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An Open Letter to David Blunkett MP

24-08-2004 07:22

A short memo in response to the Home Secretary's refusal to take a more open approach to the 'war on terror', on the grounds that it would make him look ridiculous!

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3 trade union leaders assassinated in Colombia, urgent solidarity needed

24-08-2004 03:50

a few weeks ago three trade union leaders were murdered in cold blood by the Colombian Army. please read and then send this letter to let them know they can't get away with this stuff anymore. URGENT!

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Alo Presidente (Chávez weekly live TV show!), Sunday 22nd August report

24-08-2004 03:43

a report on Sunday's live weekly phone-in tv/radio show, setting the agenda for the bolivarianz. says some good stuff this week...

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Mass blockade of Faslane nuclear base - Over 70 arrested! Mass disobedience!

24-08-2004 03:34

Carry on up the Clyde! August 23rd 2004
Faslane BLOCKADED 23rd August 2004!!! Over 70 Arrests at Carry On Up The Clyde!
72 people, including four members of the Scottish Parliament, have been arrested during the blockade of Faslane naval base on the Clyde.

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LARC the movie, now with subtitles!

24-08-2004 02:41

Okay, so it may not be that exciting but here is a short movie about the London Action Resource Centre that was made for the film night about social centres at the rampart last wednesday...

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Why men suicide in Australia?

24-08-2004 02:29

Australian Prime Minister Website
25 years ago in Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser established Family Court. This Court disciminate against men so fanatically that more than 50,000 Australian fathers couldn't cope with Court decission and killed themselves. Prime Ministers Hawke, Keating and Howard refined the system of this modern genocide.

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Anarchy is juvenile rebellion

24-08-2004 01:30

“Man is by nature a political animal.” Aristotle

A lot of very bright and well intentioned people talk about anarchy as a solution to political problems. They are barking up the wrong tree...

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rampART events, films, gigs and stuff

24-08-2004 00:22

Here are reports from the weekly rampart meeting plus the first video/filmmaking workshop and coming events...

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Beyond Populism: Venezuela and the International Left

23-08-2004 23:24

more from jonah... he's talking to YOU!

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Reclaiming the Streets Of Cardiff

23-08-2004 23:02

On 21st August the police clamped down heavily on a planned Reclaim the Streets Party in Cardiff, but through thier incompetence there was more disruption to the city centre than the organisers had originally planned.

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International Press Coverage Begins to Change Its Tune on Venezuela

23-08-2004 23:01

check out the ending, a 'bolivarian opposition' would cement this!

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Homelessness will be on the increase!

23-08-2004 22:56

More young working families are being forced into private sector money grabbing private landlord properties because the RSL’s are stealing public housing demolishing it and building more houses for sale than for rent on what was once former public land.

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Slavery Rememberance Day, Liverpool

23-08-2004 22:38

Slavery Rememberance Day was commemorated at Liverpool’s Pier Head today. The event was attended by leaders of Liverpool’s black community, members of the public and council dignitaries.

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British anti-slavery movement

23-08-2004 20:19

British anti-slavery movement

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Israeli activists-Peace comes from justice and coexistence

23-08-2004 20:01

The Olga Appeal-FOR TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION, FOR EQUALITY AND PARTNERSHIP --This document represents a new initiative brought by Israeli activists and scholars that deserves widespread attention and dissemination.

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Manchesters Anti-corporate Olympics. Don't just watch, Play!

23-08-2004 19:15

The first ever Manchester anti-corporate olympics happened on Sat 21st Aug.
The point was to reclaim public spaces such as Market St as space for people to enjoy themselves, not just buy products, and to show that sport is for fun and for everyone not just for millionaire athletes and their corporate sponsors.

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Resistance Art from - Autonomous Lab!!

23-08-2004 18:24

We at the automous lab have decided to flush down the toilet all forms of corporate media.

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Research Survey for a Sustainable Clothing Industry

23-08-2004 18:05

The global clothing industry involves several important social, political, economic, and environmental issues. This survey is part of the research for my senior thesis on how the clothing choices of socially conscious, politically active, and/or radically thinking people can be agents of change for the global clothing industry.

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"9/11 National Security Protection Act"--Sen. Roberts goes berserk

23-08-2004 17:41

Sen. Pat Roberts, R-Kansas, and 7 other Republican senators, have proposed splitting the US CIA into three separate agencies, all under one National Intelligence Service--has the far right gone mad?

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The Anarchist who tried to kill Franco

23-08-2004 17:28

remember stuart christie? the anarchist who tried to kill Franco of spain? If not, you can read the interview in the Guardian.