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Vicious personal attacks on Tamsin Omond

21-09-2009 13:19

Tamsin Omond
Why is Indymedia UK being used to launch viscous personal attacks on Climate Rush founder Tamsin Omond?

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Dawn at Vestas Blade Blockade

21-09-2009 10:46

Dawn over the River Medina at Low Tide (no chance of a barge taking the blades)
The Blade Blockade at the (once Occupied) Vestas Wind Turbine Blade Factory at the St Cross Business Park, Dodnor Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight was served a letter before claim type notice of eviction from WIGGUN solicitors the other day. We took some nice photos of the dawn the day after to encourage people to visit (on yer way to Calais, natch). Climbers, cooks and nocturnal creatures particularly warmly welcomed. The fires are still burning!

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URGENT call out to Calais

21-09-2009 09:50

Destruction of jungles expected as early as tomorrow (Tuesday 22 September). Support needed!

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Obama and Vietghanistan (by Latuff)

21-09-2009 08:37

Obama and Afghanistan
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, originally produced for The Sovereign Newspaper, New York:

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peace not war - pass it on

21-09-2009 00:14

please pass on to peace movement peeps...

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Why is unemployment ignored by the Left?

20-09-2009 23:45

The Left are caught up in an endless series of navel gazing activities that ignore fundamental struggles. The relationship between people and economics is one of the struggles that has ceased to be of any great interest to campaigners and political activists. The reason is plain and simple: Thatcher Won the Class War.

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Hatemongering in America—the Post-Carter Dilemma Versus Conservative Opposition

20-09-2009 23:27

The venom and vile the spews forth from America’s body politic is endemic of a people infected with fear and prejudice; but this learned hatred of a democratic agenda is not one based primarily on racism—yet hostility and resentment is very much its spirit. Rather this anima of animosity is one that seeks scapegoats for any instability felt or imagined of America’s middle and lower class realities, and all presumptions of a relatively naïve and misinformed society.

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Vietnamese Vivisector Killed at Yale. The University Hides Nature of Research

20-09-2009 22:55

Yale University has at least 24 animal vivisection labs on campus.
Some are underground. Violence to animals attracts violence to
humans. Fast food chains have more crime and theft.
Slaughterhouse owners are scofflaws.

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E-ON's YouTube propaganda

20-09-2009 22:20

Let's ruin E-ON's pathetic online attempt to rescue their ailing brand.

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Calais latest - defiance & resistance!

20-09-2009 20:03

Migrants resist the destruction of their camps.

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Photos from Palestine stall in Edinburgh on Saturday 19th September 2009

20-09-2009 17:14

20 photos from a lively and well attended stall for Palestine in Edinburgh's Princes Street on Saturday 19th

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Hunt Sab, Demo at Circus Mondao and 1 Less Fur Shop

20-09-2009 16:50


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Vivisection Animal Breeder Global Week of Action

20-09-2009 16:13

Please organise demonstrations against your nearest vivisection breeder for the global week of action starting tomorrow. See

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Migrant Camps To Be Bulldozed Within 48 hours

20-09-2009 16:12

No-one can know for sure but strong rumours

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Mr. Manure

20-09-2009 13:28

Mr. Manure
The BBC motor journalist Mr. Jeremy Clarkson, JM, often presents his views on motoring, cars and similar matters in the conservative Danish newspaper Berlingske Tidende: and it’s clear to anyone that JM is in favour of big and petrol consummating motors. No doubt there, he is loyal to his real employers. But the position of the BBC is some what difficult to comprehend. Why on the polluted earth want the BBC to promote the exceedingly climate dangerous viewpoints and positions of JM? In other relations the BBC appears as a public service organisation that is intelli-gent and understands the danger of human driven emissions etc.

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The Twilight of the Warlords

20-09-2009 12:35

The Afghan War: what is behind this madness?

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Aberdeen: Tripping Up Trump Gig 25 Sept 7pm

20-09-2009 10:32

Date: Fri, 25/09/2009 - 19:00
Come down to the Blue Lamp from 7.00pm and support the local artists who are showcasing their work, all inspired by Trump’s controversial development.

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Direct Action in Europe

20-09-2009 08:36

Update: On September 17, Luc Hansen and John Seil released the following statement:
"Today we have resigned as directors of Anchor Sub Funding, we have cancelled the company's registered office and we have stopped any services to Anchor Sub Funding. These decisions are in the process of being filed with the Registre de Commerce (Company House)."

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Barclays, Watford, targetted for investment in arms trade

19-09-2009 22:52

Barclays, Watford, targetted for investment in arms trade

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Report about No Border Lesbos

19-09-2009 21:22

How we see the No Border Camp – A reporting from autonomous participants
from different cities in Germany