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Palestine u-19 football tour of Britain cancelled

19-08-2007 14:44

The Palestine u-19 football tour of Britain, scheduled to take place from Aug 21st to September 10th has been cancelled, after the British Consul in Jerusalem refused the entire team and its support staff visas to the UK.

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Some updates of those early climate camp leavers!

19-08-2007 13:58

Some early reports from some of the groups that left the climate camp

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Video of climate protesters breaking out of camp in a fan formation

19-08-2007 13:48

This video shows protesters heading towards the HQ of BAA from the Climate Camp. They fan out when they pass the Police line to draw their escorts in different locations.

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pic of breakout on southwest corner of camp

19-08-2007 13:44

please link to article

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The Bipartisan Guarantee of More War in Iraq

19-08-2007 13:29

Most people persist in believing that the Bush Administration has "mishandled" or "bungled" the war in Iraq, when in fact they have achieved almost all of their goals. They have expanded the size, power and scope of the armed forces and the intelligence services (which now have their own secret armies) beyond the wildest dreams of the most hawkish Cold War militarist.

The US army will keep squatting in Iraq for years to come, if the "serious" leaders of both parties have their way.

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Video rushes of people representing themselves for climate action

19-08-2007 13:17

It's lunchtime, at the climate camp and groups of people are leaving site on protest and action. This video shows how they are communicating their message and having a laugh. Contains, paper demo, kids march, exit the system, samba, climate band jam, and more!

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Kids march from Climate Camp - Sunday Action Map

19-08-2007 13:06

A march for children and their parents and supporters left the camp today on a protest march. The march is meant to be a fluffy child friendly event. It attracted a lot of support from local residents who have joined it along with many others from the camp. It's several hundred strong and now has police horses leading at the front.

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Marking the boundary of the proposed third runway in Sipson

19-08-2007 12:59

As part of the actions today from the climate camp people are making a symbolic protest to mark out the boundary of the proposed third runway

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Audio recording of Climate Camp panel discussion - with star George Monbiot

19-08-2007 12:57

This panel discussion happened during an evening at the Climate Camp. It's an hour or varied thoughts about the present and future of climate science and what our response should be to it. The panelists are Oli and Sophie involved in the Climate camp set up, Richard from CAT and George Monbiot.

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"Armed with peer reviewed science" - parade and leaving camp

19-08-2007 12:55

Pics from lunchtime as groups began leaving the Camp for Climate Action...

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Climate Camp Scotland Bario - Gettin in amongst it

19-08-2007 12:53

The Camp for Climate Action started last week as hundreds of climate activists squated land near Staines under threat from Heathrows expansion. People from Scotland came down to lend a hand...

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3 in banner drop at BAA

19-08-2007 12:37

Mission accomplished :-)
3 women have made a successful banner drop from the top of BAA's Heathrow Business Academy, less than a hundred yards from the northern perimeter road.

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video of a group leaving the climate camp site on day of action

19-08-2007 11:14

A quick video of a group leaving the climate camp on the day of action. There are some fully colourful "shields" with the images of young people from the global south leading the group.

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compost toilets on the climate camp site - a diy guide

19-08-2007 11:08

It's more than just somewhere to dump your load. These toilets are a way of working together!

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Traffic Jams on M4 as Police Set up Checkpoints

19-08-2007 09:23

Police set up checkpoints on both carriageways of the M4 yesterday (Saturday 18th August) causing traffic tailbacks throughout the evening. The disruption was covered in the Guardian and other news outlets.

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Brilliantly planned and executed.

19-08-2007 08:58

A personal impression of the Climate Camp.

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A Day in the Life of Climate Camp in Pictures

19-08-2007 07:22

Fry Air pilot looking cool
Just a few views of Climate Camp

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It's a Money Old Game

19-08-2007 06:22

Forget the star spangled and corporate Premiership and support you local non league football team

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Wise words from Climate Camp (in pictures)

19-08-2007 05:57

Camp for Climate Action
Banners and placards etc. from around the camp

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Bring a Banner

18-08-2007 23:59

The GLA have put a whopping great metal fence right round Parliament Square and moved Brian Haw's enclave into an ever tinier patch. But this also gives the opportunity for a huge show of solidarity. Make Brian a peace banner and bring it with hooks to fix on the lovely new fence. If all of you brought something we could make a display even bigger than the one the Police (unlawfully) took away last year.