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Menwith Hill: Crap Arrest of the Week

04-07-2007 22:41

Two people were arrested at the 4th July Independence From America demonstration
at NSA Menwith Hill, one for wearing a shirt with the word "fuck" on it and one for protesting at the arrest.

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More pics from the picnic

04-07-2007 21:20

Laurel and Hardy were on hand to provide some entertainment
A few more pictures from the anti-GM spuds demo last Sunday, mainly for entertainment value.

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Ninja Doll’s Scorched Earth Policy: 7 Haikus for "Independence day"

04-07-2007 20:26

Happy Flag Burning Day comrades! Greetings from America, where anarchists bemoan the number of flags, and their huge size but we have a saying... "the bigger the flag, the bigger the flames!" On "independence day" one wonders if we will ever be truly independent of the old jack-boot-heel-up the-arse...
...well, until then... keep warm. Enjoy the Haikus I wrote for the 4th of fuckin July.

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Melting Ice Sheets and Media Contradictions

04-07-2007 19:40

An Exchange with George Monbiot of the Guardian

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Independence From America @ Menwith Hill

04-07-2007 17:23

Information coming in from today's march outside Menwith Hill in celebration of July 4th

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new free cinema night sunday evening london e1

04-07-2007 16:51

cine lib flyer
cinema libre returns to london.. at new venue in the heart of shoreditch

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The Camp for Climate Action Invites Everyone to Heathrow Airport

04-07-2007 15:20

Everyone is being asked to help send out invitations to attend the Camp for Climate Action near Heathrow Airport from 14 to 21 August 2007.

Here is the latest message from the Climate Camp networking crew:

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S.O.C.P.A. the movie, a comment

04-07-2007 15:11

brilliant documentary

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4 Million Suffer Fuel Poverty in UK

04-07-2007 14:47

This Damaging claim comes from the charitable organisation `National Energy Action`, from which it says the government is acting illegaly in not forefilling its obligation to Eradicate Fuel Poverty.

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Alan Johnston is released - what about all the invisible captives?

04-07-2007 13:39

Alan Johnston is released and this is of course very welcome news. But what about the 10,000 Palestinians held hostage by the Israeli occupation or the 20,000 or more Iraqis held by the American and British occupation? How about the hundreds of hostages held in Guantanamo and Bagram?

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1st UK Wide list of outlets selling foie gras

04-07-2007 13:33

On the left:liver of the healthy duck,on the right:liver of the force-fed duck
Foie gras, considered by some to be a delicacy, is produced by forcing a long metal pipe down the throats of ducks and geese and force-feeding them massive amounts of grain, resulting in their livers swelling to up to 10 times their normal size.

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The German State Wants To Abandon A Political Prisoner To Death!

04-07-2007 12:41

Mustafa Atalay was sent to prison, 26 days after a complicated heart operation and he’s been held in solitary confinement since then. Even the prison doctor doesn’t want to accept responsibility for him.

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Get Bent! Manchester's Alternative Community Pride Summer Festival Wants YOU!

04-07-2007 12:36

Get Bent! Shout Out to ALL unfunded grassroots groups and projects to have free info stall in Manchester City Centre venue over weekend of 24th - 25th August 2007! Get Involved with Get Bent! Manchester's 10 day free festival... Coming Out August/September 2007!

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John Bowden writes from HMP Glenochil

04-07-2007 10:41

John Bowden gives an update on his situation at HMP Glenochil.

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TODAY:2000 Days of Guantanamo:Exhibition Launch and Public Meeting

04-07-2007 10:25

4 July marks 2000 days since Guantanamo opened and American Independence Day. Please join the National Guantanamo Coalition for the launch of the first art exhibition about Guantanamo in the UK and a public meeting in parliament this evening.

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Call for mobilisation against deportations to DR Congo

04-07-2007 09:32

The Home Office have requested yet another adjournment of the Country
Guidance on the DRC.

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The Palestinian Refugee question and the ideology of transfer

04-07-2007 05:42

In contrary with the allegations of zionist non-deniers, the expulsion of the Palestinians in 1948 and 1967 was no ad hoc war-crime, but a yearlong deliberatetely planned strategy

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!Anti-Canada Day 2007!

04-07-2007 03:47

On July 1st 2007, the third annual Indigenous anti-canada day event was held in Coast Salish Territories (vancouver, B.C.). A rail line in the native neighbourhood of Commercial Drive was blockaded as part of Indigenous People's ongoing resistance to the occupation of our territories by the state of Canada and capitalist corporations. This was one of many actions across the continent.