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Hey, screws, leave those kids alone

27-01-2004 12:19

"Disruptive" children who won't bow down to the screws' authority in youth prisons are put in solitary confinement - thrown naked (because apparently clothing "threatens the child's safety"!) into illegal "strip cells" with no light, ventilation, furniture or sanitation, where they are forced to use the floor as a toilet. Over the last year more than 100 children were sent to these cells for periods of up to 5 days each. The Howard League for Penal Reform is investigating an allegation that two young offenders were kept in solitary confinement for more than a year.
[from Freedom, Anarchist News and Views newspaper]

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Indymedia Zapatista Anniversary Cinema

27-01-2004 12:00

The Zapatista Anniversary Screening

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World Music Night in Edinburgh

27-01-2004 11:58

Student Action for Refugees are having a world music night in the Pleasance Cabaret Bar, Edinburgh, from 9pm onwards on Saturday the 31st of January.

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27-01-2004 11:35

We, the Coalition against BAYER-dangers, Germanwatch and the Global March against Child Labour, are writing to express our deepest concern at the intense employment of
children in the planting of cottonseeds in India. Your Bayer affiliate, ProAgro, is one of the beneficiaries of this process. To prevent ongoing harm to children we urge you to
take immediate steps against this practise.

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Bush's State of the Empire speech

27-01-2004 11:11

Bush's "State of the Nation" speech was not in praise of "America" as he claimed - it was about fascism at home and imperialism abroad.

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27-01-2004 11:03

The decision by Cambridge University to withdraw plans to build Europe’s largest primate research centre heralds a great victory for the SPEAC (Stop Primate Experiments at Cambridge) campaign, but most importantly, a victory on behalf of the primates destined to suffer there.

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From protesting students in Germany: solidarity with Oxford occupiers

27-01-2004 10:38

Students in Germany are on strike against fees, budget cuts and the commodification of education. A solidarity for the Oxford occupiers...

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Cambridge Uni Primate Lab Abandoned

27-01-2004 06:48

R4 'Today' Programme
Presenter: "The protesters have won, it's as simple as that?"
Pallab Ghosh: "Yes."

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Petition to Bush for Release of 3 Anti-Nuke Nuns from Prison

27-01-2004 04:41


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Oxford University Occupation Update: Tony Benn visited and more

27-01-2004 02:11

Occupation is staying over night, especially after Tony Benn visited!
Students Opposing the Governments plans to impose Topup fees on higher education have Occupied Oxford University Exam Schools.
The doors are open, all solidarity would be lovely.

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Help our feathered friends

27-01-2004 01:14

Cllr Simon Darby asks our members to look out for our native wildlife.

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Just 5 Words ..

27-01-2004 00:49

Bill Gates recieves Knighthood

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Hypocrisy in the UK European Social Forum Process

27-01-2004 00:27

A report and analysis of the meeting of the UK Assembly for the ESF that took place on Saturday 24th January 2004 at the Greater London Authority City Hall in London.

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...“Bring ’em on,” “is” the Bush doctrine! Unlike Clinton Bush understands What

27-01-2004 00:15

Bush Is Unafraid to Personally Go to War?
In every age...the ultimate sources of war are the beliefs of those in power:
their idea about what is of most fundamental importance
and may therefore ultimately be worth a war.
-- Evan Luard, author International War

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NATO ministers in war crimes hearing, The Hague

26-01-2004 23:43

Former Dutch PM and Foreign Minister forced to give evidence in court on NATO bombing of Yugoslavia

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23 homes of zapatistas burned down in Montes Azules

26-01-2004 23:32

The Human Rights Center Bartolome de las Casas transmits this denuncia received yesterday, 22nd of January, 2004, regarding the burning of houses and the detention of the citizen Joshué Jiménez Cruz in the community Nuevo San Rafael, located in the Montes Azules Biosphere reserve.

Human Rights Center Bartolome de las Casas 23rd January, 2004

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"I hope that by speaking the truth I will open other people's eyes"

26-01-2004 23:26

Walid Shoebat, a former Palestinian militant, presents a side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that cold blooded killers like Arafat, Yassin and Rantissi don't want people to hear.

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When Occupation Isn’t Enough: Ethnic Cleasning Techniques

26-01-2004 23:11

Why some men and women refuse:

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The *NEXT* ESF meeting

26-01-2004 23:07

Someone (not me!) was told *at the meeting last Saturday* that the next ESF UK meeting would be this Thursday, 6.30pm at the GLA or Natfhe building - BE PREPARED!

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Respect Coalition launched with it's first MP.

26-01-2004 21:45

George Galloway is now the Respect MP for Glasgow Kelvin. Respect is the Unity Coalition to give electoral and mainstream expression to the overwhelming antiwar feeling in the country. It will articulate a broad, radical left agenda and seeks to include as many progressive forces as possible. I report from the meeting that began it all...