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Action You Can Take Re: Indymedia Seizure

resistance is futile ;-) | 10.10.2004 13:57 | FBI Server Seizure | Indymedia | Repression

For anyone who thinks this is worth doing click on the link and give your democratically elected representative a piece of your mind.

Go on, doesn't take a minute and it couldn't be easier.

The thing is, the home office doesn't even know that anyone cares about this. Blatently that's not right.

Why not send your MP a brief message expressing your outrage and asking that they take up this matter with the Home Office.

It may not make that much difference but it's better than doing nothing and my argument is surely it's not right that the home office doesn't even know that there are people who are angry about this. Let them know they're not in for an easy ride if they continue to sanction this kind of intrusion into the free press.

resistance is futile ;-)
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