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SHAC Newsletter 48 - Out Now!

SHAC | 03.10.2008 15:10 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Health | World

Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty: The Global Campaign to Close HLS

Editorial: The summer has certainly been a miserable time for animal abusers! If the lack of sunshine wasn't enough, they've also had a torrent of angry people outside their workplaces letting them know that their dirty dealings in blood money isn't going to be tolerated anymore. Globally, conferences have been cancelled, animal killers have had some loud demonstrations outside their homes and demos have continued thick and fast across the world.

Sweden was host to a very successful International Animal Rights Gathering 2008, which saw hundreds of activists meet for campaign updates, planning and sharing skills, followed by some lively demos in Stockholm and Malmo. In the UK, various successes have been made in the financial struggle against HLS, with millions of pounds worth of shares ditched and three major shareholders gone.

Keep the great work up everyone!

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