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Mike Lane | 30.09.2005 10:28 | Liverpool

All the agencies and universities that work in partnership with local government and central government Quango’s have always been an instrument of exploitation. Get whatever you can from them in whatever way you can, wave them goodbye and use whatever knowledge they gave you as a tool to expose them with!

I went to this posh meeting the other night. It was held in a fully carpeted modern film auditorium, which is situated in a massive modern building on Edge Lane called Liverpool Digital. The place used to be part of Plesseys but now it belongs to John Moors University and they have received massive funding from the North West Regional Development Agency NWRDA to turn this place into a place that trains young people in media and film making. The North West Regional Development Agency and all that crowd are firmly into anything that involves the media and brainwashing young people into creating a myth making media.

The people who were given centre stage at this stage managed event were two local useless careerist Lib Dem councillors, the £60,000 per year chief exec of the £62m Kensington New Deal initiative and the chief exec of the money grabbing shady RSL known as Community 7, yet another subsidiary of the huge ever growing self perpetuating shady Riverside Group. This shindig was being filmed with the intention of going onto a web site that the people who work in this place and who have received funding (again from the oppressive government quango, the NWRDA) to work in the Kensington New Deal area have constructed. The usual hand picked cronies were in the audience, you know the type of idiot old women, similar to the type who are in all socially deprived areas. But this time they were outnumbered by people who are pissed off at what is going on here. All sorts of questions were levelled at the b…… that were on the stage. They were accused by everyone, including me, of imposing everything onto the community by using totally inadequate shady unjust consultation.

The night came to an end with me having a go at the RSL guy. So robust and angry was my attack that no one would speak to me afterwards, especially the team of brainwashers who are involved in the NDC community myth creating media thing. There is nothing surprising here, you come to expect this behaviour from British people, they complain and do nothing. In the end they always go along with what these people do and want. British people who live in poor socially deprived communities always and everywhere actively participate in their own subjugation by these ruthless paternal service providers.

The guy who runs this team of six or seven media guys within the NDC community is your typical stereo type middle class brainwashed person who constantly bleats on about working in a team and looking after his team, he was weary of me from the minute that he met me because he started giving me the usual veiled warnings that these brainwashed paternal, we know what is best for you, doods always come out with, you know, don’t mess with my team of working class doodes who have seen the light and have come over to our neck of the woods. Man it was really good to mess this guy’s shindig up. One of his team tried to silence and drown what was being said between me and the RSL dood by turning up the white sound on the stage amplifier, but it didn’t work. I've got no love for guys like this. I get whatever I can from them then it's see yer lar!

As we were all leaving the meeting I said to Tom Maguire the ex-working class £68,000 per year chief exec (who I have heard lives in a mansion in Sefton Park with his wife who is also an RSL manager of some sort or other for the Riverside Group): "When you get back to your plush mansion in Sevey Park think of me Tom, barricaded into my flat to protect myself from your criminal tenants who are being manipulated and used by C7 crony tenants to silence the voice of decent in the community." He called me a working class traitor. I replied with: "That's plush coming from you." I wonder how long it will be before they try to drag me through the courts under the harassment laws?

Mike Lane
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