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UK No Borders Gathering 8-9 November

04-10-2008 12:49

Just over a month till the next network-wide No Borders Gathering, to be held in Newcastle on 8 & 9 November.
The Gathering will be a chance to discuss, network and plan, and to build on the discussions held at the last network-wide Gathering earlier this year.

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In memory of SAlly Grace activist raped and murdered in Oaxaca

04-10-2008 12:16

Sally's murder may have passed as yet another case of sexual violence, completely unrelated to her political work with some of the most persecuted organizations in Oaxaca. But Sally's friends in Oaxaca City know that she was being followed as a result of her human rights work and her associations with CIPO and other Oaxacan organizations for whom political violence is a daily fact of life.

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2nd Annual Working Class Bookfair Sat 22 Nov 2008 12 - 4pm

03-10-2008 22:18

In an age when left and anarchist bookshops have been closing, here is an opportunity to get some literature in the North East.

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NCADC News Service Friday 3rd October 2008

03-10-2008 20:23

"Brian, Chelsea and Selina, Still here, Still fighting''

No Place for Children Campaign

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03-10-2008 20:03


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This Week in Palestine week 40 2008

03-10-2008 19:27

This Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center, for September 27 through October 3, 2008.

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Demonstration Against Human Rights Abuses and Deportation of Ugandan Asylum Seek

03-10-2008 16:58

Join us on Uganda Independence Day to raise awareness of the systematic human rights abuses in Uganda and the organizations that aide or turn a blind eye to these abuses.

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sussex copers caught shoplifting

03-10-2008 16:30

senior sussex police suspended for shoplifting.

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West and selective perception

03-10-2008 15:22

POLITICS in general and global politics in particular is an art centred on perception and there is an inherent tendency for politicians to selectively perceive political developments on the basis of self-motivated interests.

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SHAC Newsletter 48 - Out Now!

03-10-2008 15:10

Summer 2008 Newsletter
Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty: The Global Campaign to Close HLS

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Update from Uk activist arrested at RNC protests

03-10-2008 14:38

I recieved this update from Dave today after his court hearing.

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Dissident Island Radio Tonight - October Dirt

03-10-2008 14:01

We've had our fingers in a lot of pies and have come up with a neat little show this Friday (October 3rd) - Broadcasting for the first time from the London Activist Resource Centre (LARC) tonight's show promises to be a goodun so listen in from 9-11(ish)

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URGENT - Stop the deportation of Mustafa!

03-10-2008 13:53

Mustafa Abdulrahim Mustafawas, who has been in UK since June 2004, was detained when he reported at his reporting centre in Loughborough this week. He criticised the Sudanese regime though his film work for which he was tortured: beaten and humiliated. We urge you to write on his behalf, to the Home Secretary, the Immigration Minister, and the Airline. Mustafa should not be returned to Sudan.

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Facebook comes to Ireland but deletes Shell to Sea page

03-10-2008 13:50

Yesterday an Irish government minister from the ruling Fianna Fáil party announced that the social networking site Facebook would be setting up its European office in Dublin. In what some may see as a weird coincidence, and others as a pointed message, the profile page for the Shell to Sea campaign was removed from Facebook at the same moment the announcement was made public.

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Tonight: London Guantanamo Campaign monthly demo, US embassy, 6-7pm

03-10-2008 12:31

Calling for the US to release the remaining former British residents, Binyam Mohamed, Shaker Aamer and Ahmed Belbacha, and all the victims of the so-called "War on Terror" held for years by the US without charge and tortured / beaten / badly mistreated (often with the knowledge and complicity of the British intelligence services) in the gulags of Guantanamo, Afghanistan, Iraq and the secret network of torture prisons used in Bush's "extraordinary rendition" programme.

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Mustafa Belongs to Nottingham

03-10-2008 12:21

Mustafa Abdulrahim Mustafa from Sudan is detained in Campsfield House IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Saturday 4th October on BMI flight BD 997 from Heathrow Terminal 1, @ 13:15hrs, flying to Beirut, and then on to Khartoum

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Not Around Here!!!

03-10-2008 12:14


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Demonstrate at Communications House - Tuesday 7 October

03-10-2008 11:17

Show solidarity with asylum seekers and immigrants

Outside the UK Immigration Service Communications House
210 Old Street, London , EC1V 9BR
(nearest tube – Old Street )

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Open Letter to Sussex Police from Smash EDO

03-10-2008 11:09


Anti arms trade campaigners are planning a mass demonstration against the arms trade on Wednesday October 15th from Falmer Station. Recently Sussex Police hand delivered letters to known campaigners calling for 'organisers' to meet with the police to 'discuss their intentions'.

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Racist plod fired for wearing BNP badge

03-10-2008 10:55

A Greater Manchester police officer has been forced to resign after he was seen wearing a British National Party (BNP) badge at a football match.