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Heir of ousted King of Iran plans to overthrow Mullah's Regime

25-05-2006 01:11

Reza Pahlavi, son of the late King of Iran, told the editors of HUMAN EVENTS last week that in the next two to three months he hopes to finalize the organization of a movement aimed at overthrowing the Islamic regime in Tehran, Iran and replacing it with a democratic government. He believes the cause is urgent because of the prospect that Tehran, Iran may soon develop a nuclear weapon or the U.S. may use military force to preempt that. He hopes to offer a way out of this dilemma: a revolution sparked by massive civil disobedience in which the masses in the streets are backed by elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

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Irish 9/11 Truth Candidate to Stand for Dáil Elections

25-05-2006 01:07


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British & US troops have no protection from poisonous uranium gas in Iraq

25-05-2006 01:04

Welcome to the big city where all the Pentagon suits lie about uranium oxide! I don’t expect them to stop now. This practice of using uranium oxide is flat out wrong and they all, from President Bush on down, richly deserve a long term in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. When asked this question about gas masks, famed former Lawrence Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab scientist Leuren Moret stated, “The answer is that there is no protection possible to prevent exposure to DU* from the battlefield - and that means the global pollution also is now spread around the world.”

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Call for antipatriarchy-antiheterosexism focus at European PGA conference

25-05-2006 00:15

We invite you to contribute to nine days of debate, learning and - hopefully - organizing around questions of gender, the fight against male domination and heterosexism - this summer, from Saturday 19 to Sunday 27 August 2006, in the context of the decentralized part of the European PGA conference.

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World Naked Bike Rides to be held in Brighton, Manchester, York and London

24-05-2006 23:32

Yes, it's that time of year again.... The World Naked Bike Ride is back again! What will you be wearing for the June 2006 ride?

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Touchstone for traitors

24-05-2006 21:17

They have sorted themselves, those who voted with the Tories and Blair have confirmed their betrayal of Socialism.

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The State of War

24-05-2006 21:11

The violent actions of the West ultimately gave birth to more suicide assassins, not peace.. In 1953, the US overthrew the Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh in a military coup because he insisted on nationalizing Iranian oil. Decades of the Shah dictatorship followed.

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24-05-2006 18:42

HACKNEY LANDLORD HIRE PRIVATE SECURITY FOR ILLEGAL: EVICTION. 25/05/06 HELP, PHOTOGRAPHERS, ACTIVISTS. By Law they must wait for court bailiffs. When they were told they laughed saying they did'nt care. The case was in court today (24/5/06). Over 15 people will be homeless.

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24-05-2006 17:23


Four Palestinian killed and 35 injured in Rammallah invasion
Army arrests two children and imposes curfew in Howwara town, Army bulldozers demolish several buildings and barns in Al Fonduq village, and Army arrests two residents from Hebron and takes over a house in Dora village,


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First Do No Harm: Doctor Refuses To Fund Death

24-05-2006 16:46

A Liverpool doctor held a protest in the city's Derby Square yesterday. to show why she would rather break the law than fund Blair's adventure in Iraq.

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Indy Film Showing in Birmingham

24-05-2006 16:23

I am wondering if there is a regular alternative film showing in Birmingham and if not is anyone interested in starting one.

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London Critical Mass in Court

24-05-2006 15:42

article from the bbc

A London cyclist is to launch a high court challenge against police claims that a long-running monthly cycle ride through London is unlawful.

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Sad Death of Richard McIlkenny of the Birmingham 6

24-05-2006 15:42

The British government is being asked to apologise to the Birmingham Six following the death of Richard McIlkenny. 73-year-old Richard was one of six Irishmen living in Birmingham who were wrongly sentenced to life imprisonment in 1975 for the Birmingham pub bombings.

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Video of Brian Haw supporters waiting to greet PM.

24-05-2006 15:02

Protest against the police action of Tuesday 23 May in London's Parliament Square.

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Talks by John Zerzan

24-05-2006 14:52

Talks on 29 May in London and
31 May in Leicester

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Demand Washington talk to Tehran

24-05-2006 11:38

"Security assurances are not on the table," Ms Rice told the Fox News Sunday television program.

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A call to student activists - support our lecturers

24-05-2006 11:35

A call to student activists to come to Sussex University on 27 May to discuss how we can support the lecturers' unions' campaign for better pay, as well as workers' struggles more generally.

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Immigration policies are creating mental illness

24-05-2006 11:32

At a meeting in Oxford Town Hall this evening, on the mental-health consequences of UK immigration policy, the following statement was passed unanimously:

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Bilderbergers target Chavez and Iran in Ottawa

24-05-2006 11:06

Here we go again - time for the spooks to get on line denying that these fascists even exist. Last night 'somebody' took out my messaging service for my 6000 subscribers - Bilderberg were started by an ex-SS Nazi. What else do you want to know?

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21st Sheffield Green Fair

24-05-2006 10:44

The 21st Sheffield Green Fair - change your life, have fun & save the planet - all in one day!

11am-5pm, Saturday 15th July, St. Mary's Community Centre, Bramall Lane, Sheffield