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G8 film night and benefit gig.

18-07-2007 12:21

Thurday 19th at Jamm in Brixton.

Only £1/£2

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The brain drain

18-07-2007 11:56

Our world order appears to have been designed to foster the egoism, individualism and dehumanization of humanity...

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Come and give a workshop, talk or presentation at the No Border Camp!

18-07-2007 11:07

Invitation to contribute workshops and discussions at the No Border Camp, near Gatwick, UK, 19th-24th September 2007.

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International Black Block Day Leipzig Saxonia Germany 21.07.2007

18-07-2007 11:06

Zum ersten Mal seid Monaten bekennt sich C. Worch zu seiner Demo, die laut der Anmeldung am 21.7.2007 in Leipzig stattfinden soll.
Aus dem Rundbrief, den er an fast alle freien und parteilichen Naziwebseiten geschickt hat, wird klar, dass er trotz aller Niederlagen in Leipzig und der Verlegung seiner 1.Mai Demo 2007 immer noch an dem Konzept der „Demos durch Leipzig“ festhält. Mit dem Brief reagierte er auf das Verbot seiner Demo.
Rundbrief von Worch:

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David Ben-Gurion was an anti-Semite

18-07-2007 09:49

If he were alive today the AIPAC would be after him.

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Stop Cowley Road CCTV!

18-07-2007 09:46

Your chance to stop CCTV along the Cowley Road (from The Plain to The Regal).....

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The March to War: Détente in the Middle East or "Calm before the Storm?"

18-07-2007 08:50

A deeper look must be taken at the evolving domestic conditions within the “American Homeland” and at the wave of events that are unfolding in the Palestinian Territories, Israel, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, the Persian Gulf, the former Soviet Union, and Iran.

There have been reports and chatter about war between Israel and Syria and a “Summer War” that could breakout in the Levant with the initiation of Israeli strikes in the Palestinian Territories and Lebanon. The summer-months of 2007 may see international tensions rise, but witness no regional war that could potentially spread in the Middle East and beyond.

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A612 Burton Joyce Motorists protest Burton Road Bus Plug

18-07-2007 07:00

On 17th July at 6.30pm, 150 motorists gathered on the A612 to protest that the building of the new A612 bypass had taken away their short cut creating a bus plug along Burton Road near Carlton Le Willows School. This article argues the bus plug provides a vital green lung with other benefits

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London Sound Posse presents: Detention Without Trial: Lives in limbo in Britain

18-07-2007 00:43

The Centre for the Study of Terrorism (CFSOT) with the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC) & Cage Prisoners present:

"Detention Without Trial: Lives in limbo in Britain"

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earth first! summer gathering location announced

17-07-2007 23:15

Location was announced a week ago - just looked myself before I set off.

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Can you help find stuff for the No Border camp?

17-07-2007 23:02

This is a wish list of stuff that we will need to get our hands on for the No Border Camp, which will take place near Gawtick form 19th-24th September 2007.

Please help us beg, borrow, steal or freecycle the stuff!

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MOVE's Ramona Africa on May 13th Bombing and 'Justice'

17-07-2007 22:53


Ramona Africa, sole adult survivor of the FBI bombing of the MOVE house in Philidelphia on May 13th 1985, talks about how she coped with the aftermath of the bombing and how she sees justice from an uncompromising, revolutionary perspective.

If you're having problems playing the video, download and install VLC Player or Mplayer

Watch the MOVE documentary online

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Rossport Update

17-07-2007 22:43

Overview of last weeks events in Rossport and info on how to support the campaign

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Police Report: Face Recognition CCTV Unreliable

17-07-2007 21:58

By Mick Meaney
RINF Alternative News

New tests conducted by police yet again prove an increasing number of surveillance systems are unreliable.

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Plan Iraq - Permanent Occupation

17-07-2007 21:29

Drawdowns, withdrawal, timelines, mission shifting, building democracy and all the other current and long-standing phony rhetoric aside, America is in Iraq to stay as a conqueror and occupier - that is, until Iraqis finally kick us out as they will in time in a part of the world long a graveyard for foreign invaders. But it won't happen quickly or before countless more thousands die, are injured, suffer immeasurably, are displaced, and lose everything.

Whatever little, if anything, a new president does at home, the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan will remain with plans for Iraqi forces eventually to do most of our killing and dying for us. If or when they're up to it, the scheme involves US troops staying hunkered down inside their super-bases, used as needed outside them, with massive air power deployed freely to slaughter innocent victims on the ground whenever they resist what no one should ever have to endure.

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Red And Black Fest. - callout for help

17-07-2007 21:17

Red and Black Fest is a day of music and politics to raise money for Oaxacan
anarchists awaiting trial in Mexico.

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An unpalatable truth for Bush: most foreign insurgents in Iraq are Saudis

17-07-2007 20:42

An article in Sunday’s Los Angeles Times detailing the national origins of foreign insurgents in Iraq has punctured a large hole in the Bush administration’s relentless propaganda against Iran. For months, the White House has been demonising Tehran for “meddling” in Iraq by establishing networks to arm, train and finance anti-US insurgents. Most foreign fighters, however, come, not from Iran, but Saudi Arabia, a close American ally, with which the Bush administration in particular has intimate ties.

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The fallen paradise

17-07-2007 18:13

A photo story about the many refugees in Sri Lanka caused by the civil war between the tamil tigers and the government.

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Teddy bears Picnic

17-07-2007 17:36

5 minute video of protest picnic and demonstration against t the GM Potato trials taking place in Girton, Cambridgeshire July 2007.

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Postal Workers To Rally In Liverpool

17-07-2007 16:25

North West Regional March & Rally
Saturday 21st July 2007