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Regional & Bristol Stop-The-War News : October 2005 : (VIRTUAL Version)

30-09-2005 22:41

[Covering South & South West, Wales & West Midlands]

You don't need to be affiliated to us to be publicised by us. This months
newsletter contains large numbers of activities. Try to get involved in at
least some of them. Send regional events to:

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Regional Stop-The-War News : October 2005 : (PRINTER Version)

30-09-2005 22:36

Welcome to the October 2005 version of the Regional & Bristol Stop-The-War Newsletter. This printer friendly version is in part a tactical response to the gap between the amount of info we've been able to send those with email, & those without. Please read on to find out how you can help us close this information gap.

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Magical Mystery Tour

30-09-2005 19:28

Magical Mystery Tour in Glasgow
Magical Mystery Tour - 15th October - 1pm Cathedral Square - Sheffield
On Saturday, October 15th, Sheffield no-borders collective invites you to assemble at 1pm on Cathedral Square, City Centre, for an extraordinary event....
The magical mystery tour -

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Shoot-to-Kill & the deadbeat press

30-09-2005 18:14

shoot-to-kill in the press
Some newspapers have carried strongly worded articles on the Met's shoot-to-kill policy since the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at Stockwell station, but a review of their reporting prior to his death reveals a lazy attitude to police pronouncements, with the press happy to sell the public a fantasy of heroic policemen pitted against superhuman terrorists poised to strike at any moment.

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Police raid immigrant camps in Ceuta

30-09-2005 17:47

Update from Spanish/Moroccan border in Ceuta. Police have entered the camps were the immigrants await their chance to cross the fence. After the shootings of the last days and the exhaustion of these events no-one resisted and the police arrested 60 people.

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Guideline for Implementing Cryptography In the US Federal Government

30-09-2005 17:20

Here is a Guideline for Implementing Cryptography In the American Federal Government. I thought you Brits might be interested...

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Police raid immigrants camps in Ceuta

30-09-2005 17:18

Update from the Spanish/Moroccan border in Ceuta where 5 immigrants were killed on Wednesday night while trying to cross the fence. Moroccan police have now entered the camps and arrested around 60 people. The immigranst did not resist.

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George Fox Six - corporate power wins court victory against freedom to protest

30-09-2005 16:57

Unfortunately the George Fox Six were convicted today at Lancaster Magistrates court.

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Global Call to Action against the Shwe Gas Project in Burma

30-09-2005 16:21

October 14, 2005, has been called as the International Day of Action against the Shwe Gas Project for their actions in western Burma.

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Inmigrants killed on Spanish-Moroccan border

30-09-2005 16:17

On the night of the 28th about 500 subsaharians inmigrants tried to crosss in masse the border between Marocco and Ceuta, 5 of them died.Police said it only used riot measures and that they must have died from injuries caused by the fences,now is revealed that they were shot with live amunition.

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shell hell solidarity action today in london (pics and report)

30-09-2005 14:38

sand drop
an environmental protest comprising sand dump and banner drop with megaphone and samba band went without hitch at the shell centre on the south bank at midday today highlighting the shell development in rossport, county mayo in the north west of ireland.

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New Iranian Protest - Stop killing gays

30-09-2005 14:35

OutRage! and axm magazine call for mass protest against the homophobic atrocities in Iran outside the Iranian Embassy, London from 1pm on Tuesday 4th October.

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DSEi Official Visitor Survey

30-09-2005 14:10

The post-DSEi survey thingermajigger can be found here:

please mess with it in cunning and ingenius ways which we cannot afford to miss.

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Shell defeated in Ireland

30-09-2005 13:12

Broken Shell
5 men, 94 days.

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Who authorisedd Michael Keith to lie about Tower Hamlets to MPs?

30-09-2005 12:13

“The Author / CAAL, 2005...The collection of independently verifiable evidence on the incidents and the frequency of lying by persons whether as current councillors or as senior employees of Tower Hamlets Council as well as the conduct of MPs, MEPs and GLA members covering the same area as the LBTH Council area, with the object of stopping these persosn from lying FULL STOP”

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What went wrong with good intentions?

30-09-2005 12:13

War would be at the top of the list of all things that are going wrong with ever changing good intentions being used to keep the momentum going.

Yeah but yeah but yeah but, all the excuses rapid, premature and more coming.

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30-09-2005 10:28

All the agencies and universities that work in partnership with local government and central government Quango’s have always been an instrument of exploitation. Get whatever you can from them in whatever way you can, wave them goodbye and use whatever knowledge they gave you as a tool to expose them with!

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Report of Rome anti-war demo on Saturday 24th with photos.

30-09-2005 10:10

This is a 3,000 word report of the demonstration against the occupation of Iraq held in Rome last Saturday along with an analysis of the Italian media and a biography of Silvio Berlusconi.