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Colnbrook: Status report on the ongoing strike

Colnbrook detainees forum | 30.06.2006 10:37 | Anti-racism | Migration | London

We have it on good authority, that the home office is denying the ongoing hunger strike at the Colnbrook detention centre.

We are not surprised as the officers have resolved to falsify their reports to cover their own failures in stopping the movement. The officers have resorted to spying on the detainees, and examining the shop records to see if the detainees are buying any edible materials. If they see even one sweet, or candy they tick on their register that the detainee is now eating. One was seen with a cup of water and the officer proceeded to call him liar for pretending to be on hunger strike, and eating in secret.

Now the centre has assigned some attractive female officers to cajole, and convince the suspected leaders of the movement to forget the protesting, and start eating. They come into the rooms with smiles on their faces and proceed to behave as if they really cared about us, and not their jobs. But we cannot fall for their cheap trickery. And we are only amused at the lengths to which the centre manager will go to cover up the rapidly growing numbers of the detainees employing one form of protest or the other.

Civil disobedience at the centre is at an all time high. There are verbal clashes, and exchanges between officers and detainees, almost every hour.

We will not be deterred by this great cover up, as we know it cannot hold for long. Sooner or later the truth will be discovered. But we hope that will not be when detainees begin to drop dead from starvation, as the strike is already taking its toll.

Someone hear us, and act now.

Colnbrook detainees forum

Colnbrook detainees forum


Why are we so complacent?

30.06.2006 13:05

The german people said after the war they had no idea what was going on in the camps.
They probably did know, but found it easier to look away. I can't help but feel we're doing the same today.
What the hell is wrong with us?