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Sharon has had a serious stroke .

05-01-2006 07:46

In the build up to the invasion of Iran Israel's Prime minister has had a stroke, or perhaps it was all the peace making he has been getting down to with the palestinians anyway it looks like curtains this time

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Greed and Gall: Asking Iraq to Pay for Its Occupation

05-01-2006 05:13

Greed and Gall: Asking Iraq to Pay for Its Occupation
Submitted by dswanson on Thu, 2006-01-05 00:06. Peace and War
By David Swanson

So, I was disgusted to see a website called promoting rebuilding New Orleans with payments from Iraqis. We invaded their country, killed 100,000 people, left the place a wreck, and neglected our own cities – so they should pay us?

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Nuclear War against Iran

05-01-2006 00:35

"The implications are overwhelming.

The so-called international community has accepted the eventuality of a nuclear holocaust."

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Muslim journalist attacks Gays - please complain!

05-01-2006 00:23

Adam Yosef writes for the Desi Xpress newspaper
A UK Muslim journalist has attacked gay people by suggesting same-sex couples have no concept of committment and that the only benefit to gay marriages is tax evasion.

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Birmingham Food Not Bombs has its last street event of 2005

04-01-2006 23:01

On the afternoon of New Year’s Eve Birmingham Food Not Bombs (Brum FnB) took delicious hot food, politically inspired music and leaflets into the City Centre creating a positive public space.

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Intelligence Indications and Warnings Abound as Bush finalizes Iran Attack

04-01-2006 21:56

January 2, 2006 -- Intelligence and military sources in the United States and abroad are reporting on various factors that indicate a U.S. military hit on Iranian nuclear and military installations, that may involve tactical nuclear weapons, is in the final stages of preparation.

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small WORLD interview with Richard M. Smith, Digital Privacy

04-01-2006 21:32

Richard M. Smith
Interview with Richard M. Smith about digital privacy.

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Fresh corruption charges rock US government

04-01-2006 20:41

When it rains, it pours!

With climate chaos reeking havoc in the US with flood and wildfires, the US suffers another blow in the form of a massive bribery and corruption scandal that is implicating dozens of politicians.

Sadly, with all this going on, a previous unresolved corruption story might find itself squeezed out of the US media for the second time as the trial of the fattest cats of Enron begins in a couple of weeks time.

Watch the film - Enron 'the smartest guys in the room' at the weekly free cinema at rampART this thursday 5th 8pm

Enron was big. WorldCom even bigger. If it hadn't been for 911 and subsequent 'war on terror' then the fall out over the big corporate scandals of 2001 may have been bigger.

Now, will the Abramoff scandal blow the lid off democracy for sale in the USA or will it be quickly swept under the carpet and blamed on a few bad apples. Disgraced lobbyistis, Abramoff is now cooperating with the prosecutors, and many in Washington have reason to worry about what he is saying. Abramoff, who raised at least $120,000 for the Bush re-election campaign, pleaded guilty last Tuesday to conspiracy, tax evasion and fraud. He also agreed to help investigators trying to piece together the scope of his lobbying and fundraising activities. Watch this story - it is set to grow and grow!

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A day of films and talks celebrating class struggle in Britain - The CommonPlace

04-01-2006 20:20

A day of films and talks celebrating class struggle in Britain

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The Day the Music Failed

04-01-2006 19:20

A reflection on 6 months after the Live 8 concerts, the broken G8 promises and the silence of the campaign leaders.

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end of year critical mass

04-01-2006 18:35

end of year critical mass... it was rainy it was dark but it was fun...

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James Zogby's campaign against anti Arab prejudice in the United States

04-01-2006 17:56

James Zogby is a campaigner against anti Arab prejudice in the United States.

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Occupiers ready to resist Broadway Market Eviction.

04-01-2006 16:42

Over 30 people watched the sun rise from the roof of Tony's cafe, occupied for weeks by the local community resisting gentrification, ready to resist the Bailiffs once again ( this is the 5th attempt at eviction !).

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Civtas anti PC booklet

04-01-2006 16:39

Rightwing lonie tune think tank Civitas publishes booklet that attacs PC culture. The author claims that PC culture has helped spread HIV ! amongst other cobblers

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OutRage!- on Sir Iqbal Sicranie's outburst over gay rights etc.

04-01-2006 16:28

OutRage! responds to the comments by Sir Iqbal Sicranie on Radio 4 jan 3rd.

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WARNING! Indymedia images infected with windows exploit!

04-01-2006 15:25

Anyone using windows based operating systems should avoid using indymedia (and many many other sites) until they have installed the security patch expected to be issued by microsoft next week.

A previously unknown 'feature' of windows media formats has been exploited by malicious hackers that enables them to execute code on somebodies machine without their knowledge. All that is required is a windows machine to view a specially prepared image file and the embedded code will be run. These images are being uploaded to hundred of websites around the world and open pulishing sites such as indymedia are the most vunerable to the attacks.

Images contained in emails are also being used to infect machines that then become zombies used for mass commerical spamming, hired out to the highest bidder. Ironically it appear to be anti-capitalist sites including indymedia that are the delivery method of choice.

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Demonstration Friday 6 January 2006 outside Egyptian Embassy

04-01-2006 15:11

Demonstration Friday 6 January 2006
from 2:00pm - 4:00pm outside Egyptian Embassy 26
South Street, London nearest station .. Marble Arch

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Brick Lane London E1 Area Manifesto 2006 against the Crossrail hole Bill

04-01-2006 15:06

Part B of the Brick Lane London E1 Area Manifesto 2006 for the scheduled May local council election to the east London borough of Tower Hamlets Council. That Council has been controlled by elements that are pro
Big Business and pro the city of London interests. The result is that a serious assault on the East End of London under the Crossrail hole Bill is due to be made lawful. The best way to stop[ this is to make the local Council representative of the community which needs and deserves fullest support and defence by its 'elected local council'. This manifesto has been drawn up to hell that defence.

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Urgent Treesitters Eviction Alert in the South of the Netherlands

04-01-2006 15:02

Sunday December 4th GroenFront! (Dutch EarthFirst!) occupied the Schinveld forest in the SE of the Netherlands to protest agains the intended destruction of 6 hectares of woods. NATO and the Min. of Defense want AWACS radar planes on the nearby Geilenkirchen NATO base, just across the border in Germany, to off with more kerosene in their fuel tanks. The AWACS are being used in the middle east. We have built treehouses and tunnels and expect them to be evicted this Monday Jan. 9th by 700-1000 military and regular police. GroenFront! is calling upon cops and soldiers to refuse work on ethical grounds. Authorities are immensely nervous about the immense support of locals, and have now called a local state of emergency to quell any more protests. As this had led to even more outrage, many people from the town of Schinveld are pledging to come and support or participate in the eviction.

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Glasgow Asylum Seeker Detained

04-01-2006 14:33

A Glasgow Asylum Seeker was detained this morning and taken to the Brand Street Immigration Centre.