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Update from Prague Anti-NATO 18th nov

20-11-2002 10:32

reuploading this from yesterday cos the html didn't work - the previous post can be hidden, thanks.

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A Fraud and a Hoax

20-11-2002 09:35

The whole population of earth is being continuously brainwashed by the media to believe the colossal political lies. You have to put in the effort to unbrainwash yourself and reprogram your mind. You have to do some serious thinking.

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Your presence is needed in Palestine now!

20-11-2002 07:23

The International Solidarity Movement is urgently trying to get international volunteers to come to the Occupied Palestinian Territories to stand with Palestinians against attacks on their very existence.

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Major invasions in Gaza go unnoticed

20-11-2002 07:14

Gaza is currently invaded, shelled and destroyed on a daily basis. The media seem to turn a blind eye to the structural destruction and killing in one of the world's most densely populated areas. [adapted from an ISM report]

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Exclusive Indymedia interview with Nuke sub invaders

20-11-2002 04:28

28 minutes audio interview
(16bit mono 22khz mp3 encoded windows wav file)

Approx 6.5mb

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Peace is the way to peace - not war

19-11-2002 22:25

Take the challenge - become a peace church

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EARTH CHARTER; Sustainability, human security ONLINE VIDEOS

19-11-2002 21:13

Check out the footage CNN won’t show you! The British Columbia Council for
International Cooperation presents four streamline videos featuring: Martin
Khor (Third World Network), Princes Basma Bint Talal (Jordan), Maurice Strong
(Canada) and Jan Pronk (UN Special Envoy to the World Summit). These videos
will demonstrate that there are people “inside the system” working to
promote the Earth Charter, reform of the global governance architecture, and
move towards peace.

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ESF- call for day of action against war?

19-11-2002 20:35

at the european social forum it appeared it was agreed on that there was to be a day of action against the war on 7?th dec since the demo in feb was not soon enough

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Happy McUnicef Day!

19-11-2002 20:26

Happy McUnicef Day!
Today, McDonalds and Unicef enter into a partnership for McDonalds World Children's Day (McUnicef Day).

Why not send Carol Bellamy (the head of Unicef) a special message to wish her a happy day.

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use taxes for water services and sewage not WAR and BOMBS

19-11-2002 20:20

Paul what'isname, secretary of state for Northern ireland, is hoping to introduce water charges in Northern Ireland. Water charges are to be introduced into Northern ireland to pay for BRITS WAR IN IRAQ. we in northern ireland have not had to pay water charges, why should we now, why should we have to finance the brit military machine.

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We are NOT Elitist. There are "real issues" at stake.

19-11-2002 18:51

An attempt to open a constructive debate on the success of mass anti-war demos in response to SWP criticism of DA activists.

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Condemned to Empire

19-11-2002 17:54

Does empire encourage untruthfulness, the rewriting of history and the crisis of language and community? Can the unipolar moment annul the multipolar reality? Does denial of interdependence plunge a nation into paralysis? Is self-righteousness the grand delusion? The powerful, it is said, never make mistakes, only learning experiences. From German

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Mass Weapons Inspection Of USAF Fairford: Sat 14th December

19-11-2002 17:38

There will be a MASS WEAPONS INSPECTION of USAF Fairford on Saturday 14th December @ 12.00noon. This has been called in response to the arrival of US Stealth Bombers, & called as a REGION WIDE demonstration.

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Jello Biafra Interview

19-11-2002 17:07

Jello discusses current events and alternative culture

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Prague Anti-NATO update 18 Nov

19-11-2002 16:54

Latest Summit demonstrations info

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Lords of the Things

19-11-2002 16:38

Lords of the Things: “We shall make the greatest story ever” HILARIOUS WEBSITE ABOUT EU SUMMIT

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Arabs in US face backlash

19-11-2002 16:30

Link to report:

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19-11-2002 16:20


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Waking up

19-11-2002 15:18

Two articles
1. Indonesion Parliamentary Speaker and Deputy Speaker question the Amrozi story, while all evidence is hurriedly buried at sea
2.The Toronto Star questions the 911 story, and incidentally the Wellstone deaths