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Glasgow Anarchist Fair Dec 10th Latest Details

27-11-2011 22:29

Ground Floor Hall 10.30 – 18.00 - Stalls, Kids Space

18.00 – 23.00 - Bar, Chat, Social


First Floor Hall 10.30-22.00

Discussions + Films + Book Reading

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N30 Strike Glasgow Anarchist Cycling, Picketing and Singing

27-11-2011 21:16

7.30am - Western Infirmary Main Gate

8am - Hillhead High School Oakfield Avenue

9am - Glasgow University Main Gate

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Former Tory club occupied for the bigger society

27-11-2011 20:55

A group have occupied the empty Conservative Club on Church Street in Lenton. The Bigger Society Social Club will feature workshops, discussions and film showings in support of movements for radical social change. In particular, the participants are focussing on supporting the public sector strike on 30th November as well as the wider anti-cuts movement.

The volunteer-run space is open to the public all week for a programme of workshops[1] from 1pm-7.30pm each day. Dinner will be served each evening accompanied by a film showing.

The Conservatives' Big Society programme stated that it aimed to build “a big society that will take power away from politicians and give it to people”[2]. The Bigger Society is an example of taking back power for people without asking for official permission.

The occupiers hope to raise awareness of the Government’s attempt to ban squatting by demonstrating that unused buildings can be converted into positive community spaces. Local Conservative, Ken Clarke MP, made a last minute amendment to the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Bill to criminalise squatting in residential properties last month.

Those who oppose the criminalisation of squatting point to the results of the Government’s consultation on the issue to which over 90% of respondents, including homelessness charities, objected to the proposed changes[3]. A government paper published in July this year found that criminalisation will increase homelessness and pressure on the police and council housing departments[4]. Leading legal figures have joined the campaign against the ban pointing out that squatting in people’s homes is already a criminal offence[5].

Occupier Chris Clarke said “We will be using an occupied building to highlight the issue of squatting and to counteract the campaign of misinformation that has accompanied government plans to criminalise it. We hope to show that squatting can provide unique spaces and resources that the whole community can benefit from.”

“By squatting in their old club we are sending the Tories a clear message: Movements, like ours, which bypass government and take direct action are the real Big Society.”


Notes for editors:

[1] The programme can be found online:

[2] Government launches Big Society programme, 18th May 2010:

[3] The consultation included the views of 25 25 members of the public concerned with the harm squatting can cause but 2, 126 concerned about the impact of criminalisation of squatting. Regional and national homelessness charities, including Crisis, Thames Reach, Shelter, Homeless Link, Housing Justice and St Mungo’s had serious concerns about any proposals to criminalise squatting. The full summary can be accessed here:

[4] The paper said the proposal could further damage the health of people already suffering from mental health problems and drug addiction. It can be accessed here:

[5] The Guardian, Letter: Media and politicians are misleading about law on squatters, 25th Sep 2011:


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The Bigger Society Social Club is open

27-11-2011 20:55

The Notts Free Space is now open to the public. We are occupying the former Conservative Social Club on Church Street in Lenton. Please come and support us tonight and tomorrow whilst we get off the ground. A programme of events will be taking place throughout the week.


The choice of venue was an obvious one – by reclaiming the governing party's club for a community space we are demonstrating that we are serious about redistributing power and resources. Unlike the Tories whose talk of a Big Society is just that.

This week was chosen because the biggest strike for decades is happening. Many of us are workers who will be striking and others are acting in solidarity with the strikers. We will be serving a post-rally lunch at Bigger Society and we hope to act as a base for people interested in extending this struggle.

We are also standing up for the rights of squatters that the government are desperately trying to remove. We hope that this occupation will be a demonstration of how squatting can be a positive breath of life into a derelict building.

A wide range of workshops and events will be taking place including permaculture, yoga, self-defence and independent media. There are still slots available for you to offer to share your skills and knowledge so please get in touch and book one. There will also be a vegan dinner and a film showing at 7.30 each evning, and the liberated snooker room is at your disposal!

Although it is a social space, we ask you to respect our no drink, no drugs policy. We want it to be a conscious and reflective space where people of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.

The space will be run by people volunteering to make things work. Although you are welcome to just come along for the workshops and food, if you can help by staying at the space, cooking, washing up, etc we would really appreciate it. There will be rotas going up soon so please put your name down. In particular, we want to make sure the space gets off to a good start with lots of people here tonight and tomorrow during the day, so come down if you can.

You can phone the space (07758 867265) or email to get in touch. See you soon!


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Bigger Society Free Space in Nottingham

27-11-2011 20:55

An occupied autonomous space has been opened in Nottingham. The free space, at the former Conservative Social Club on Church Street in Lenton, is intended as a space to plan and discuss ways of supporting the strike on November 30th, as well as the wider anti-cuts campaign and other movements for radical social change.

On the newswire: The Bigger Society Social Club is open | Former Tory club occupied for the bigger society | Provisional programme for Notts Free Space | Notts Free Space

There will be a wide ranging programme running through the week:

Bike maintenance skill shares – running all week.

Intro to Indymedia – An introduction to the values and practice of Indymedia, a global network of independent media sites that will make you think twice about giving away your media to corporate sites. The workshop will explain why Indymedia is necessary and how to publish your news and be the media.

Introduction to Jun Fan/Jeet Kune Do – Covering primary theory & principles, stance, fundamental footwork, core strikes, stop hits, interceptions & sensitivity drills

JKD Kickboxing basic training.

Men against the patriarchy – Men are conditioned to reinforce patriarchal structures and behaviours. How can they reject and challenge this in their day to day lives? Nottingham based group “Men dealing with our shit” will facilitate this discussion to pick apart our behaviours, their root causes and collectively create solutions. All genders welcome.

Off-grid electrics – Theoretical and practical workshop on off-grid, solar panels and battery power.

Prisoner Solidarity – Those who participate in resistance against the state and capitalism run the risk of spending time imprisoned. This workshop aims to develop ideas and practices which mean that those who end up behind bars to not become isolated from the communities they were part of, as well as thinking through practical ideas to support imprisoned comrades.

Security for activists – From police infiltration to corporate smears and fascist attacks, any effective campaign against powerful enemies will have to deal with attempts to shut it down. This workshop will introduce participants to thinking about personal and campaign security and provide a space to share ideas about how to improve security within our movements.

Self defence foundation course

  • pt.1 – Covering basic core strikes, personal space, defensive reinforcements, body language, verbalisation, use of senses/awareness, basic footwork & stance, & grab releases.
  • pt.2 – Covering defences utilising use of opponents energy.
  • pt.3 – Covering ground & seated defence.

Smash EDO

  • A brief introduction on the origins of the campaign and past actions.
  • A legal workshop in the form of QnA.
  • A talk on direct action tactics.
  • What we would like from the Summer of resistance.

Yoga – Occupation yoga is back by popular demand! Please bring a mat or blanket.


In October 1993 Charlie Ryder took part in a violent protest to shut down the BNP headquarters in Welling South East London. Two months later he was featured on crime monthly a program which appealed for some of Britain’s most wanted criminals. Arrested the next morning he waited nearly 2 years before he was sent to prison for 16 months.

Charlie has now developed his story into a feature film using shadow puppetry, marionette puppets, rod puppets, masks, visual art, poetry and dance to shine a light on his time inside. Charlie hopes that by painting a picture of his experience it will educate people and challenge perceptions of prison and prisoners.

The Take
In suburban Buenos Aires, thirty unemployed auto-parts workers walk into their idle factory, roll out sleeping mats and refuse to leave. All they want is to re-start the silent machines. But this simple act – The Take – has the power to turn the globalization debate on its head.

Armed only with slingshots and an abiding faith in shop-floor democracy, the workers face off against the bosses, bankers and a whole system that sees their beloved factories as nothing more than scrap metal for sale.

The Taqwacores
Yusef, a first-generation Pakistani engineering student, moves off-campus with a group of Muslim punks in Buffalo, New York. His new “un-orthodox” house mates soon introduce him to Taqwacore- a hardcore, Muslim punk rock scene that only exists out west. As the seasons change, Taqwacore influences the house more and more. The living room becomes a mosque during the day, while it continues to host punk parties at night. Ultimately, Yusef is influenced by Taqwacore too, as he begins to challenge his own faith and ideologies. The Taqwacores deals with the complexities of being young and Muslim in modern-day America.


Wikipedia entry

Tough Guise
While the social construction of femininity has been widely examined, the dominant role of masculinity has until recently remained largely invisible. Tough Guise is the first educational video to systematically examine the relationship between pop-cultural imagery and the social construction of masculine identities in the U.S. at the dawn of the 21st century.

In this innovative and wide-ranging analysis, Jackson Katz argues that widespread violence in American society, including the tragic school shootings in Littleton, Colorado, Jonesboro, Arkansas, and elsewhere, needs to be understood as part of an ongoing crisis in masculinity.

END:CIV examines our culture’s addiction to systematic violence and environmental exploitation, and probes the resulting epidemic of poisoned landscapes and shell-shocked nations. Based in part on Endgame, the best-selling book by Derrick Jensen, END:CIV asks: “If your homeland was invaded by aliens who cut down the forests, poisoned the water and air, and contaminated the food supply, would you resist?”

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Calais No Borders events at two London occupations this week

27-11-2011 20:29

Two dates for your diary -- please spread the word ...

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Michael Lyons released from military detention

27-11-2011 17:36

Michael Lyons
Earlier this month, Michael Lyons, the navy medic who was sentenced to detention in Colchester Military Corrective Training Centre for refusing to take up arms and protesting the war in Afghanistan, was released.

Michael Lyons was inspired to take action after studying some of the material Bradley Manning is accused of disclosing via WikiLeaks, especially about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Bradley Manning's pre-trial hearing starts on 16 December in the US.

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Name and shame AstraZeneca - 600 ways to contact a HLS customer

27-11-2011 15:51

AstraZeneca and all their subsidiaries, shareholders and employees will remain focus until every cage is empty and HLS is shut down! Let them know what you think about their animal experimenting business and their connection to Huntingdon life Science. Name and shame those responsible for animal torture in vivisection labs like HLS. Please contact AstraZeneca.

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World in upheaval

27-11-2011 15:03

Tune in to Uhuru Radio live on Sunday for news, analysis and culture
This Sunday, November 27, 2011, tune in to for live and dynamic discussions of our world in crisis and transition. You can listen over the internet, or through your phone. Visit for phone listening numbers. Uhuru Radio brings you the online voices of African revolutionaries and our allies struggling all over the world for liberation and justice.

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77 year old man scales USB building in protest

27-11-2011 14:55

Today (Saturday) police were called when a 77 year old man scaled the front of the UBS office on Sun Street, London – not to be confused with the UBS-owned office building just opposite, which currently houses the Occupy London-associated community centre, Bank of Ideas. At around 3pm a group of pensioners assembled outside the UBS headquarters holding placards to protest against the now notorious ‘shared appreciation mortgage’ scheme, which has blighted the lives of thousands of British pensioners.


Shared appreciation mortgages, which were aggressively marketed to thousands of households in the nineteen nineties, have left elderly people up and down the country stranded in unsuitable homes. The mortgages, which leave the lender as the major beneficiary of house price rises, means that elderly homeowners have been left unable to move home. Elderly people often need to move into more suitable places for various reasons – but SAM victims ended up trapped because, having lost up to three quarters of the value of their existing property, they couldn’t afford to buy anew. [1]

The elderly man who gave his name as Brian said “Having worked for a lifetime we have literally had the rug snatched from under our feet.”

UBS, as one of the biggest backers of this controversial form of secured lending, reaped massive profits from these deals but, unlike other banks, refused to launch a rescue package for those affected, despite owning 2.2 trillion Swiss francs’ worth of assets.

Labour MP John McDonnell sent a message of solidarity to the protestors earlier in the day, saying he could not be there as he was visiting his constituency but sending his “support and best wishes.”

The man was not arrested and was released by police when he promised not to climb back up the building.

Additional images now available courtesy of Matthew Cunningham:


[1] Shared appreciation mortgages: ‘cheap money’ backfires on borrowers

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Media lies used to provide a pretext for another "humanitarian war"

27-11-2011 13:16

The Independent, 19 August 2011
According to numerous reports from the Western media, human rights organisations, as well as the UN, countless peaceful civilians have been killed by the Syrian forces since the beginning of the unrest in the country in mid March. But where do the numbers come from? Many media reports on the alleged deadly repression by the Syrian government fail to mention the sources of their information, which are very often referred to solely as "human rights groups" or "activists":

The reliance of the mainstream media on information emanating from anonymous groups provides a biased understanding of the Syrian protests, which in turn supports the broader objective of destabilizing the Syrian regime. When information from unknown sources pertaining to the death toll is published either by a mainstream media or a recognized human rights group, it is invariably picked up and considered as "factual evidence" by other news sources or think tanks, without further verification. Moreover, in the process the information is subject to further distortion.

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Now you see it, now you don't - the case of the planted Balaclava

27-11-2011 12:35

Norman Grant
By Norman Grant

When common law rules governing the admissibility of Bad Character in criminal proceedings were abolished in 2003 and replaced with the disclosure of a defendant's previous history to the jury, good and bad detectives up and down the land must have clapped their hands together with unrestrained glee.

For immediately they knew, once a suspect's previous convictions for a similar offence were disclosed to the jury, all that was required to secure a routine conviction was a smear of DNA material planted at the scene of a crime and the rest was history. How do I know all this? Well unfortunately it happened to me!

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Occupy the Machine- Together we can halt the destruction of our only home

27-11-2011 07:08

Our planet is dying, and there is no mistaking the cause... Industrial civilization must be confronted as the machine of death that it truly is. The Occupy Movement has the makings of a revolutionary struggle, but it will only succeed if we can properly align our actions with an honest assessment of the predicament we face.

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Consumer Culture Brought to Its Knees in Bradford

27-11-2011 04:55

In one sweeping stroke the false consciousness of consumption was served a mortal blow in the streets of Bradford today. As the worldwide ripples of Buy Nothing Day crashed upon the shore of BD1, multinational capital trembled in it's bloodstained boots.

The 26th of November has been known by some as Buy Nothing Day for twenty years. A day to celebrate the madness of our self-consumption and to plead for the soul of our civilisation, Buy Nothing Day is about touching people. Inspiring a thought, a doubt, a scrunched up brow, a gob of spit in the face maybe, but a reaction.
Today the hardy shoppers of drizzley Bradford met friendly faces, offering a smile, a song, a book and a drink. No money accepted.
Shivering souls warmed their long neglected cockles with some fine rebel coffee, lovingly grown by Zapatista cooperatives in Mexico.
Confusion reigned as people wondered, "why is this stuff free?". The answer: "why not?"
We can't buy happiness, even dodgy science has shown that paying for experience rather than things is more satisfying. Our habits of purchasing antidotes to alienation are seemingly furthering our descent into dissappointment, and so we fill our lives with shiny things while we deplete our planet of necessary survival items like air and water, and thus ending potential for japes and jiggery-pokery.
Luckily, a collection of people put an end to this cycle of depravity by having some stalls in the soggy streets. A free shop was erected and people played songs, outside a monument to failed capitalism, an empty shop. (The sweet irony of protesting against consumption in a half-vacated city centre was not lost). A worthy target was found, and Starbucks was picketed by free shoppers and Zapatista supporters, highlighting their bullying tactics towards small farmers and their own workers. Their dubious involvement with greenwash front Conservation International was blown wide open (see this or and people complained that their independent cafes were being suffocated by this silky sham sofa swarming of sterile Starbucks, with one independent observer commenting "I don't know why people go there, their coffee's shit." The Yorkshire Zapatistas were on hand to offer some free coffee, and a taste of autonomy to curious people, and many fruitful discussions were had.
So is this the end of the consumerist model?

Maybe a Buy Nothing Christmas will hammer the final nails into the coffin.



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Protest at Israeli export company Mehadrin

26-11-2011 22:55

A group of Palestinians and campaigners for Palestinian rights delivered rotten fruit and empty water bottles to the UK headquarters of Israeli fruit and vegetable export company Mehadrin in Borehamewood, near London, yesterday in protest at the role the company plays in the colonisation of Palestinian land and resources and the exploitation of Palestinian workers.



 More photos:

A group of Palestinians and campaigners for Palestinian rights delivered rotten fruit and empty water bottles to the UK headquarters of Israeli fruit and vegetable export company Mehadrin in Borehamewood, near London, yesterday in protest at the role the company plays in the colonisation of Palestinian land and resources and the exploitation of Palestinian workers.  

The Israeli export company Mehadrin sources produce from growers in illegal settlements exploits Palestinian workers and is deeply involved in the theft of Palestinian water. 

“Mehadrin sells goods from stolen Palestinian lands. The residents of Borehamwood should consider whether Mehadrin fits in with the values of their community,” said Palestinian actvist Maath Musleh, who is currently studying at City University in London.

“Trade with Mehadrin helps sustain Israel’s apartheid system over the Palestinian people and it must be brought to an end. Ordinary people have the power to contribute to a just peace by boycotting Israeli products and contributing to the movement for boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with international law,” added Maha Rezeq, a Palestinian currently studying at the School of African and Oriental Studies.

After delivering rotten fruit and empty water bottles, to symbolise the role the company plays in the theft of Palestinian water, the dozen campaigners held a rally outside the entrance to the office, and chanted “Stolen goods from stolen lands, Mehadrin should be banned!”  

Campaigners also held signs showing messages of solidarity witht the Bedouin community of Al Hadidye in the northern Jordan Valley in occupied Palestinian territory, which is denied regular access to water and under immense pressure. Last week, the community was served with nine further demolition orders. In the nearby illegal Israeli settlements of Ro'i and Beqa'ot, agricultural produce is grown with an abundance of water and exported to UK supermarkets such as Tesco by Mehadrin.

The action took place as part of Take Apartheid off the Menu, a Europe wide wave of boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) action against Israeli agricultural produce export companies to highlight their vital role in the maintenance of Israel’s apartheid system over the Palestinian people. Actions took place in more than 30 cities across 8 countries. Last week, French campaigners held a similar action outside local Mehadrin premises.


More information:




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Solidarity With Nottingham’s ‘Atos Two’

26-11-2011 20:55

On Friday 25th November, the ‘Atos Two’ appeared at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court. Despite some confusion over times, the hearing itself was uneventful with both pleading not guilty and the trial being set for February 27th. Outside, around 40 supporters gathered for a demo to show their support and urge the CPS to drop the case, before making another visit to Atos’ offices where the defendants were originally arrested.

On the newswire: ‘Atos Two’ Trial – Press Release | Atos Two Supporters Demo: Trial date now set | Atos Two trial in February | Atos Two solidarity demo | Statement of Support for the ‘Atos Two’ | Nottingham Defence Campaign Indymedia group

Previous features: Nottingham’s ‘Atos Two’ Charged | Nottingham protest rattles Atos

Nottingham Defence Campagin, who have been coordinating support for the defendants, published a brief statement after the trial:

Following the solidarity demonstration for the Atos Two, the court hearing was rather brief and without surprises.

Both defendants pleaded not guilty. The trial will be held on Monday 27th February 2012 from 9.30 at the Magistrates Court to be continued (if necessary) on Tuesday the 28th.

Noticeable was the magistrates’ remark that the prosecution might struggle to prove the allegation that Atos staff had been intimidated as he admitted that there had been no sign of any intimidation.

It was annoying that the defendants were messed around a bit regarding the time proceedings were due to start/did actually start, but such things are to be expected.

The Atos Two have asked to thank all those who supported them these last few weeks. The solidarity they experienced has been amazing and is very much appreciated."

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We are not outraged...

26-11-2011 20:55

But we are not resigned...
We are at class war...!

We are not outraged...

The explosion of rage we see all over the world doesn't start from joyfully indignant citizens, respectful of the constitutional State, who can afford the luxury of non-violence... but from us, exploited proletarians, in struggle against the every time worse conditions of survival imposed on us.

We are not outraged, shocked, indignant...

Among the horrors of the capitalist system, there's nothing new imposed on us nowadays. It's the same old recipes, even worse, which are used for strengthening the power of the bourgeoisie at the expense of our class, the proletariat. Then, why to be indignant about the "excesses" of capitalism and not struggling against capitalism itself? How to be indignant about enrichment of the banks and not questioning the very existence of banks? How is it possible to be indignant about the fact it's always more difficult for our social class to survive, without questioning the very reality of the existence of social classes?

But we are not resigned...

Generally and globally the balance of power is obviously always in favour of the bourgeoisie. It holds the means to continue exploiting the proletariat, repressing, slaughtering and eliminating proletarians in struggle. Yet, in the face of the blatant inability of this mode of production to curb the effects of the catastrophe it causes, we feel that the wind is beginning to turn, that the proletarian revolts become widespread. It's in the bourgeoisie's interest to reduce them to a citizen movement, developing pacifism, legalism, and apolitical attitude... to contain them in a "socially correct" model, in democracy. Our interest is on the contrary to transcend all the containments in which the movement is got caught.

We are deeply convinced...

That the future of the humanity doesn't depend on multiform indignations, humanitarian causes everywhere, individual commitments... but depends on the conjunction of forces allowing putting an end to this deadly system. Proletarians will be forced to radically destroy capitalism if they don't want capitalism to destroy the world.

In fact, "the outraged" as platforms, manifestos, contents... are only the straitjacket that capitalism, democracy, wants to impose for getting rid of the current movement of the proletariat.

We are at class war...!

Let's reaffirm the struggle to abolish the capitalist social system!

Internationalist Proletarians -

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A Real Victorian Christmas Party and Picnic at Triton Square

26-11-2011 19:48

Friday 16th December – 2pm

Triton Square, London NW1

Join us at the home of poverty pimps Atos ‘Healthcare’ for a Christmas Party to celebrate the continuing struggle against disability deniers Atos.

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Protest Against Atos Outside the Paralympic Test Event!

26-11-2011 19:44

As part of December’s month of festive action against Atos and the benefit cuts (1), disabled people, benefit claimants and supporters will be demonstrating outside the Paralympic Goal Ball test event (2) being held at the Olympic Park in Stratford on Saturday 3rd December from 2pm.

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Govt Building Squatted in Cardiff

26-11-2011 19:14

Activists have squatted a derelict Inland Revenue Building in Cardiff city centre, the anti-cuts activists were joined by Food not Bombs handing out free soup and other supporters.