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Day 3 of Mersey Fire Strike: FBU's Skarratts Blinks First

03-09-2006 15:25

Firefighter Mark Rowe - Speaking up for Merseysiders
Even though the firefighters' strike seems to be absolutely solid, there are worrying signs that Merseyside FBU secretary Les Skarratts may be preparing a retreat.

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03-09-2006 13:55


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Pathological Fixation on Work

03-09-2006 13:47

Work mania - voluntarily - has become social normality. We have largely internalized the norms of the work society. In other words, we are susceptible to work mania. Technical and economic progress is always passed off as progress of individuals or humanity.

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New Laws - To Free Us...

03-09-2006 13:07

In the face of burgeoning legislation - New Laws For Us All
An idea...

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Disowned Watmough & C18

03-09-2006 11:18

Here is the link for all to see, go to it whilst you can, as FAT Sid Williamson sks Saltdean's Sofa Soaker may take it off.

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Blair's Dome Scandal must be seen in context: Crossrail hole is worse

03-09-2006 10:41

Today’s Mail on Sunday [London, Sunday 3 September 2006] criticizes the Millennium Dome Degeneration. Why not include the destruction to the vulnerable communitiews in the East End of London that will be caused by a simlarly bad idea - the Crossrail hole Bill?

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Using Tax Payers Money To Subsidise Business - Reality Of Prison Work Camps

03-09-2006 10:38

Having plundered the third world with impunity for so long, first-world capitalism has now turned its attention to the incarcerated working class in its own prisons, potentially a rich source of exploitable labour. Prisoners are paid around 30 pence per hour, but even these pitifully small wages are seen as fair game by capitalism.

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World Day for Incarcerated Animals

03-09-2006 09:06

Brighton Animal Action are holding the first World Day for Incarcerated Animals on Sat 30th Sept (note change of date from the originally planned 23rd).

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Has Shayler Lost the Plot?

03-09-2006 08:53

Zionists control the planet according to ex-spook David Shayler who phoned into the James Whale show this week to chat to his mate, the equally insane Alex Jones.

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Dear Mrs. Callaway-RED ALERT: 9/11/06

03-09-2006 05:45

Dear Mrs. Callaway, I've been working long and hard on this today, and hope that it serves well for your TPoL tomorrow. I think you'll find the epilogue to be flattering to your fine cyber-magazine! Please consider a prominent placement of this article, as I believe lives are at stake. Your (tired) servant, CPTMAY

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It’s the American Way or the Highway:

02-09-2006 21:11

Moral and Intellectual Confusion
"Your Extinction Will Quell Your Moral and Intellectual Confusion"

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Faux "terror" latest -Timed to Distract Americans from the Failed Fiasco in Iraq

02-09-2006 20:33

it Just a Dream? Sunday, September 3, 2006

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Liberty City Terror Scare that Came on Eve of Historical Senate Debate on Withdrawing Troops from Iraq Was a Bush Administration Entrapment Set Up to be Used When a Media Diversion Was Needed. It was a Stalin Style "Show Arrest," Timed to Distract Americans from the Failed Fiasco in Iraq.

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Dover Live Export Demo Policing Costs

02-09-2006 19:39

The following information was obtained via Freedom Of Information request from Kent Police regarding the cost of policing Ban Live Exports demos at Dover, Kent UK.

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BNP embroiled in Bank Holiday weekend from Hell

02-09-2006 17:35

* Moderators resign from BNP forum after free speech clampdown
* BNP performs perfect U-turn over Ebanks' court fund
* Accusations of theft and fraud pop up like mushrooms

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South Wales Against The War

02-09-2006 16:53

Hundreds of anti war protestor from South Wales say it TIME FOR BLAIR TO GO!

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National Coalition against the Welfare Reform Bill launches..

02-09-2006 16:30

Good news, at last something is stirring nationally in relation to the very nasty and draconian Welfare Reform Bill: a new national coalition has been created: its a very important step, but imo, it will be interesting to see what support it gets from the left, liberals and the activist scene, etc.

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If not Now, when?

02-09-2006 16:15

Surely it is time to restore intelligent, sane, Democratic secular government throughout the world! Over the past eight years we have all had a taste of the simplistic binary ‘us or them’ logic of religionists; the reality is that the majority of people on the planet reject religious divisionism and the associated violent ‘solutions’ of criminals, liars, demented murderers and delusional fools.

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sir ian blair: YOU ARE the weakest link - Goodbye!

02-09-2006 15:08

Batman, get Robin... someone send out the Bat signal!
The Joker is loose in Metropolis!

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Day 2 of Mersey Fire Strike: Authority Calls On "Fantasy firefighters"

02-09-2006 13:29

Firefighter Mark Rowe - Speaking up for Merseysiders
As Merseyside FBU Secretary Les Skarratts prepared for tonight's face-to-face talks with Assistant Chief Fire Officer Bill Evans, it was clear that fire chiefs were becoming increasingly desperate in the face of firefighter solidarity.