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Italy Embassy against deportation

International Legal Support Team | 10.10.2004 22:26 | Indymedia | Migration | Repression | London | World

"When they deportiert the asylum-seekers, Migranten, activists, more there I did not make none, I am no asylum-seeker, Migrant, Refugees, activist,When they got me, was none more there"
Italy's government has be deported an mass to Libya.The 4 Reich began already
Thusday 12 October at 10 o'clock a.m., we will give this Petition to the Ambassadors of Italy, we need your support please come


Italian Embassy in London
14, Three Kings Yard, Davies Street
London W1Y 2EH
Tel:08700056950 fax: 02073122230

The International Legal Support Team and the signatories of this petition are strongly prostesting against your government, which violates and ignores both the Geneva Refugee Convention and the European Human Right legisiation, especialy by colluding with Libya, which is not a signatory to the Geneva onvention.
Secondly we are prostesting against the installation of Deportation camps and reception camps in the following countries; Algeria, Marocco, Tunisia, Mauritania and Libya, all of which would like to acceed to the European Union from 2005/2006. This is a enourmous violation against several articles of Universal Human Rights.
We ask you Mr. Ambassador to take the necessary steps; to ask for the immediale halt of the deportation to Libya and that your government refuse to contruct camps in North Africa

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International Legal Support Team
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