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Swiss Prosecutor Behind Theft of UK IMC Server Identified

11-10-2004 03:45

An english translation of a Swiss news report which identifies the Swiss prosecutor who requested the seizure of Indymedia's servers. Someone should sue this free-speech-hating thug. The claim that the name and address of the police officers pictured had been posted on Nantes IMC is a flat-out lie. Anyone can check the original article in Google's cache from Nantes IMC and see that no personal information was posted there: only pictures of the undercover Swiss pigs.

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11-10-2004 01:12

Catch-22: Indymedia internet servers in London have been disappeared into U.S. custody, but we don't know where they went or who took them, as the hosting company refuses to tell us. We can't generate any corporate media interest because there are not enough facts available to make a coherent story, but unless we can generate interest we will never be able to put enough pressure on the authorities to get any facts out of them.

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Roads and Airports Action Gathering

10-10-2004 23:41

Roads and Airports Action Gathering

19th - 21st November 2004

Sumac Centre, 245 Gladstone Street, Nottingham, NG7

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Italy Embassy against deportation

10-10-2004 22:26

"When they deportiert the asylum-seekers, Migranten, activists, more there I did not make none, I am no asylum-seeker, Migrant, Refugees, activist,When they got me, was none more there"
Italy's government has be deported an mass to Libya.The 4 Reich began already
Thusday 12 October at 10 o'clock a.m., we will give this Petition to the Ambassadors of Italy, we need your support please come

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Starbucks to shut down website.

10-10-2004 22:24

Starbucks is cracking down on those who dare to disagree with their vision of uniform sanitised cities, where creativity simply consists of adding caramel syrup to a decaf skinny latte.

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Is Italy Behind the Theft of IMC's Servers in the UK?

10-10-2004 22:04

A translation of a French article on the shutdown and seizure of Indymedia's news servers in the UK. Follow the link to the original article in French.

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badge designs in support of indy

10-10-2004 21:43

some designs for badges if you want

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Pagan Activism During ESF

10-10-2004 21:08

Pagan Activist events during ESF including a Dionysian Smart Mob and an evening of workshops.

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Declaration of Independence Calton Hill 9th October 2004.

10-10-2004 20:16

Flyer for the day.
This is a 1,600 word report with photos of the Declaration of Independence on Edinburgh's Calton Hill on Saturday October 9th 2004. This was the alternative to the bowing and scraping on the Royal Mile that same day.

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CIA campaign against Indymedia

10-10-2004 18:46

We seek to live in a world some day in which people are entirely free from corporate and state intervention in our lives, a world without borders, in which all of natural and social resources are owned collectively by the community and administered by the people for the people in free associations and peoples' councils operating on the basis of consensus, direct democracy, and face- to- face accountability. Is it too much to ask for?

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The night of the packs : an international underground party the 10.30.04

10-10-2004 18:23

We, artists, performers, tribes from the Free Art, we have been undergoing police repressions, abusive laws, the pressures of cultural industries and capitalist economy for a long time.

To denounce these intolerable pressures, we declare the weekend of October 30th will be « the night of the packs ».

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Gtr Manc'r Transport info to Demo 17th Oct. Time to Go- Bush Out - Troops out

10-10-2004 16:51

Greater Manchester transport information to the Demo which concludes the European Social Forum. Departing times for each coach pick-up point are approx. Please arrive early, Ring the contact numbers for your area. Book your coach seat now to avoid disappoint, as they say. £10 unwaged, £15 waged £20 solidarity price.

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Washington’s Human Trafficking Charges Drag Down U.S.-Venezuela Relations

10-10-2004 15:49

Washington’s Human Trafficking Charges Drag Down U.S.-Venezuela Relations

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Palestine benefit gig in Swansea

10-10-2004 15:21

Swansea gig to support Palestine refugee camp

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Protest against civil service cuts for staff and service provision

10-10-2004 15:11

The Public and Commercial Union has organised a rally on Friday outside Sheffield Town Hall 12:30-13:30 to highlight the decimation of public services being proposed by the Government and all other mainstream political parties and to encourage members of the Union to vote yes to a Civil Service wide 1 day strike on November 5th.

All are welcome.

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Swansea march to protest at racist attacks

10-10-2004 15:10

Swansea says no to racism

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Video: The brutal murder and decapitation of British hostage Kenneth Bigley

10-10-2004 14:23

Bigley makes a final statement to the camera.

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Action You Can Take Re: Indymedia Seizure

10-10-2004 13:57

For anyone who thinks this is worth doing click on the link and give your democratically elected representative a piece of your mind.

Go on, doesn't take a minute and it couldn't be easier.

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QUESTIONS for UK Home Office + UK Government over Server Seizures

10-10-2004 11:53

The seizure of the Indymedia Servers in London raises serious constitutional questions as well as serious questions over the ability of domestic and foreign powers to shut down media outlets while shrouding the operation in a veil of secrecy.

The situation is akin to some legal and informational Guantanamo. Twenty Media Outlets from around the world were shut down with the seizure of two webservers in this country, and there is still several days later no information about who has the servers, where they are, why they were seized, who in fact authorised it, when or if they will be returned, and importantly why this action was taken.

This is bigger than Indymedia, it is a concern for all. Below are some relevant questions that need answering. There are probably many more as well.

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Demonstrations and direct action at the ESF

10-10-2004 11:28

1)A number of demonstrations have been announced for the time that thousands of activists will gather in London. Yet, accurate information is difficult to obtain. 2)The final Sunday demonstration has been called against the war and Bush. Many groups and individuals might be dissatisfied with the choice of this subject which seems to aim at assembling a large diverse crowd but fails to demand radical alternatives.