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Debunking conspiracy theorists

11-02-2003 21:32

It doesn't help to have people spreading silly conspircay theories about Sept 11

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CNN Broadcasts Questionable translation of Bin Laden

11-02-2003 21:30

Apparantly this infamous clergyman wants to see Bush at an AA meeting, appreciates communists (community radio stations for example), and claims that Muslims who fight against the US are likely candidates for heaven.

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Peaceniks fall out on human shield mission

11-02-2003 21:22

A tale of useless useful idiots...

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Anti-capitalist bloc for the 15 Feb demo?

11-02-2003 20:56

Can anyone inform me as to whether an anti-capitalist bloc is being organised for the 15 Feb demo against Western imperialism in the Middle East?

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Confronting the Empire?? How??

11-02-2003 20:13

words from the indian activist Arundhati Roy about the complexity of the empire and how we can fight it.

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Bolivarno, Colombia, Venezuela, Cisneros, Imperiazl US Interventions

11-02-2003 19:02

Billionaires and corporate thieves control the world's media and bear responsibility for the murder of millions and the death of democracy. Their crimes in Venezueal and Colombia are war crimes and now people all over the world must seize the media, crush the elite and remake the world. We have the US where we want it - cornered and vulnerable - the revolution is whenever we want it. We only want the world... Why wait.

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ISRAEL: Update on imprisoned conscientious objectors

11-02-2003 18:44

ISRAEL: Update on imprisoned conscientious objectors
18 conscientious objectors are presently in prison in Israel - they urgently need solidarity.

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Federal Judge Proves High Alert Is Strictly Political

11-02-2003 18:39

Federal Judge Barbara S. Jones has proven herself to be an anti-democratic and constitutionally bankrupt lawyer as well showing her politics in the glaring light of public opinion by ruling against a peace march in New York City scheduled for Saturday the 15th February.

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Osama reveals Iraq/Al Queda links

11-02-2003 18:33

BREAKING NEWS ! In the run up to (next week's) war, Osama helpfully steps up to the microphone, to reveal the intimate connections that exist between Iraq and al Queda...

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Do they really expect anyone to believe their propagandist lies!

11-02-2003 17:46

WASHINGTON — Usama bin Laden says he "is in partnership with Iraq" in a new statement that will be aired on Arab television Tuesday, Secretary of State Colin Powell told a Senate panel.

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Rumsfeld: missile hit Pentagon 9-11

11-02-2003 16:54

In an interview transcript on a U.S. military website, Donald Rumsfeld says a missile hit the Pentagon on 9-11.

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Oh Powell Just can't det enough

11-02-2003 16:38

Desperate to link Osama and Iraq

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Feb 15th

11-02-2003 16:18

Come on admit it...

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The Case for War

11-02-2003 15:11

"...the US economy needs oil, like a junkie needs heroine."

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Cult Clothing has a conscience

11-02-2003 15:05

Cult Clothing has a conscience
the owner of cult clothing has closed his stores on the 15th to allow workers to demonstrate - see pic.

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Bogota, 4 Feb: Wake Up Call

11-02-2003 14:50

Forwarded from Colombia Solidarity Campaign:

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Downing Street's PSY-OP against February 15

11-02-2003 14:22

The tanks at Heathrow, the military presence in and around London, the threats of terrorism, the rumours of confrontation on Saturday (the end of Eid) are all part of a Psy-Op against the antiwar movement in general, and February 15 in particular

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Offline-Antiwar special

11-02-2003 14:19

Here is an A4 Pdf. for giving out at the Anti War demo on Saturday - please feel free to download and print 1,000's!

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IOF Murder of Student in Tulkarem, Palestine.

11-02-2003 14:17

A Digest of 3 ISM Reports on The Israeli Forces killing of a young Palestinian man in Tulkarem.

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Over 300 cities around world prepare for feb 15th demos

11-02-2003 13:05

The latest from US united for peace website reports demos scheduled in 316 cities around the world!!