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George Fox Six - corporate power wins court victory against freedom to protest

Barry Kade | 30.09.2005 16:57 | Education | Repression

Unfortunately the George Fox Six were convicted today at Lancaster Magistrates court.

After the judgement an angry crowd of students, academic staff and cityfolk gathered outside the court in an impromtu rally.

They expressed outrage over the decision to criminalise student protest and now vowed to step up their fight against corporate power corrupting freedom at Lancaster University.

In his summary the judge said that he disagreed with the University managements claim that the protesters had used intimidation. This allegation of intimidation was an important part of the university managements claim - they had even employed a specialist harrasment and intimidation legal firm in putting the case together.

But the judge agreed that it was ridiculous to claim that holding banners, blowing whistles and handing out leafletts was 'intimidation'.

But he argued that it was 'disruption', and therefore gave a minimum sentence of a two year conditional discharge and no fine. The protesters have, however, to pay costs of £300 each.

There will now be more protests at Lancaster University. This case has turned many members of staff, students and the general public against the management regime.

The university now wants to outlaw elections to its ruling body, replacing these with a system of appointments - of corporate cronies. However, the will now face a turbulent time, as they alienate more people. Please come and help protest at these decisions on Sat October 15th, George Fox Building, Lancaster University!

The case at Lancaster symbolises a more general crackdown on our freedoms by those who support this system of perpetual wars, poverty, environmental devastation and corporate power.

Barry Kade
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