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Colnbrook: Status report on the ongoing strike

30-06-2006 10:37

We have it on good authority, that the home office is denying the ongoing hunger strike at the Colnbrook detention centre.

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anti G8 critical mass 14/07/06 6pm Manchester

30-06-2006 09:39

A bike ride around our city to protest against the G8 in solidarity with the protests in Russia.

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30-06-2006 09:24

The PSC is calling for a vigil against Israeli War Crimes and in support of Palestinian Human Rights this Friday (30th June) from 5:30 to 7pm in Parliament Square. We call on all supporters of Palestine to make their presence known in this current emergency.

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Gaza Vigil- Speak out against Israeli War Crimes

30-06-2006 09:16

Electricity, water and fuel supplies have been cut off, air raids and sonic booms carried through out the night. At the same time more non-violent Palestinian Activists have been taken from their homes in the middle of the night- SPEAK OUT AT LEEDS CITY ART GALLERY!

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Campaigners prepare to take direct action at Trident production site

30-06-2006 08:06

Less than a week after Gordon Brown committed the government to retaining a British-manufactured nuclear weapon, a Defence Select Committee report has raised strong and searching questions about the need to replace Trident. Meanwhile, NVDA camapign group Block the Builders is preparing to take action at AWE Aldermaston - Britain's Trident production site - on 10 July.

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UK - India relations sour up because of Aamir Khan act in Bollywood

30-06-2006 07:35

Bollywood star Aamir Khan in film Mangal Pandey was a paid reel hero not a real hero. Mangal Pandey must have headed in revolt against British Empire for a genuine rational reasons, So history acknowledges him as he was instrumental for freedom of India.

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a vision on the political parties in Brazil.

30-06-2006 06:10

The inexistence of consolidated political parties and the presidential succession in Brazil.

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New Labour Lose Again Its Heartland

30-06-2006 05:00

The people of Blaenau Gwent in South Wals have again delivered a massive blow to New Labour when its candidates for the National Assembly and the House of Commons were both soundly defeated by "independents" at yesterday's by elections.

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Scan Dot Org - 'Quitline' mp3

30-06-2006 03:12

Scandalous issues
Political Satire 4:35 mins. Featuring Graham, Marie, Martin

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'Our Cities are Not for Sale' - two public meetings in Leeds

30-06-2006 00:25

Oscar Olivera
Two major anti-privatisation meetings have been announced for July as part of efforts to create a city-wide anti-privatisation campaign network of trade unionists, tenants, health, education, and other public service workers and users.

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Documenting Matilda

29-06-2006 23:48

Acoustic night
A near complete listing of all the events hosted at Matilda. In addition lots of campaign meetings were held, regular socialising and eating together and artists did art on the top floor! A range of photos that don't capture fully the broad range of stuff that went on, but hope gives a flavour.

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Will the US Bomb Minsk?

29-06-2006 22:29

The US initiator of illegal wars with hundreds of thousands of dead, the inventor of torture light and extraordinary rendition, criticizes the Belarus president for fundamentally undemocratic elections and violation of human rights.

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Bill board felling in Bristol!

29-06-2006 21:54

Those billboards keep coming down in Bristol – full details here next stop the council house…?

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One SOCPA for them, another SOCPA for us.

29-06-2006 21:50

Terror suspects gather near their HQ.
Today the Institute of Directors marched around 100 of their members through the SOCPA zone without seeking permission from Charing Cross nick. They handed some kind of petition into the home office and then dispersed. They were only challenged once by two cops who let them off the hook completely. The Police did not monitor the demo or even provide plods to stop the traffic. This seems a little odd when you consider that half a dozen anarchists/animal rights campaigners/pacifists will be surrounded by up to 20 cops "for their own safety". Proof if its needed that we are not and never will be equal in the eyes of the law.

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Another SOCPA travesty

29-06-2006 20:10

Riley: "SOCPA doesn't apply to us"
When is a demonstration not a demonstration? That's a question that SOCPA followers have been asking for almost a year now, as ever more people come before the judge as Serious Criminals.

Today we got a clue, inasmuch as it seems that wealth and power might have a bit to do with it. Britain's top bosses marched straight through the SOCPA zone to the Home Office - author of that law - without a constable in sight.

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Government nuclear strategy - clear as a bell

29-06-2006 18:52

The minister in charge of nuclear power yesterday signed the fate of new-build in the uk - effectively it is the european model

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one law for the rich.......

29-06-2006 18:27

businessmen held an unauthorised demosntration within the designated socpa zone earlier this evening, and no-one got reported or arrested.

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CARDIFF Gaza Protest

29-06-2006 18:21


Assemble at 1 pm, Saturday 1st July
Nye Bevan Statue, Queen Street (Opposite the Castle)

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Greg Palast, Kim Moody speak in London this Saturday

29-06-2006 17:18

Two important figures from the US left will be speaking in London this Saturday.