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benny wenda arrested....urgent appeal for help

11-06-2002 02:39

benny wenda arrested....urgent appeal for help
.jpg flyer with info

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Politics Without Politicians: An Update on the Argentine Assemblies

11-06-2002 01:59

Neighbors in Argentina Weave A New Solidarity

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11-06-2002 01:18

Seminar: One year after the EU Summit
Gothenburg 2001: What happened and why?

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Does anyone have legal information about activism and stuff?

11-06-2002 00:27

This is a personal request for information but it if someone can answer it it should be useful for lots of us.

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Rome against FAO and Multi

10-06-2002 23:01

Rome against FAO and Multi
March for food sovereignty

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BBC 4s Worthy Documentary on Israel

10-06-2002 21:27

The BBC have given a treat to the section of society that watches BBC4 of a documentary about an American/Israeli conspiracy to attack an American spy ship during the 1967 war seemingly to provide justification for a US nuclear strike and subsequent US/Israeli invasion of Egypt.

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Coronation or Fraud??? This is the year to ask!!!

10-06-2002 21:18

This Golden Jubilee is stained already as the revelation of a false oath of allegaince to her majesty is Canada wide.
We can react to this dereliction by asking questions as to why it is allowed or ignore it like sheep waiting for the slaughter. We do have a right to speak, let us use it now!

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The Second Global Forum for Law Enforcement and National Security

10-06-2002 19:03

'Security Governance and Homeland Defence - Learning Lessons, Creating Partnerships and Finding Solutions to Meet New Challenges'
11-13 June 2002
1 Great George Street, London

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Orangemen marching in London for the Queen, or will it just be NF/C18paedophiles

10-06-2002 18:34

2002 London Orange Parade
The parade will take place on SATURDAY 15th JUNE. Lodge members and bands will assemble at the Temple, on the embankment, close to Charing Cross station at 2.30pm, moving off at 3pm en-route to Whitehall Place.

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Persecution of Asylum Seekers in Glasgow

10-06-2002 17:55

Asylum seekers are being left homeless and destitute for the crime of not being at home when an inspector calls.

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Fascist Medical Control Agency measures against natural medicines l

10-06-2002 15:26

The European superstate is endeavouring to ensure that its citizens have access only to the poison, cut and burn techniques of establishment medecine - the latter so ably portrayed in Fields of Gold. Do you want to entrust your life to agents of the pharmaceutical cartel? Do something now

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Bush Doctrine To Strike First

10-06-2002 12:59


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10-06-2002 12:37

Translation for Spanish of the letter sent the President from the USA by Robert Bowan,
Bishop of the Catholic Church of Florida, Lieutenant Colonel and former combatant
of Vietnam:

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WAKE UP, Blair to declare war on the dsabled/the unemployed/single parents

10-06-2002 10:53

wake up everyone, news plans by the Blairistas to launch even crueller attacks on the vulnerable, whar will activists wake up.tib;

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the failures of council house transfers

10-06-2002 10:27

the great guardian journalist Gary Younge, on new labours
experiment in council house privatisation

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URGENT CALL TO ACTION: The Case of Ahmad Batebi

10-06-2002 10:08

As far as Amnesty International is aware, no official investigation has been undertaken to examine the allegations of torture made by Ahmad Batebi. PLEASE HELP... ACTION MUST BE TAKEN!

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Inflation? House Price BOOM?

10-06-2002 08:49

Does Inflation Exist? Is there a House Price Boom? Wages?

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Wanted: Olympic Pressure Applied By Activists

10-06-2002 08:31

The China Support Network asks for your help.

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englands police Come Under Fire in Belfast

10-06-2002 06:46

LONDON - Shots were fired and petrol bombs thrown at englands police in Ireland. The latest bout of nationalists violence between rival englands-loyalists and the Irish in Belfast, police said on Monday.

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Did F77 hit the Pentagon? Eyewitness accounts examined.

10-06-2002 05:26

Examines the apparent contradiction between photographic and eyewitness evidence.