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Get Bent! Manchester's Alternative Community Pride Summer Festival Wants YOU!

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Get Bent! Shout Out to ALL unfunded grassroots groups and projects to have free info stall in Manchester City Centre venue over weekend of 24th - 25th August 2007! Get Involved with Get Bent! Manchester's 10 day free festival... Coming Out August/September 2007!

Get Bent! is Manchester's Alternative Community Pride Summer Festival, happening over ten days from the end of August to the beginning of September 2007.

Following on from the success of the last two years, Get Bent! returns this year with more queer culture, performing arts, workshops, bands, vegan cake, art exhibitions, club nights, film screenings, queeries, discussions and much more... with even more independence!

Everyone is welcome to participate in this free celebration of queerness and we would really like to hear from ALL unfunded political campaign, activist, radical, non-party political grassroots groups who would like to get involved!

Get Bent! will be hosting a free alternative community pride info stalls area in Manchester City Centre, over the weekend of the 24th, 25th and 26th August 2007.

We would particularly like to extend a welcoming invite to ANY unfunded groups involved in...

* Fighting for equal human rights
* Are actively opposing all forms of oppression, discrimination and prejudice
* Raising awareness about global issues
* Promoting underground open media sources
* Co-operatives/collectives of all kinds.

This might include unfunded groups involved with...

* Refugees, Asylum seekers and Anti-Deportation
* Climate Change Action
* Promoting Mental Health and Wellbeing
* Independent Media Outlets
* Homelessness and Housing Issues
* Sexual Health Care
* Creative Activism
* Support for anyone affected by HIV/AIDS
* Animal Rights
* Young People's Projects
* Zine Distros
* Feminism and Women's Rights
* Sex Workers Rights
* Support, Social, Empowerment and Community Groups
* Anti-Racism Anti-fascism and Anti-nationalism Campaigns
* Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer Questioning Intersex & Straight Alliance Projects
* Practical alternatives to capitalism, amongst many others...

The Manchester-based Queer Youth Network have already submitted a brief outline via e-mail about who they are and how they can get involved with Get Bent!

Representatives of Queer Youth Network will be discussing the benefits of having a free info stall at Get Bent's Alternative Community Pride Summer Festival, "as opposed to paying 120 pounds for an info stall at commercial pride", they say on Channel M.

This will be a live TV broadcast from 8:30pm on Thursday 5th July, available on terrestrial TV Channel 39, Sky Channel 203, NTL Digital Channel 878.

If any unfunded groups interested in free info stalls at Get Bent! would like to join Queer Youth Network Representatives in discussing...

"Why Queer Youth Network as an unfunded group is unable and unwilling to pay 120 quid to commercial pride for a stall when many LGBTQI young people cannot afford 15 quid tickets to get inside the gay village barricade anyway...".

Please contact Queer Youth Network Representatives directly via e-mail ASAP...

* bayou_tapestry [at]

* [at]

Queer Youth Network Website...

Please contact the Get Bent! Collective with a brief summary of what your unfunded group is about and how you can get involved with this Manchester Summer Festival...

* Email...

fergus_evans [at]

* Email List...

getbent-subscribe [at]

* Website...



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