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Calais No Borders events at two London occupations this week

CMS | 27.11.2011 20:29 | Free Spaces | Migration | Repression

Two dates for your diary -- please spread the word ...

Friday 2 December @ 5 PM
Bloomsbury Social Centre
53 Gordon Square
London WC1
Tubes: Russell Sq, Euston

Saturday 3 December @ 6.30 PM
Bank of Ideas
Sun Street
London EC2
Tubes: Moorgate, Liverpool St

First they came for the migrants …

First on the frontline of cuts and repression are migrant workers, propping up Europe’s low wage economy, and refugees fleeing our imperialist wars. Trying to reach safety in the UK, hundreds of migrants get trapped on the border at Calais, where they are subject to daily attacks, arrests, raids by French riot police. No Borders
Calais works in solidarity alongside migrants in the squats and “jungles” in Calais, documenting and resisting repression at the border. We will be showing films and talking about our work — and encouraging you to join us, both in Calais and here in London.

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