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Speaker event: Coca Cola - behind the greenwash

07-06-2005 16:14

Talks and discussion thursday about coke's environmental and human rights abuses - very relevant at the moment because of the Water Sustainability Scholarship it offers at Linacre College.

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its official bolivian president carlos mesa resigns amid protests

07-06-2005 15:46

After weeks of protest carlos mesa resigns but protesters still want the total nationalisation of hydrocarbons(oil and gas)

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The Laboratory of Insurrectionary Imagination in Manchester

07-06-2005 14:37

As world leaders prepare for their G8 summit photo op, a new network of art activists are touring the UK , inspiring resistance with an exploding caravan, a free feast, prayers to products, a clown army and creative civil disobedience trainings. On June 14th and 15th, the Lab stops in Manchester!

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Mobilizing against Education- and Social Cuts

07-06-2005 14:20

This struggle is imperative from the knowledge that the political measures of the neoliberal project are morally and economically false.. We can only resist this false policy together. Students must convince their fellow students that the interests of workers are their interests.

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Pride - The Real Rainbow

07-06-2005 14:17

Caroline and Joe enjoy the carnival fun
For Peter Thatchell and all those who constantly think faith is the arch enemy of the LGBT community - This is Brum Pride. Use text/images freely. Images: Adam Yosef

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Genoa G8 retrospective (Sat 11th, London)

07-06-2005 14:08

With plans for massive protests in Scotland next month for the 2005 G8 summit now developing rapidly, this event at the rampART offers a chance to look back at learn from the experiences of the 2001 G8 summit in Genoa.

"300.000 people were protesting in july 2001 against the g8 in Genoa: the collective dream 'another world is possible' turned into a nightmare overwhelmed by the violence by the police, finding it's climax in the murder of Carlo Giuliani."

Saturday 11th June (after the Naked Bike Ride and before the Reclaim The Future Party so you don't have to miss out on anything and can experience a real roller coaster of highs and lows)

This is a chance to speak and share experiences with people who took part in the protests against the G8 in 2001. This is not an event intended to scare anyone. It is an important chance to reflect and learn and most importantly PREPARE for Scotland...

What happened in Genoa? Why did it happen? Could it have been avoided or handled better? What does any of this mean for us this July? What precautions and preparation should we be making and are we!? These are just some of the possible valuable questions we can discuss on Saturday.

  • Were you in Genoa? Please come to rampART on saturday and share your experiences of the event and the aftermath.
  • Are you going to Scotland? Please come on saturday and ensure you are fully aware of what lessons our collective history may have to offer.
  • Are you party of a team working on accomodation, alt media, legal monitoring, or medical aid etc for Scotland? Please come let people know what is being organised and how they can help.

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Make this the last unjust election

07-06-2005 14:01

Make this the last unjust election

At the last general election millions of people were denied an effective vote because of where they live, or what they believe

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Technopolis: Unravelling the Net of Technological Domination - Location Announce

07-06-2005 11:43

Gathering to be held at

Buckingham Road
off Headingley Lane

between 9th and 12th June.

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A short-cut to justice

07-06-2005 11:09

A short-cut on the long walk to justice.

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East Timor Oil and Gas

07-06-2005 10:22

Looking to set up a major oil and gas industry, East Timor said Monday that it will launch an international roadshow in September for a proposed release of exploration blocks.

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Massive Breach of Security at Faslane

07-06-2005 10:09

Thirteen activists entered Faslane naval base in Scotland last night where the UK's WMD's are held. Two scaled an additional fence inside the base to reach the high security area where Trident submarines berth.

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G8 2005: Why Are People Protesting?

07-06-2005 02:52

Tony Blair recently said "it would be very odd if people came to protest against this G8... I don’t quite know what they’ll be protesting against" - a comment that underlies the way that the UK Government has been working to paint the G8 as a progressive force for good when it comes to tackling Climate Change, Poverty and Debt.

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Brummies congregrate to pray to products in Selfridges

07-06-2005 02:43

Sharing a moment at the billboard
An action took place in Birmingham City Centre to draw attention to the issues of consumerism. The action coincided with the CIRCA workshops that took place over the same weekend.
Shopping is the new religion, praying to products is the next logical step.

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G8 Fiction and Fact - 2004 Intro to G8 Failures

07-06-2005 01:49

Copy of 50 years is Enough G8 Briefing pre 2004 Summit:

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06-06-2005 20:53

A VAST swathe of Wentwood Forest is up for sale, sparking fears that it could be lost to commercial timber companies.

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Calls for Channel 4 Religious Programming Chief, Aaqil Ahmed, to be Accountable

06-06-2005 20:34

Anthony Padgett
In May 2004 Award Winning International artist Anthony Padgett submitted ideas for a new television show on “shopping for religion” to the commissioning editor of Channel 4’s religious programming, Aaqil Ahmed. These ideas have now become reality in “Spirituality Shopper” Channel 4, 8pm on Monday, June 6th, 2005. Padgett has received no acknowledgement or recognition for this and says “It is about time that religious program makers applied some of the standards that they preach and became accountable for plagiarism”.

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Boxfresh Zapatista Rip Off

06-06-2005 20:32

You may have seen some of the Zapatista graffiti around Central London recently, what you may not have realised is that it was sprayed up not by some urban activist, but rather by a trendy overpriced clothes shop based in covent garden.

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Urgent Titnore Woods protest

06-06-2005 19:18

CRUNCH day is approaching in the battle to save the last piece of greenfield and ancient woodland in Worthing, West Sussex.
After years of delay and massive public opposition, Worthing Borough Council is preparing to give the go-ahead to the plans for a 900-home estate on land at Titnore Woods.
In typically devious form, the council has avoided publicising the meeting - this Friday, June 10 - until the very last minute to try and stop opponents mobilising.

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Get Clued Up About the G8

06-06-2005 17:52

Midday until 5pm
Saturday 11th June, at the Basement, 24 Lever Street Manchester.

A jam packed day of short films, speakers, workshops and performers tackling and discussing issues around the G8.