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15th May in Israel: Action in support of conscientious objectors

28-03-2003 12:46

15th May in Israel: Action in support of conscientious objectors
War Resisters' International is planning for an international action on 15th May - International Conscientious Objectors' Day - in Israel. Join in!

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28-03-2003 12:40

Meet at LSE Houghton Street (Holborn Tube)
12 (noon) Saturday 29-March-2003

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Menwith Hill Photos 22/03/03

28-03-2003 12:37

Menwith Hill Photos 22/03/03
These are my photos from Menwith Hill. I am an Art Foundation student from Huddersfield. Please email me any comments. (article 1)

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28-03-2003 12:21

Blair has authorized the Black Watch to mortar civilians fleeing Basra.

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Brit Soldier's Family: He Was Not Executed

28-03-2003 12:11

Surprisingly, this article is from Sky News. Why am I not surprised about any of this...

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Have the british soldiers really been executed???

28-03-2003 12:07

Today, DER SPIEGEL, a mainstream German news magazine writes the following on the two british soldiers that had allegedly been executed in southern Iraq

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April 1st -Day of Disobedience

28-03-2003 12:02

Tuesday April 1st - A Day of Disobedience + Reclaim the Media event.

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guidelines to complain and addresses

28-03-2003 11:39

Please find enclosed some guidelines about how to complain and many, many addresses.
The most wonderful thing is happening - people of the world are caring for each other and stand up for peace. Pass guidelines on to your grannies, or aunties, or schoolteachers.

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Dead Iraqi Would Have Loved Democracy

28-03-2003 11:38

(from US satirical magazine The Onion; if you don't believe there are Americans who see through their government, check out The Onion, it's spot on)

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Another US military spy plane downed in Colombia

28-03-2003 11:27

Less than six weeks after leftist FARC rebels shot down a US spy plane and captured three CIA agents, another US piloted spy plane goes down over southern Colombia. All three members of the crew were killed, according to a spokesman for the Colombian Army.

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UK anti war actions M29-A12

28-03-2003 11:24

list of anti war events over next 2 weeks that we know about at the ARROW office

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Cardiff blockaded again by anti war protest.

28-03-2003 11:02

Cardiff was brought to a halt again last night as hundreds of angry anti war protesters pushed into the road. In the end police waded in with batons and eight protesters were arrested.

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WarTools Media Blacklist

28-03-2003 11:01

Help build a corporate media blacklist by sending in your suggestions.

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worldwide-revolution 04.04.2003 4pm m.e.t. germany hannover opernlatz

28-03-2003 10:59

worldwide-revolution 04.04.2003 4pm m.e.t.
capitalism violence terror war state slavery & system

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Blair's a Bloody Fool's Day

28-03-2003 10:18

Day of Direct Action & Civil Disobedience in Manchester

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US Embassy Demo. Video

28-03-2003 09:53

2 mins

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bloody american fascits

28-03-2003 09:29

more on Al-jazera/h

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War Crimes - US marines murdering busloads of unarmed Iraqis

28-03-2003 08:34

"Cannon and machine-gun fire had peppered the bus with holes, killing most of the passengers in their seats. The grisly remains were evidence of the ruthlessness with which lead Marine units are clearing the road north of the central city of Nassiriyah to make way for a huge military convoy."

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28-03-2003 08:31


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About Iraq and the Arab World

28-03-2003 08:07

Our first words are for our brothers and sisters in Iraq, subjected, after twenty years of imperialist wars, to the most outrageous demonstration of amerikan terror.
The intensity of the lies and barbarism is so profound: where to start?