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Noborder demo: anniversary of Sangatte closure

transmitter | 28.10.2005 23:10 | History | Migration | South Coast

A demonstration has been called in Calais on the anniversary of the closure of the Sangatte refugee camp, for Saturday November 5th. It coincides with the Caravan against the Fence in Ceuta...

Here is a translation of the originally french call.

Let's stop shaming ourselves!!

Csur Collectif de soutien de refugies à Calais

On the 5/11/02 The sangatte shelter closed its doors by the command of the Minister of the Interior Monsieur Sarkozy and his British counterpart Blunkett. Nevertheless the number of migrants in Calais which want to go to England or who want to integrate in our own country has not diminished. There are 300 a day (and 30,000 since the closure of Sangatte) wandering in the streets of Calais and neighbouring areas always wetter, more hungry, and more desperate. We cannot continue to ignore them like this.They are right next to us and they are human beings. Here refugees only know harrassment from Police, through their aggressive arrests.

What would Calais be if their had'nt been for three years a daily presence of volunteers to enable them to survive ? To advise them and bring them a little comfort. Thousands of lunches and suppers Tonnes of clothes. Thousands of hours of free nursing care have been given.

Our country has renounced its commitments to International Human rights conventions. Such as those in the European Convention of human rights stating that noone shall be submitted to inhuman and degrading treatment.

We cannot stay silent in front of such human suffering and we cannot accept such politics of renunciation

assemble the 5th of November on the anniversary of Sangattes closure quai de Moselle at 2.00pm for a big march with the refugees

First signatures: Salam – La Belle Etoile – Secours Catholique – AC – Emmaüs –ATTAC CALAIS – Artisans du Monde – Faut qu’on s’active - Sud Education – CSP 59 –Confédération Paysanne - Fédération départementale des Droits de l’Homme – LES VERTS…

Important: appeal for support : you can bring your donations to : SALAM – 126, rue de Phalsbourg à Calais.