DIY films - made in Manchester and the UK

Thursday September 23rd, @ the Dancehouse Theatre, Oxford Road, Manchester. Doors open 7.30pm. Bar till late. Free / donation.

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Globalization Strikes Back

07-09-2004 18:52

"The war against terror must be a war against poverty.. Washington reserved to itself the right to attack other states of the region.. The most important corrections should be made in two political fields, the unsolved conflicts in the Middle East and the unequal distribution of chances of development.. Distributive justice is increasingly a demand of security policy, not only of morality and humanity.."

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Media Coverage of the ESF

07-09-2004 18:44

This is a page to collect media articles about the European Social Forum in London October 2004.

Below is one of the first - a guardian article. There have already been articles in the Evening Standard, the Tribune and a phone in debate on bbc london.

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CBI privatisation celebration dinner

07-09-2004 17:39

Anyone up for a quick impromtu action?

Digby Jones, director-general of the CBI is keynote speaker tonight at a £100 a seat dinner for fat cats celebrating getting their greed fat snouts into the public purse via reforms in public services.

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Scottish cops buy camcorders!

07-09-2004 16:15

Pig Brother

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Top 25 Censored Media Stories of 2003-2004

07-09-2004 14:59

Here are the top 25 stories censored by the US corporate press in 2003 - 2004, compiled by the US independent journalism group "Project Censored". Most have also been censored (or self-censored) in the UK corporate press as well.

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Israel-Palestine: Appeal from Greek comrades for an international anarchist day

07-09-2004 14:44

Israel-Palestine: Appeal from Greek comrades for an international anarchist day of action. Greece, Spain, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Brasil and Australia are already on the move!

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report on GM debate, Exeter

07-09-2004 11:19

this is my report.. it is only short, i shalll attempt to work on it a bit more, flesh it out.. etc.. etc...

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Mom we'er home

07-09-2004 11:16

mom we'er home
Since March 2003, a newly-enforced military regulation has forbidden taking or distributing images of caskets or body tubes containing the remains of soldiers who died overseas.

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07-09-2004 10:03


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Greek Nationalistic Violence

07-09-2004 09:56

I think it is important to inform you about Greek violence against Albanian people after the football match on Saturday. The rising of greek fascism and racism is obvious the last days and I believe that you do not get any information about these unacceptable violent incidents. In greece there was 1 dead and more than 50 people in the hospital

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Autonomous lab weekend magazine

07-09-2004 05:42

last saturday the police decided to gate-crush an autonomous space workshop at the ex-GrandBanks social centre.

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Become a Wikiactivist

07-09-2004 04:14

How Wikipedia can become part of social change

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Abkhazia today

06-09-2004 23:59

Abkhazia: Free War Zone
Officials in this unrecognised republic on Georgia’s Black Sea Coast it seems have already forgotten what they are fighting for.

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New European Fur Labelling Scheme

06-09-2004 23:45

Parts of the information below were taken from the scumbag International Fur Trade Federation website. The information on reading labels sewn into dead animal skin garments as means of identification may prove to be invaluable in stopping the vile fur trade once and for all. Keep your eyes open. Become a fur detective and report back.

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Indymedia Cinema presents...

06-09-2004 19:51

FAWLTY POWERS - The World Bank and IMF at Sixty. Time to Retire?

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Reports from latest East Anglia Social Forum gathering in Norwich

06-09-2004 16:19

Reports by various participants at the latest (Norwich) gathering around the East Anglia Social Forum. This gathering was held in Norwich on 4th Sept. Consultations are now underway for future gatherings proposed in Colchester and Cambridge.