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Pesticides - Cancers, Leukaemia, ME and Asthma

26-01-2004 00:43

Soil Association

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Re: Press Release from the World Health Organisation

26-01-2004 00:29

"The present upsurge in chemically-induced ME / ICD-CFS"

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Uranium in Your Koolaid - interview with cancer specialist, Occupied Basra

25-01-2004 23:48

Report on whats DU is, what its used for, how it affects the body, and some insights from Dr Jawad Al Ali, cancer specialist at the Al Talimi Teaching Hospital in British Occupied Basra

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"Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty republicans!"

25-01-2004 21:49

I find the similarities between the pro-war republicans, who never seem to
see a war they didn't like, to the gorillas in the movie "Planet of the Apes".
Perhaps because the movie was made during the Vietnam war is the reason for
the striking similiarities. Then as in now, republicans were the pro-war party,
while the democrats were anti-war.

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News from Nine Ladies

25-01-2004 21:14

Just a bit more info. I tried to add it to the main feature bit as a comment but it didn't seem to happen. Sorry if it is up twice.

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35th day of hunger strike protest at Seven Sisters

25-01-2004 21:11

Report on Day 35 of the Seven Sisters hunger strike concentrates on yesterday's rally at the hunger strike tent, which attracted some mainstream media attention.

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Critical Mass London

25-01-2004 19:33

A few hundred less cars!
The first Critical Mass bike ride of 2004 and the start of our 10th anniversary year.

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Repression in Landquart, Switzerland, when travelling to WEF protests

25-01-2004 19:18

After the demonstration in Coire, the demonstrators have been blocked at Landquart. There is violent repression going on.

Today, Saturday, January 24th 2004, at 18.00h, demonstrators coming back from the Coire demo are being confronted with heavy repression.

The demonstration had gathered about 3000 people to protest against the WEF. On the way back form the demo, the train stopped in Landquart. The police attacked the demonstrators on the train, several witnesses said they shot teargas grenades into the carriages.

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ISM Reports: Still No Justice For Rachel Corrie

25-01-2004 19:13

1) Still No Justice for Rachel Corrie_Seattle PI
2) Action Alert: Shaming Olympia, Washington and Washington State for inaction over Rachel's murder_PMWatch

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ESF stitchup

25-01-2004 18:58

The latest European Social Forum meeting in London reached new depths
of manipulation, mistrust and mayhem. Report and personal thoughts by
an anarchist based in Oxford.

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Saturday Jan 31: art day in aid of asylum seekers

25-01-2004 18:31

a day of arts and culture for refugees and people seeking asylum and those wanting to help and support them.

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Gideon Levy - Israeli Journalist

25-01-2004 18:10

From the mainstream Israeli Newspaper Ha'aretz

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ISRAEL: Is An "Apartheid Wall" And A "Seperation Wall" The Same Thing?

25-01-2004 17:32

It is easy to find similarities between the Bantustans and the enclaves, in which Ariel Sharon intends to imprison the Palestinians in the course of his "unilateral steps". The path of the "separation barrier" that is going up in the West Bank creates some dozen large and small Palestinian Bantustans. Therefore, it may well be called the "apartheid wall", especially as "separation" and "apartheid" mean almost the same thing. The reality in the occupied Palestinian territories is in many respects similar to reality under the apartheid regime. There are (good) highways reserved for settlers and soldiers, and other (poor) highways for the Palestinians. The checkpoints and roadblocks, where Palestinians are held up while Israelis pass freely, fit into this picture

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The Zapatista Anniversary Screening

25-01-2004 17:29

Next London Indymedia Cinema night...

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25-01-2004 17:09

Here is an account of the police repression that followed on from the anarchist demo in Chur on Saturday 24 January, plus a few reflections on organising future events of this nature.

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Fighting Migrant Workers in South Korea

25-01-2004 16:00

During the nearly 10 weeks of our occupation of Myeongdong Cathedral’s compound downtown Seoul. Mahbub, a migrant activist, made fascinating portraits of some of our struggling comrades.

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Strikespotting UK 25.01.04

25-01-2004 14:32

Summary of strikes in the UK

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Urgent help - protect pregnant mother from eviction

25-01-2004 13:22

Call to help resist the eviction of Caravan community