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Researcher Being Pursued For Costs - Help Needed

24-04-2007 11:56

Rhetta Moran is being pursued by her ex employer after having been made redundant for what many believe were political reasons.

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Blair versus the OECD

24-04-2007 10:37

Not content with spying on CAAT (Campaign Against Arms Trade), it seems NuLabour are launching a campaign of harrassment and smears aimed the OECD ( Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development ).

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Pix of Musical Protest Against the DSEi Arms Fair - Sat 21 Apr 07

24-04-2007 10:33

Protester and placards
Photos of the Big Red Band, Raised Voices Choir and protesters at the ExCel Centre in London's docklands, home of the wold's biggest killing festival.

For permission to copy and use, see CopyLeft at the end of the story below the photos.

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Army deserters to be executed

24-04-2007 10:21

Iraqi soldiers who desert their units now face execution, according to a decree by the country’s Presidential Council.

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Petition calls on PM to recognise animal rights

24-04-2007 09:49

Petitioning for animal rights, the new online petition calling for the rights of non-human animals to be recognised .

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rampART / eviction / London / solidarity / La Universidad Pirata / Barcelona

24-04-2007 08:23

WHILE upscale universities open bio-technological parks sponsored by big
pharmaceutical companies
WHILE software companies and corporate record labels entertain themselves
with the futile exercise of hunting down so-called copyright delinquents
WHILE all forms of knowledge get privatized and the access to them becomes
even more elitist...

Universitat Pirata opens its doors

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Australia: g20 solidarity action this morning

24-04-2007 08:06

g20 solidarity
This morning the first four arrestees appeared in the Melbourne Children’s Court, part of the continuing politically motivated police and state campaign against protestors following the demonstrations at the G20 in November. A solidarity action was held at 10am outside the courtroom in support of the arrestees.

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Come and find out more about Contraction and Convergence

24-04-2007 06:51

Come and find out more about Contraction and Convergence: A global framework to cope with climate change.

A short film about C&C: ‘An incontestable truth’ and your questions answered by Dr Mark Levene

7.30 Friends Meeting House
St Giles, Oxford
Thursday 26th April 07

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The Myth Of 'Jewish Refugees From Arab Land'

24-04-2007 04:19

Another Zionist Lie is exposed.

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Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia – two sides of the same coin

24-04-2007 04:18

Somebody should let the media know ...

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KingsX Think Again High-Court injunction not2 demolish Grade II listed buildings

24-04-2007 01:21

King’s Cross campaigners are due to attend the High Court today, Tuesday, 24th April at 2pm, to agree final amendments with developer, Argent, to a revised injunction not to demolish Grade II listed Stanley Buildings North beside St Pancras station.

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Urgent upcoming rally: Free Mumia now!

23-04-2007 23:47

Mumia Abu-Jamal is an innocent man!
Free Mumia Now!
Mumia's life is in danger - mobilise now!

Rally, sponsored by the Partisan Defence Committee

Saturday 5 May, 1 pm
University of London Union, Room 3C&D,
Malet Street, London WC1

Abolish the racist death penalty!

Contact the PDC on 020 7281 5504 or at for more information and to help build the rally. Distribute the attached leaflet to your friends, fellow workers and organisations.

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Flight departed, Jack still here

23-04-2007 22:09

Jack Ikegwu, still here, still fighting.
His solicitor got an injunction at the last moment - what took him so long?
Thank you everybody who faxed the minister, the airline etc. Jack is very grateful and so are we his friends.
Jack's campaign will be meeting soon - possibly with him! to decide further action.

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Mainstream Shift

23-04-2007 21:50

In reporting

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Indycast - Grassroots news podcast

23-04-2007 20:59

We're pleased to announce Indycast, the weekly grassroots news podcast, made up of audio postings from the newswires of Indymedia UK and worldwide.

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Prison-death demonstration, Derbyshire, 1 May 2007

23-04-2007 19:49

A demonstration will be held outside HMP Foston Hall, Derbyshire
on Tuesday 1 May 2007, at 1.00 pm for the duration of the afternoon
to protest against the death of mother-of-two Kerry Devereux, aged 32
who died in the 'care' of the jail on 18 April 2007
Reporters/photographers are welcome to attend

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Aldermaston Blockade a Success

23-04-2007 19:48

Shutting the Home Office gate
From just after 6am this morning three gates of AWE Aldermaston were kept shut by peaceful protesters, determined to disrupt the multimillion pound upgrade of the UK Trident nuclear weapons system.

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G8 Meeting Leeds Uni

23-04-2007 19:46

G8 meeting this Thursday 7pm 26th April
Leeds University - Rodger Stevens Building
Organised by DISSENT!

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23-04-2007 19:02

AT BRIGHTON MAGISTRATES COURT TODAY where 3 peace protesters are on trial ..the prosecution tried to slap a public interest immunity on the hearing and have every one removed from the court !!because get this..the security man said he was to scared to attend court! wot use to anyone is a security guard/cctv peeper thats scared of peace protesters???too scared even to let the court know his name!! too ashamed more like and scared of getting his lies ect caught out..oo those hippies are so scary your dishonour i just cant come to court /not even hidden behind a case they see my reflection on the way out!!allso the prosecution/police ect are handing out dvd,s of evidence...and get this..that dont work or crash your computer when you play them!!!! who does the tosser think he is???guardian hook hand or someone important??..they really are remember every wednesday 4...6pm demo day outside the factory ..lets all turn up and chant ..scaredy cat scaredy cat..where are you ..where are you!!! can any justfull court anywhere trust the evidence of a tweed too scared to present himself..theyre liars/cowards/and war criminals..and the courts are trying to cover up the truth of it..but its all so blatant even the blind could see it for what it is....todays argus headline reads...32 sex offenders on the run but not to worry because the police are bringing 3 hippy peace protesters to trial?????? so dont worry are priorities are as fucked up as our society..yours sincerly your honour..sussex police/edo mbm and brighton magistrates court........part two tommorrow...yawn......

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Sheffield Mayday Rally - 1st May

23-04-2007 18:43

Sheffield Mayday March and Rally
The Sheffield Trades Union Council has called a Mayday march and rally, assemble at 11am at Moorfoot and march to a rally at noon at Sheffield Town Hall.