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Grito de los Excluidos ''Cry of the Excluded''

20-01-2003 12:29

The new millenium has been inaugurated by a continental struggle of all the excluded of Latin America. Everywhere, from the jungles of Chiapas to the cornfields of the Mayas in Central America, from the ranchos of Venezuela to the mountains of Colombia, through Andean villages to the urban mobilization in Buenos Aires, there is a common cry. To build a new self-managed socialist society.

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Lobby of Parliament on Tuesday

20-01-2003 11:40

Go to Parliament and ask your MP in person why they support the war. Tell them you won't vote for them again unless they come out strongly against this war for oil.

Find out who your MP is here

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The spook Harlequin

20-01-2003 11:38

A few words on clarification about Harlequins posts.

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Home policy with 250,000 dead bodies!

20-01-2003 10:29

Home policy with 250,000 dead bodies!
Plunder and holdup murder - Welcome to the high-tech stone age

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Civil disobedience against the war!

20-01-2003 08:56

Ordinary A to B protest marchs will do nothing to stop this coming war. Only mass civil disobedience will. We need to be organising mass civil disobedience not just going on demos!

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U.S. Special Forces Arrive in Colombia

20-01-2003 08:24

BOGOTA, Colombia - U.S. Green Berets flew in to a Colombian war zone this week to train Colombian army troops to protect a key U.S. oil pipeline from Marxist rebel attacks, a U.S. official said Thursday.

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20-01-2003 05:30

Special Agent A-1, Albert Kada, Independant Terrorist Journalist, decodes local press coverage and blabs about the obvious future of the world in light of the large, if not massive, anti-war protests in the US this weekend.

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Intergalactika at WSF 2003

20-01-2003 04:57


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Finsbury Park Mosque Raided by Police

20-01-2003 03:15

First reports indicate that Finsbury Park Mosque was raided early this morning (2am?) by in excess of 100 police clad in black protective gear. There appear to have been arrests.

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Arms industry events in UK for the 2003

20-01-2003 03:11

List of arms industry events - exibitions, conferences etc over the year. Data from Defence Systems Daily diary.

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20-01-2003 02:27

Let's look at the role of Zionists in the left who have kept the anti-intervention [anti-war] movement from putting the Palestine issue on its agenda, and blocking any movement to end the billions of dollars that flow to Israel each year.

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Arrest Warrant For Donald Rumsfeld

20-01-2003 02:19

Arrest Warrant For Donald Rumsfeld

Dow under Donald Rumsfeld has for years put large amounts of money into Baqchtobel Strauss Zurich, why doesn't Donald Rumsfeld have any confidence in USA Economy?

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On Resistance

20-01-2003 00:45

Resistance doesn't begin with big words

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Bristol-Stop-The-War News : 19th January 2003

19-01-2003 23:59

A MASS VIGIL ACTION has been called for Wed 29th Jan in
anticipation of full scale war within 48 hours of 27th Jan.

PLEASE buy your ticket for the 15th Feb National Demo now.
The earlier we fill coaches, the MORE coaches we can book.

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Northwood pix on GuilFIN

19-01-2003 22:36

Northwood pix on GuilFIN
pictures from the whole weekend

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70 arrests at British military HQ blockade- picture

19-01-2003 20:39

70 arrests at British military HQ blockade- picture
70 arrests, base closed for 8 hours, happy mood, big purple pants, a cycle powered sound system, a samba band, next stop Fairford!
Next stop after that 15 Feb Picadilly Circus 6pm for a mass sit down

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US Snoops in IRELAND

19-01-2003 19:55

Video US Snoops in IRELAND
Video 2 min Windows media
Right click to SAVE - click to play
An American takes digital photos of and tryes to interigate an indymedia videographer (article 1)

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200,000 Thousand People Converge in San Francisco against US War On Iraq

19-01-2003 19:35

A massive anti-war protest happened today in downtown SF calling for no war on Iraq. The crowd stretched continuously from the foot of Market St. and filled the Civic Center to capacity.

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Powell: Says US has Pictures of Iraqi Weapons of Mass Destruction:

19-01-2003 19:06

The quotes below taken from an interview with Mr. Powell by Sueddeutsche Zeitung published yesterday, suggest that the US has or is expecting to have by the end of this month, proof that Iraq has not "cooperated with the United Nations weapons inspectors", that the US has pictures of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and that the US will act without a second resolution.

In other words America is going to war regardless of the wishes of its own citizens or those of its allies

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Over 100 at Peace Vigil in Cambridge

19-01-2003 19:04

Over 100 at Peace Vigil in Cambridge
A great peace vigil occured on Saturday in Cambridge. (article 1)