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UCU Abandons Israel Boycott Campaign

28-09-2007 16:03

UCU has emailed members with a notice declaring that UCU had consulted their lawyers and discovered that proposed academic boycott of Israel was illegal. Thus, as the notice alerted, "UCU’s Strategy and Finance Committee was unanimous in today agreeing a recommendation from general secretary Sally Hunt that any academic boycott would be illegal to undertake and cannot be implemented."

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Anti-War Play on Iraq - The boy who dropped an egg on the world

28-09-2007 15:59

“brimming with hate, overflowing with love”

Jack's Hard Rub Theatre present the startling and contemporary play 'the boy who dropped an egg on the world' using mythology and the supernatural to look at war torn Middle East

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Climate urgency builds parliamentary support for Simultaneous Policy

28-09-2007 15:30

Another MP signs the Simultaneous Policy Pledge bringing the world closer to global co-operation to solve global problems such as war, poverty and environmental destruction.

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UK Greens Urge Icelandic Government to Stop Persecution of SI Activists

28-09-2007 15:15


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International Solidarity Mission to Casanare, Colombia

28-09-2007 14:57

Between 29 July and the 1 August 2007 Colombian and international organisations took part in an international solidarity mission to visit Casanare, one of the major oil rich regions in Colombia. There they visited communities to hear first hand accounts of the reality of living in a oil producing region and to offer their solidarity.

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Burma : The Old Covert Ops Criminal Types Tax Haven Of Choice

28-09-2007 14:40

1 : daily demos, 12 - 1 lunchtime . . . . BURMESE EMBASSY 19a charles st,
2 : this sunday, 11.30 trafalgar square to the Burmese Embassy
3 : pass these facts to media types, those with actual influence. . . . each other!
4 : where you are, all the time, if you could : researching the publicity organs or western corporations trying to influence media opinions, or playing "tail wag dog" games with some of the "junta". There is talk of recent actions of some soldiers seeming those of "automatons", or use of drugs to machinate them in these current times . . . . its possible some of this has more subtle effects, but

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73,846 U.S. Troops Dead

28-09-2007 14:29


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[Spain] Anarchist website condemned to pay 6000 € to rock-star celebrity

28-09-2007 14:20

One of the main anarchist websites in spanish language,, will have to pay 6,000 euro to a rock-star, Ramoncin, for some anonymous comments in one of their public forums. Those comments were considered as ‘ofensive’ to the artist ‘honour’.

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Green Scare: Federal court jury finds Eric McDavid guilty

28-09-2007 13:40

Thursday, September 27 2007: After deliberating for 11 hours over two days, a federal court jury has found Eric McDavid guilty of conspiring to blow up government and other facilities as part of an eco-terror plot.

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Grave Concern for Mapuche Chief on hunger strike.

28-09-2007 13:30

Chilean authorities refuse to comply with international human rights legislation.

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Return of Sunday Picnic

28-09-2007 12:31

Picnic to debate the issues of the day

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burma protest sunday 30th september london

28-09-2007 12:23

a facebook-organised 'march for freedom' is planned for sunday, starting from trafalgar square at 11.30

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Support migrant arrested during no borders demo at Lunar House, Croydon

28-09-2007 12:14

The distressed asylum seeker who was arrested as protesters gathered outside the Border and Immigration Agency headquarters last Friday, remains on remand at Croydon’s HMP Highdown. Please support him by: providing a bail address, attending court, writing to him.

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Deportation Alert! Icelandic State Cracks Down on Saving Iceland Activists

28-09-2007 11:53

Saving Iceland Activists Occupy an Aluminium Smelter Construction Site in 2006
The Icelandic State has hounded and harassed Saving Iceland activists since the network was formed in 2004. In the latest episode of this sordid saga; Miriam Rose, an activist from the UK who lives in Iceland is threatened with deportation for being: "a threat to 'public order and security' and 'fundamental societal values'. She has only ever been convicted of 'Disobeying Police Orders' contrary to the draconian 'Police Acts' for which she has served a short prison sentence; in solitary confinement in a men's prison.

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Flawed Research, Misinterpretations and "Paedophile Neurology"

28-09-2007 10:58

A team of researchers at Yale University claim that they have discovered "defiencies" in paedophiles because serial child molesters were not aroused by pictures of adult women. Child molesters are not representative of paedophiles in general, and not being aroused by pictures of women is not a "deficiency."

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Ahmadinejad meets brother in Caracas.

28-09-2007 10:44

Emotional twist in state visit.

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Prison Officers cutting off clothes of young offenders

28-09-2007 09:35

Prison inspectors have condemned the forced strip-searching of two inmates at a young offenders' institution as "appalling".

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Rogo di Livorno (Fire of Livorno): liberty and justice for Victor and Menji

28-09-2007 07:50

Pogrom anti-Roma in Italy
The fire of Livorno: Italian citizens kill four Roma children, but the Italian authorities jail their parents instead. Gruppo Everyone is promoting a petition for their release and against the racism of Italian institutions.

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Free the Jena Six, Stop the War on African People

28-09-2007 02:03

This last week, thousands of people converged on the small town of Jena, Louisiana to show support for the six African teenagers who face felony charges following a series of attacks by a hostile white school and criminal justice system.

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Are the liberals clueless?

27-09-2007 23:31

In my opinion Iran under its current president is slowly but certainly moving up the ladder of economic justice and democratic development, and we in the west, Europeans and Americans alike under our corrupt and cynical leaders are moving downwards rapidly.