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29-10-2005 12:21

Because dear Mr Gates doesn't like Apple he makes it difficult to play video edited on Macs on Windows software.

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Relations algero-américaines.

29-10-2005 11:07

Relations algero-américaines.

Au beau fixe.

Les relations entre l’Algérie et le pays de l’oncle Sam s’améliorent de jour en jour et évoluent de façon progressive.

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critical mass (12 small pics and report)

29-10-2005 10:12

smith&wesson gun bikes
report on last night's historic critical mass cycle ride in central london

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The Critical Mass flame comes to Gothenburg

29-10-2005 10:03

We were 24 glad cyclists who turned up in Gustaf Adolfs Torg in central Gothenburg to celebrate cycling and celebrate we did. Nothing in comparison to London’s thousands but still it was our first ride.

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29-10-2005 08:48

The video starts beside the IMAX cinema and ends outside Downing Street.

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Pope's Misconceptions about conception and science history

29-10-2005 05:40

The pope's apparent ignorance of science history and modern agricultural technology obscures from his vision the disastrous effects of his policy of unchecked population growth on future generations who will find "no food on the table" nor the resources with which to grow it. This ignorance also shows that the pope has no more expertise in the fields of agricultural science, population planning, or resoure management than the pope in Galileo's time did in the area of astronomy.

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29-10-2005 01:39

ARGENTINA: Impelling Act to prohibit mining with cyanide.

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MOINFO RE: PM Blair Served Subpoena by US Embassy Official in Valerie Plame Case

29-10-2005 01:26

On July 13th, England's Prime Minister Tony Blair was served a subpoena by US Embassy Officials in London, to answer questions in the Deaths of CIA Valerie Plame Agents Network & 1700 American Soldiers who have died in the Iraq War. US Attorney and Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald had the Subpoena served.

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Show Solidarity for the Lobby of Sefton Council

29-10-2005 00:42

Show Solidarity by joining forces and supporting the Unison Lobby of Sefton Council on Tuesday 1st November.

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Samba Band at Critical Mass

28-10-2005 23:56

some pics of the samba band from tonights Critical Mass

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Critical Mass pics 2

28-10-2005 23:36

demon with big ben
the evening was warm and the costumes were cool
and the bikes were ridden

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Party at Parliament as Critical Mass has record turnout.

28-10-2005 23:33

Cyclists pour into Parliament Square
More than a thousand cyclists rode into Parliament Square tonight, sang, danced and stayed free in the first mass challenge to the SOCAT laws curbing the right to free protest.

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Critical Mass pics 1

28-10-2005 23:17

at big ben
the evening was warm and the costumes were cool
and the bikes were ridden

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Noborder demo: anniversary of Sangatte closure

28-10-2005 23:10

A demonstration has been called in Calais on the anniversary of the closure of the Sangatte refugee camp, for Saturday November 5th. It coincides with the Caravan against the Fence in Ceuta...

Here is a translation of the originally french call.

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Amazing turnout on "banned" critical mass

28-10-2005 22:47

View of just some of those at start
Despite their threats of critical mass being illegal, the cops were totally ridden over tonight. Amazing turnout of massers, must have been over a thousand? Well done to all the people who must have been networking very hard. The paltry 20 or so cops present were all on push bikes and could only "facilitate" in the most minor way. The haloween themed ride seemed to go pretty much where it wanted with no intervention - Trafalgar Square, Buck House, Victoria, several laps around Parliament Square with much banging and crashing from the now mobile samba band. I left everyone ranting outside Downing Street when my battery expired.

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Ceuta: European Caravan Against The Fence

28-10-2005 22:03

Here is a call for a "caravan against the fence" at the very southern border of europe: the spanish enclave "ceuta". The Caravan departs on the 4th of November.

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Hunt Saboteurs ready for start of new 'fox-hunting' season

28-10-2005 18:44

November 1st sees the start of what would have been a new fox-hunting season. But hunting is banned - hunt saboteurs believe the ban can and will work, are dedicated to tracking down the hunts who are breadking the law, and are ready, as ever, to sabotage hunting if required.

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Remembrance procession UFFC and Jean Charles de Menezes: Saturday 29 October

28-10-2005 18:28

Jean Charles de Menezes: his life was taken aged 27
Please join the family campaigns from 1pm until around 3pm, Trafalgar Square to Downing Street. We want legal justice for the families of all of the people, more than a thousand who died at the hands of the police. The police must be accountable when they commit crimes. We are opposing a shoot-to-kill policy which Parliament never approved, and Blair is trying to justify execution by the British government of innocent people like Jean Charles de Menezes. We want you to join us in remembering those who have died, and to oppose this Blairite policy.

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GE companies accused of contaminating seed

28-10-2005 18:21

Greenpeace is accusing seed companies including Bayer of contaminating seed with genetically modified material to force Australia to accept the technology. New tolerance levels have been set for canola seed, with GM tolerance levels set at 0.5 per cent for the next two seasons and 0.1 per cent after that. Greenpeace spokesman John Hepburn says the decision lets biotech companies off the hook.

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The Re-Nationalization of World Politics and the End of the Liberal Era

28-10-2005 17:24

The empire has cut off its umbilical chord to the nation state and is no longer territorially limited.. The US under George W Bush strives for a global monopoly.. Naked imperialist policy now replaces liberal globalization.. The US is resolved to undermine the existing world system.