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Swiss Prosecutor Behind Theft of UK IMC Server Identified

@ | 11.10.2004 03:45 | FBI Server Seizure | Globalisation | Indymedia | Repression

An english translation of a Swiss news report which identifies the Swiss prosecutor who requested the seizure of Indymedia's servers. Someone should sue this free-speech-hating thug. The claim that the name and address of the police officers pictured had been posted on Nantes IMC is a flat-out lie. Anyone can check the original article in Google's cache from Nantes IMC and see that no personal information was posted there: only pictures of the undercover Swiss pigs.

Translation of Swiss news report at:

Indymedia site closed by the FBI - investigation open in Geneva

GENEVA - the server which hosts Indymedia's local antiglobalization web sites was closed by the FBI on request of Italy and Switzerland. The Geneva prosecutor opened an investigation after the identities of police appeared on the web sites sites. “I opened an investigation but I will not say any to you more”, declared prosecutor Daniel Zappelli on Saturday. Wednesday, the two Genevese police in charge of investigating the G8 riots in 2003 had their photographs posted anonymously, including the address and the name of one of them, on the French site Indymedia-Nantes. The Attorney General of Geneva did not want to confirm if the FBI had acted with its request. The American ISP which hosts several local Indymedia web sites was closed by persons in charge of the American ministry of justice at the request of Italy and of Switzerland, an FBI spokesman declared Friday. “It is not an FBI operation. The assignment was made in the name of third country (Italy and Switzerland) by persons in charge for the American ministry for justice against an ISP, Rackspace, which provides of space to Indymedia”, added the spokesman. On its side, the international Federation of journalists (FIJ) required an investigation into the operation carried out against the site. It claims the seizure appears to be an attempt “at intimidation”, it indicated on its Internet site. The FIJ, whose seat is in Brussels, calls for “an investigation into the police operation carried out in Great Britain in co-operation with other agencies, which involved the temporary closing of 21 of some 140 Internet sites of Indymedia in the world”.


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  1. And they went to all this effort then to try and find out.... — King Amdo
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