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Fidel Castro: What I wrote on Tuesday 19

23-02-2008 00:10

That Tuesday, there was no fresh international news. My modest message to the people of Monday, February 18 had no problem being widely circulated. I began to receive news from 11:00 a.m. The previous night I slept like never before. My conscience was at rest and I had promised myself a vacation. The days of tension, with the proximity of February 24, left me exhausted...

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UK government nationalises Northern Rock

22-02-2008 23:58

The nationalisation of Northern Rock, the UK bank that ran into trouble last September as the credit crunch began to bite, was characterised in a Guardian lead article as “a shaming moment for a government that has struggled for six months to fend off the inevitable.”

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Climate Code Red: the Case for a Sustainability Emergency

22-02-2008 23:07

Audio Climate Code Red
The Reality Report interviews Philip Sutton of the Greenleap Strategic Institute and coauthor of a new report called “Climate Code Red: the Case for a Sustainability Emergency.” The report reviews disturbing new data and scientific understanding of climate change, explains why existing institutions have failed to respond adequately to the problem, and outlines an appropriate response.

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Science museum staff vote to strike

22-02-2008 21:56

National science museum staff have voted overwhelmingly to strike over pay and plans to close the civil service pension scheme to new members.

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Noise demo at GEO

22-02-2008 21:52

Activists opposed to migration controls converged on GEO’s Head Offices in Reading this morning, entertained them with some beautiful melodic tunes and gave them some helpful careers advice.

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Miliband on Diego Garcia and “extraordinary rendition”: Is this a joke?

22-02-2008 20:44

Andy Worthington, author of “The Guantánamo Files,” notes that David Miliband’s confession about “extraordinary rendition” flights refueling on Diego Garcia does nothing to quell well-founded claims that the island has actually housed a secret “War on Terror” prison.

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Free Online Video on Climate Science

22-02-2008 20:12

An excellent presentation by the University of California at San Diego on the science.

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BBC bury story - Iranian TV Debates the London Bombings

22-02-2008 19:29

Press TV debate the London Bombings discussing whether or not there shoud be an enquiry into the killings. The British government have consistently denied relatives of the victims and the bombing suspects an enquiry. The result: a verdict handed down on television by Sir Ian Blair and Home Secretary at the time John Reid.

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Oxford Radical Forum, Wadham College, 29th Feb-2nd March

22-02-2008 19:03

Wadham College presents the Oxford Radical Forum; a free three-day outburst of political debate, encompassing speakers, workshops, films, bookstalls and magic. Subjects will include Palestine, Marxism, women's reproductive rights, environmentalism, political theatre and queer art. Dialogue is where change begins.

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The Disappearing Bees: CCD and Electromagnetic Radiation

22-02-2008 18:56

A timeline documenting the disappearance of the bees and Colony Collapse Disorder

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This Week In Palestine – week 8 2008

22-02-2008 18:35

This Week In Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for February 16th through to February 22nd, 2008.

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Harmondsworth Four Are Not Guilty Of Conspiracy!!!

22-02-2008 18:12

After a six week trial the jury came back today and acquitted ALL the defendants of conspiracy to commit violent disorder and to commit criminal damage.

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Stamping Out Poverty

22-02-2008 17:34

Development network Stamp Out Poverty presents a ‘sterling solution’ to finally make poverty history. Is Britain up for the challenge?

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Belgrade IndyMedia been down for past week

22-02-2008 16:59

Belgrade IndyMedia been down for past week

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Iraq : Are there any Tears Left?

22-02-2008 16:39

In the Inquisition-scale horrors, inflicted upon Iraq, since a month short of five years ago, the ghosts of the Western-imposed human cull over the previous thirteen years - from life's dawn, to those in its twilight - sometimes, very temporarily, briefly flicker and fade slightly, in the light of another immediate atrocity of enormity. They always return, as they must, in a sight, a scent, a phrase, a 'phone call. Reminders of sins of overwhelming enormity in high places, as Washington and Whitehall bleat about their infantile 'war on terror' and 'rogue states'.

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Report: Cuban speaking tour launch in London

22-02-2008 14:06

Rock around the Blockade speaking tour opening rally, London, 21 February
Cubans come to London – Socialism into the 21st century speaking tour

Rock Around the Blockade’s (RATB) 2008 Cuban speaking tour got off to a strong start on Thursday 21 February with a packed inaugural meeting at Bolivar Hall in London, hosted by the Venezuelan and Cuban embassies.

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Laying Groundwork for Gaza War

22-02-2008 13:44

We must counteract this with rallies and our own lobbying efforts to this Government.

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Canada's Secret War in Iraq

22-02-2008 13:40

Canada - Seeking Our Place/Falling Flat on Foreign Affairs

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Tree Protest in Leeds Shows Who the Police Back

22-02-2008 13:24

The gentrification of Leeds means that more and more urban woodlands and spaces are being sold off by the local council to build flats by corporate developers.

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''Dim ysgol, dim cymuned'' – No School, No Community

22-02-2008 13:21

Plaid Cymru Council carrying out biggest school closure programme in Wales.
small school with sterling record (commended by Ofsted) particularly in special needs provision threatened with closure - as part of cuts across Wales by mainstream parties.